hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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"I am grateful to the United States Senate for approving vital aid to Ukraine today.

I thank Majority Leader Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell @LeaderMcConnell for their strong leadership in advancing this bipartisan legislation, as well as all US Senators on both sides of the aisle who voted in favor of it."


GottaLaff, to Ukraine
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President Volodymyr : ‘We will have a chance at victory’ thaks to weapons provided in new US aid package https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/ukrainian-president-volodymyr-zelenskyy-will-chance-victory-thaks-weap-rcna148684

_ohcoco_, to Ukraine
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President thanks all who supported package after House passed a aid bill >>>



NewsDesk, to Ukraine
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A Polish citizen has been arrested under suspicion of spying for the Russian government in a potential conspiracy to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The suspect, Pawel K., was charged with readiness to act for foreign intelligence against the Republic of Poland by providing Russia with security information about the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport in southeastern Poland. The charge carries a potential 8 years in prison, the country’s prosecutors say. ABC News has more.


DemocracyMattersALot, to Ukraine
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hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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is facing challenges on multiple fronts, from critical shortages of munitions and manpower to ramping up its attacks. It comes amid uncertainty around future aid from the U.S. Amna sat down with Ukrainian President Volodymyr in to discuss that and more.

“The ratio of aircraft is 1 to 30, artillery is 1 to 10."


timkmak, to random
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Here’s what we are reading today:

President has now lowered the minimum age of from 27 to 25.

This follows comments made by Zelenskyy in 2023 that the army needed 500,000 more men and pressure from the West to lower age of conscription.


skykiss, to Ukraine
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Ukraine needs our support. 🇺🇦💫

#StandWithUkraine #Ukraine #SlavaUkraini #AFU #EU #Zelenskyy #nato #freedom

A muscovite was walking through the forest, Looking for an adventure,
The sun was shining from the sky -
A beautiful weather!
All of a sudden, it got fucked up and the earth trembled, the block flew to the young Muscovite.

And there's no Muscovy, There's no Muscovy, There's no fucking nothing.
The very wet earth,
Artillery is working, There's one katsap less boys, and the second shit in his pants...

A Muscovite sits in a trench
and holds a Kalashnikov, His body is studded, and an anasha is in his pocket. Suddenly, it got fucked up
And the plowing started, the earth digested the young muscovite.

🎶🔊 on


GottaLaff, to Russia
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: "For him, we are a satellite of Russian Federation. At the moment, it's us, then Kazakhstan, then Baltic states, then Poland, then Germany. At least half of Germany”


NewsDesk, to Ukraine
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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hit back at Russia after its President, Vladimir Putin, claimed the men who killed at least 133 people in an attack at a Moscow theater were linked to Ukraine. BBC News reports: https://flip.it/Fj1GM9
#Ukraine #Russia #Zelenskyy #Putin #UkraineRussiaWar #MoscowAttack

MAKS23, to uk Ukrainian
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🔥 BAVOVNA at oil depot in Hvardiyske, .

💥 AFU hit the large amphibious ships "Yamal" and "Azov", communications center in Sevastopol.

Thank you for support! ❤️🫡

🚫 Kuibyshevskyi oil refinery suspended operations after a drone attack.

⚡ What happened in Moscow, both and other scum are just trying to blame someone else, —

🇬🇧 has warned Putin not to use terror attack in Moscow as an excuse to intensify war on .

MAKS23, to Ukraine Ukrainian
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🇨🇿 Czech FM said it had so far secured 300,000 shells to Ukraine, first deliveries before June.

🇪🇸 will receive another 20 Leopard 2A4 tanks from , - InfoDefensa.

🚀 Last month, Ukraine began production of missiles with a range of more than 640 km.

💪 "There will be new defense packages, in particular scarce artillery", -


MAKS23, to poland Ukrainian
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🇵🇱 and 🇩🇪Germany have formed a new joint "Tank Coalition" for Ukraine.

🇩🇪 has announced a package of military aid to Ukraine worth €500 million.

‼️ The evacuation of 9,000 residents (children) was announced in Belgorod region, .

🇫🇮 will provide €30 million for the purchase of artillery shells for .

🇺🇦 This year, we will achieve the maximum Ukrainian defense production, —

MAKS23, to Ukraine Ukrainian
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🔥 attacked three oil refineries with drones: in Ryazan, Kstovo and Kirishi.

🦅 At night, UAVs attack Voronezh, Kursk, Leningrad, Belgorod and Bryansk regions.

💥 UAVs attacked the Russian Air Force airbase in Buturlinovka and military airfield in Voronezh.


🇺🇸 The new assistance package also includes shorter-range ATACMS missiles, - WSJ

⚡ "We will inflict losses on , they will feel the losses", -

VitalisViVa, to Zelensky
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🫡🇺🇦 Those who are Very Tired of the war in Ukraine -should come here, to Odesa, to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral destroyed by a Russian missile, and pray that there is no war in their countries and pray for Ukraine! - Volodymyr Zelenskyy
#zelensky #Zelenskyy #Odesa #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar #ukrainian #ukraine

hanse_mina, to Russia
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🧵 According to a Greek newspaper, tried to launch a missile attack on 's motorcade during the visit of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos in .


MAKS23, to turkiye Ukrainian
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🇺🇦 AFU intend to use their latest Patriot and NASAMS air defense missiles to shoot down Russian aircraft, - Forbes

🇦🇱 Ukraine signed an agreement with Albania on friendship and cooperation, — #Zelenskyy

🇹🇷 #Turkiye is ready to host negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, - #Erdogan

🇵🇱 #Ukraine and #Poland are discussing the temporary closure of the border, - Tusk

MAKS23, to Russia Ukrainian
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🇰🇵 North Korea sent about 3 million 152 mm shells to , - South Korean Defense Minister

🇪🇺 European Parliament voted for assistance to 50 billion euros (4 years)

🤔 Russian government will ban the export of gasoline from March 1 for six months, - Babel

🇸🇦 in Saudi Arabia: peace formula and return of prisoners - the main topics.

MAKS23, to Ukraine Ukrainian
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🎉 Ukrainian Air Force destroyed 2 Russian SU-34 today!

🔥 Air Force of Ukraine destroyed 10 Russian aircraft in 10 days

🇫🇷 announced the creation of a coalition to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons.


🇩🇪 Update: New German military aid to !

🇺🇸 AFU will not be ready for defense without the help of , -

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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and Canadian Prime Minister Justin have signed the - Security Cooperation Agreement.

The document outlines Canada's commitment to allocate over CAD 3 billion in macro-financial and defense assistance to Ukraine in 2024.



GottaLaff, to random
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Via Kyle Griffin:

President to Fox on 's interview:

"I don't have time to hear more than two hours of bullshit about us, about the world, about the United States, about our relations and this interview with a killer."

timkmak, to random
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Here's what we're reading today:

Poland-Ukrainian relations hit a low point after a stray air defense missile fell in killing two, reports Al Jazeera.

insisted it was a missile, alienating Polish officials.


hanse_mina, to america
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" stands with the people of .

Here is why I’m leading this Congressional delegation to meet with President :"


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