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NewsDesk, to news
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Israel says it is closing its airspace as it braces for an Iranian drone attack that may take hours to reach its targets. AP reports: https://flip.it/bK1nWN
#News #WorldNews #Iran #Israel #IsraelHamasWar

NewsDesk, to news
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An ordinary Saturday at the mall in Sydney turned into a horror scene as a knife-wielding man attacked shoppers, killing six, before police fatally shot him to end the rampage. BBC News reports: https://flip.it/vHOuoB

NewsDesk, to news
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The murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and the trial of O.J. Simpson forced America to talk about domestic violence. The 19th talked to experts about whether this changed anything in the longterm, as well as the "inescapable racial dynamics that shape the U.S. court system and the criminalization of Black men," write Nadra Nittle and Candice Norwood.


NewsDesk, to Health
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Experts are warning that a dengue fever outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean could grow after 4.7 million people have already been infected this year, a higher number of cases than in all of 2023. The disease has exploded due to heavy precipitation from El Niño and climate change creating conditions in which mosquitoes that carry the virus thrive. PBS News has more about the disease and how to keep yourself safe.


#Virus #Disease #Health #Mosquitos

NewsDesk, to poland
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Polish parliament took the first steps to ease abortion restrictions, voting through four proposals on the subject to a commission stage and setting up a showdown with the country’s anti-abortion president. A court upheld the country’s near-total abortion ban in 2020 supported by the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party, which held power at the time. Backlash to the decision helped to propel Donald Tusk, whose party supports legal abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, to the Prime Minster position last year. Read more from CNN.


NewsDesk, to Health
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is creating the first national regulation of PFAS, sometimes called “forever chemicals,” which are increasingly believed to be toxic. The oil-repelling and heat-resistant substances are widely used in common products like cookware and clothing and can take thousands of years to break down. The first regulation will be focused on limiting the amount of the substances in water, but traces of them can also be found in the air and soil. Read more from CBS News.


#PFAS #Health #Regulation #EPA

NewsDesk, to random
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Truong My Lan, a Vietnamese billionaire property developer, was sentenced to death for a massive fraud scheme that funneled $44 billion from the country’s largest bank. She, along with 85 other people, were found guilty in the sprawling trial that was conducted by 10 state prosecutors and about 200 lawyers who summoned 2,700 to testify. Only Truong My Lan received the death penalty. Read more about the case from the BBC.


NewsDesk, to news
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O.J. Simpson, the former football great who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, has died of cancer at age 76. Here's more from ABC.


NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Donald Trump's conflicting abortion stances are coming back to haunt him — and his party.

NBC News reports: "In the past three days, the former president has energized scores of Democrats across the country, elevated the marquee issue of his opponent’s campaign, potentially put a key battleground state at risk and drawn fire from onetime allies in his own party."


NewsDesk, to Russia
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Floodwaters are still rising in Russia and Kazakhstan a week after rapidly melting snow caused several rivers to swell beyond control. Water levels in the Ural river, Europe’s third largest, have risen far above bursting point to over 10 meters (33 feet), forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. A Kremlin spokesperson described the flood as the worst the region has seen in 80 years. Read more from BBC News.


#Flood #Russia #Kazakhstan #Disaster

NewsDesk, (edited ) to Ukraine
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The leading U.S. military general in Europe is warning Congress that if they do not pass funding for Ukraine’s war against Russia soon, their army will be vastly overpowered by summer. Army Gen. Christopher Cavoli, head of U.S. European Command, says in House testimony that Russian soldiers already fire five times as many artillery shells as Ukrainian soldiers do, and that without the U.S. sending more weapons the number will double to “10 to one in a matter of weeks.” Read more from the Associated Press.


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@AnnemarieBridy We absolutely do — or "unless they pass." We've edited it now. Thanks for flagging!

NewsDesk, to Israel
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"U.S. President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza a mistake and called for his government to flood Gaza with aid, ramping up pressure on Israel to reach a cease-fire and widening a rift between the two staunch allies that has worsened as the war has dragged on."

AP reports: https://flip.it/kEUgIH

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Is America actually deeply divided?

@AxiosNews looks into this question in a @Flipboard Storyboard, which indicates the culprit is the media and politicians' fixation on fringe issues, plus the invasion of political activism in everything from football and beer to Target.


NewsDesk, to Trains
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Norfolk Southern agrees to $600M settlement in East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment in February 2023.

ABC News reports: "The spill forced hundreds of nearby residents out of their homes and sparked fears, as five tankers carried vinyl chloride, which posed serious health risks, exploded, sending a massive plume of black smoke into the sky."


#EastPalestine #Train #NorfolkSouthern #Ohio #News

NewsDesk, to Germany
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Germany rejects allegations that it’s facilitating acts of genocide in Gaza at U.N. court.

AP reports: "On Monday, Nicaragua urged judges to order a halt to German military aid to Israel, arguing that Berlin’s support enables acts of genocide and breaches of international humanitarian law in Gaza."


NewsDesk, to ukteachers
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"President Biden announced a student loan plan Monday that would help millions of Americans have their debt forgiven in his latest attempt to provide relief to borrowers."

The Hill reports: "The plans would give relief to 25 million borrowers who owe more money than they did at the start of repayment because of the interest rate on federal student loans."


NewsDesk, to brazil
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Brazil Supreme Court strikes down military intervention thesis in symbolic vote for democracy.

AP reports the court "unanimously voted Monday that the armed forces have no constitutional power to intervene in disputes between government branches."


NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Former President Donald Trump on Monday said abortion should be left to the states in the post-Roe era, declining to endorse any national limit on the procedure.

Politico reports: "His announcement, shared on Truth Social, is likely to disappoint anti-abortion groups who hoped he would use his bully pulpit to endorse national restrictions on abortion, especially after his campaign floated a 15-week ban earlier this year."


NewsDesk, to Astronomy
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It's eclipse day in North America. Millions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will witness the unusual event.

CNN has a live blog with the latest updates: https://flip.it/KsVxV5

NewsDesk, to news
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Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from 10 northern regions of Kazakhstan as the area, including parts of Russia, experiences the “worst floods in decades." BBC News reports: https://flip.it/KqS95G

NewsDesk, to news
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A top Iranian military official has warned Israel that its embassies are not safe. The threat came after last week’s airstrike in Damascus that killed two Iranian generals. AP reports:

NewsDesk, to news
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Mexico has ended diplomatic ties with Ecuador after police broke into the Mexican embassy in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito to arrest a former vice president who had been residing at the embassy since December. AP reports: https://flip.it/oyB44J

NewsDesk, to news
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More than 13,000 children have been killed in Gaza. NBC News takes a look at the Israel-Hamas war by the numbers after six months of fighting.

NewsDesk, to worldwithoutus
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Good news: Democracy won in Senegal. Here’s why it matters, according to Vox.

"When so much of the world is backsliding on democratic norms, Senegal’s election reveals a trend toward democracy in Africa."


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