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’s Mount has erupted at least 3X this wk, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people.

On Wed evening, the ’s shot nearly 70k ft high, possibly spewing aerosols into the , the atmosphere’s second layer.
The is part of Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, in the Sangihe Islands archipelago. That puts it ~60 miles NNE of Manado, the province’s capital.

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“The tobacco transnationals will fight tooth and nail to block, water down or at the very least delay the UK’s historic legislation to raise the age of sale, because it is an existential threat to their business model"

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#Galaxidi, #Greece

Revellers participate in the colourful flour war, celebrating #Ash Monday, a traditional festivity marking the end of the #carnival season and the start of Lent.

Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/Reuters


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Large cabinet I am working on in .

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Making it harder to do wrong

#curl is written in C. We try to write better C to reduce the risk of future vulnerabilities.

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@empathicqubit @etam @hramrach that does make sense if portability is a must.

Luckily does have a minimalist implementation (), making it easier to work with than 's .

At least I've not hit a snag on it yet developing @OS1337 ...

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I've been re-reconverting a lot of my "stuff" to the BSDs (Free, Open, Net). It's refreshing. The Linux every-tool-has-to-be-a-swiss-army-knife ethos is exhausting after a while. The relative simplicity and clean organization of *BSD (especially OpenBSD) re-affirms my fondness for UNIX-y things.

You might think there's not that much difference but, in many cases, I'd rather admin a BSD box. Try it, you'll see.

Also, NetBSD is soo lean, it has made my old Pentium III almost useful again. Even with 333Mhz and 128 MB of RAM 🙃

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #vintagecomputing

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@rory Well, for OS71337 I took inspiration from @w84death 's #Floppinux and took his #documentation and went full "chimp banging rocks together" on it, but swapping #BusyBox for @landley 's #toybox since I prefer #bash over #ash and wanted something really basic that would do more than cat text files but provide i.e. a portable #SSH #client on a FDD.
Something that could serve as a foundation or rather plain "slate for my other projects in lieu of a THICC distro that is not practically auditable

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Normally outside smells like "petrichor"/"wet rain" when it rains here -- but smells like (with a little bit of ). 🤔

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Found some time to make it back into the

Made a few of these, really like the way the wood grain speaks for itself, simplicity.

The concept - the small stand appears to float above whatever it is stood on. Very happy with how it turned out. Just need to apply some wax finish.

using only from and

Close up of small display stand

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A new version of the AWK book is coming out! In 2023!

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@vwbusguy @benjamineskola @josephholsten @fuchsiii personally, I've also had some use time with on but that's just because I have on occasions dealt with devices and have a copy of .

And yes, I'm still intrigued on the idea of a distro that one can blindly autoboot into and that automatically opens up to allow for remote login if not automatically opens it's own SSH tunnel.

Kinda like ...

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Join me as I take a deep dive into the origin story of everyone's favorite catchphrase flinging demon fighter, Ash Williams! This first peek into this epic final boy's character is so different than who he turns out to be.

Updated link:

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