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A beautiful 3-color gradient, not including the floor.

#c64 #retrocomputing


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Pearls for Pigs by Xenon.

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Here is some old Hi8 footage of a friend and me playing on a .


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AndyGER, to retrogaming German avatar

Until now I do not own any storage system whatsoever for my Commodore C64 breadbin.

I am looking into several solutions like the SD2IEC (several) combined with a Final Cartridge III+ cartridge or an EPYX FASTLOAD cartridge.

The perfect yet pricy (for me) solution would be the Ultimate 1541 II-L cartridge.

Another one could be the Pi1541 but I haven't yet found any offer that can sell me the complete thing with the case ...

Rch, to c64 avatar

We live in amazing times.

root42, to retrocomputing avatar

And there we have it: replacement 6502 and 6522s from Rockwell for the gutted 1541 I repaired a couple of weeks ago. Now the drive is back into full working order!
The 6522 chips are relatively new and not MOS branded, but I think it's better than a non-working drive!
#retrocomputing #commodore #c64 #floppydisk

whitingx, to c64 avatar

8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard - #C64 Edition.

🕹 ⌨️


ausretrogamer, to c64 avatar

Still one of our fave C64 purchases - a homemade Goldene breadbin with a matching Suncom Inc. thumb-stick (which is detachable). This the best best way to play Wizard of Wor ;-)

codewiz, to c64 avatar

C64 Demo "13:37" by Fairlight (X'2024 Winner)

Truly incredible. #c64 #retrocomputing #demoscene

AndyGER, to c64 German avatar

Ich habe gerade eine Einladung zu einem der nächsten Computerclub Treffen für Retro Freunde bekommen. Da lerne ich dann hoffentlich noch einige Gleichgesinnte mehr kennen.

Wer sich dafür interessiert, folgt bitte diesem Link:

littlebitspace, to ascii avatar
AndyGER, to c64 German avatar

#commodore #c64 #network

There are LAN and WIFI adaptors available for the good old breadbin. So it is possible to go online with a C-64! Quite fascinating ... :-)

yth, to commodore64 avatar

This is my entry for the Commodore 64 music competition at X2024. Had a real blast at the party! X rocks!

#chiptune #commodore64 #sidtune #8bit #c64

WhyNotZoidberg, to retrogaming avatar

I had completely forgotten that Boulder Dash had some sort of red tomato head Wally as main character and not some sort of pixel art insect, which it looked like in game...

root42, to c64 avatar

...finally getting around to watch Fairlight's new production.
#commodore #c64

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Blackthorn, to c64 avatar

Another evening of "work" and I finished implementing the chainlighting spell for our #roguelike on #c64 . The problem was there were too many enemies and so I died (also I had to spend two turns standing still to recover stamina).
The animation is a bit fast, but you should still be able to appreciate @politopo 's great #pixelart



amigalove, to c64 avatar

It’s. Saturday. NIGHT

metin, (edited ) to commodore64 avatar

I love the 8-bit and 16-bit compositions and arrangements of Tim Follin.

This is a 3-channel Commodore 64 SID chiptune for the 1988 Black Lamp game.

Be sure to wait for the solo starting at around 42 seconds into the track. 👍👍

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jbzfn, to c64 avatar

Making 80s Computers Talk | 1980s Commodore Speech Synthesizer | Kari

#c64 #tts #retrocomputing

transmission64, to demoscene avatar

Our onsite team (= @franky ) is all set up to broadcast live onsite from the X-party in Someren, Holland. So if you can't be there in person, follow on Twitch or Scenesat.


ipaschke, to retrocomputing avatar

Interesting fault: After playing around with my childhood C64 breadbin from 1983, the screen suddenly lost all contrast and went very dark. 1/3

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