wyckedlady, to music German
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For @loewe's

Windhand - Forest Clouds
(Dorthia Cottrell / Vocals)


clayote, to DOOM
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Hey is there a wad file that puts Playstation Doom's colored lighting and music into the base game with no particular regard for faith to the original psx limitations?

muzej, to Slovenia
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darbales, to Morrowind German
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Habe einmal wieder gezockt.
Nach einer kurzen Pause.
wieder angefangen. Und in und ein Level gezockt.
Lese noch ein paar Seiten schaue im Hintergrund let's plays und gehe schlafen.
Einen schönen Start in die neue Woche und guten morgen wünsche ich euch.

jake4480, to DOOM
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pateln01, to DOOM
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Started my gameplay of chapter 5 ...we just might be in finally...also that purple accent is pretty cool looking



digitalhuman, to DOOM
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Ch0wW, to DOOM French
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On va faire du #Doom II Randomizer, suivi de quelques PWADs (si j'ai le temps) !


urig, to DOOM
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I'm sorry, but this sort of getting #DOOM to run on random devices (latest example: https://tinyurl.com/5x2bcwjy) has, by now, jumped the shark and is effectively an unsinspired, unoriginal, ongoing TROLLING event.

You people should just STOP IT.

Don't you have better things to do with your time? Go and rickroll someone instead, will ya?

mathdatech1, to DOOM French
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GitHub - 0x0mer/doom-htop: The classic #DOOM game over #htop, the text-based process viewer


darbales, to DOOM German
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Die demo gezockt. Interessant ich habe das Spiel vor Jahren mal gezockt. Ist ein Klasse Hack and Slay mit mehr Story als Diablo aus der Zeit gefühlt.
Und nach dem ich eine Demo aus einem Gerne gezockt habe für das man jede Menge Intelligenz und Köpfchen braucht 🤥. Okay vielleicht doch nicht, habe ich auch noch und besucht.

mr_daemon, to DOOM
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I just found this lovely Reverse Engineered port of the Playstation version of Doom, and it's really well made.

It's my favorite console port, and it was weirdly different : It has colored lights, merges Doom 1 and Doom II into a giant game, with mobs from Doom 2 in Episode 1, and subtle changes here and there.

It has new special sounds and music, and so it hits different. Feels much more like a tense horror game.

Would recommend.


angelus_04, to DOOM
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xepher, to DOOM
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Someone got Doom running on a credit card terminal 😆
#doom #gaming #videogames


Hyperlynx, to DOOM
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Has anyone ever overlaid the Doom 1 episode 1 map onto actual photos of Phobos? It's so disappointingly small that I bet a lot of the UAC base would be visible.

#Doom #astronomy

NekoArc, to DOOM
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My feed is full of people talking about classic #Doom and related games tonight and this brings me joy

darbales, to DOOM German
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und gezockt war beides Klasse.

Ch0wW, to DOOM French
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Ce soir (oui oui, le 13 Avril!) vers 21h30, on va refaire un #randomizer sur #Doom 2! Ca tombe mal, je suis déja rouillé à force d'avoir fait du Super Mario Kart...

Et ce sera sur Twitch bien sur :D !

jeze, to Horror
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Hello everyone. An .

Jeze here. I'm a aficionado with it being my favorite form of entertainment both in film and literature. I enjoy writing and reading particularly short stories with being my favorite. Currently been playing with an idea I've had in my head for ages for a story called "Eternity."

As for music I'm into rock, metal, and punk with two of my favorite bands being Alkaline Trio and Slipknot. They both offer those goosebump inducing hooks. I'm also a guitarist but never had a home in a band of my own.

I'm a gamer at heart with a penchant for and . I grew up with Nintendo franchises, and they hold a special place in my memory. era gaming for PC being my favorite time period with titles like and . Later on would be my escape from reality and living my dark elvish vampire dreams. I knew far too much dark elvish to be considered a healthy person.

I believe to be precious and should be protected at all costs. They are perfection. They are the only dinosaurs to rise from the ashes of the Chicxulub asteroid which is pretty metal if you ask me. They were here first and the Earth is their planet. Us mammals have no right to pillage their ecosystems the way we do.

harzretro, to DOOM German
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auf einem - zu sehen morgen im bei der .
Natürlich schafft die CPU ddas nicht allein - das macht ein - aber der VIC gibt die Grafik und der SID den Sound aus!

argv_minus_one, to DOOM
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I like big FG9000s and I cannot lie.


pateln01, to DOOM
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#Gameplay Update

#DoomII #Eviternity

Done with Chapter 4 #Brutality, 100 minute gameplay on e04m04 and all!...now on to chapter 5 #Descension


#Doom #doomguy

P.S. I still don't understand what the interstitial cards mean 🤔☹️


jbzfn, to DOOM
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:OttGun: Killing Margaret Thatcher in Doom | Jonas Čeika


jbzfn, to DOOM
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:erogun: Killing Margaret Thatcher in Doom | Jonas Čeika


#Doom #Thatcher #Union #Gamedev

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