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Can't exactly explain why, but I'm particularly fond of this footbridge at Mima Falls West and Lost Valley 🤷‍♂️❤️

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- I grow them in a separate contained area. I grow false St John's Wort in a different contained area.

The true St John's Wort is a longtime . As with all , that originate from the wilds, please learn more about each plant & how to properly use it, first. If harvesting in the wild - be responsible with picking.

Close up of St John's Wort flower buds. Raindrops are on foliage.

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I don’t know where these come from but they pop up everywhere and never in the same place 😄

I rarely see this wild bloom on top of the digitalis though.

The top bloom of a foxglove looking like a peacock spreading its feathers that popped up next to the house.

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were one of the bigger draws at a on Sunday showcasing the of society.

drag artist Shay Dior, one of four drag artists who performed on Fisgard St on Sunday, was frequently stopped for photos with fans.

It’s the based drag group’s 2nd year at the festival.

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Very old (pre-covid) panorama photo of the view on Coliseum Mt. This is snow free only at the end of Summer (1400m altitude), it's a spectacular trail and view. Two approaches exist, the popular one with a 8km approach, then ascending a clearly flagged route up. Alternatively, you can cycle in 11km, then do a shorter but very steep and at times unmarked ascent, including a wonderful scree field, which I quite enjoyed. Cycling back at the end of the hike has some benefits in keeping your muscles from seizing up after a painful descent (+- 40% for 2 hours). Advisable to keep extra water/food on your bike, in my case I ran short with 5.5L for the day. Hoping to do it again this Summer.

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practices came under after a highlighted being burned for power in the .

The documentary was not broadcast in . Hansen said the reason B.C.’s wood pellet industry is a focus in is the Power Station in .

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Drax owns seven #PelletMills in #BritishColumbia after acquiring BC’s largest #WoodPellets producer, #PinnacleRenewableEnergy Inc in 2021.

This analysis focuses on north central BC, where all material feeding #Drax’s pellet mills originates from #PrimaryForest, whether it arrives directly from #logging operations or byproduct from sawmills. Majority of commercial logging taking place in BC is of #OldGrowth #forests.

#BCpoli #CDNpoli #BCNDP #ClimateCrimes #Ecocide #PNW

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Just some springtime flowers from the Pacific Northwest. These are cherry blossoms.

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Some Storm the Gorge #ParaDragonboating #team photos from #FairwayGorgePaddlingClub Super Sprints #Regatta.

Great fun, #paddling & drumming in our first races! We did pretty good, considering we've had only 7 practices. We beat a more experienced team that has trained twice/week for a few years in our last race with time of 1:08 minutes!

I'm exhausted & bit sore. Putting ice packs on & then having a long hot bath 🛀

#ParaSports #DragonBoat #VictoriaBC #Paddlers #PaddleSports #YYJ #PNW

Me & two fellow paddlers. Two women, one on each side of me.
Our team, in dragon boat, braking to hold.
Our team at line up, waiting to be called to dock to board dragon boat.

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Map of the Ski to Sea relay race route, currently underway here in . Easily the biggest event of the year. Useful map whether you’re a fan or just trying to avoid the crowds!

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20% off ALL Products in my Gallery, Happy Memorial Day Weekend❣️

Prints, Frameable Greeting Cards, Mugs, Tote Bags, Puzzles, T-shirts etc.
Your of independent, local Artists is appreciated!

If you’d like a Canvas Print, ask about the half price promo for certain sizes.

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Happy #SilentSunday!

Enjoy the beautiful #Oregon coast.

#PNW #beach #photography #nature

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