Imperor, to Twitch avatar

By now I think it is a bug, that in Crusader Kings 3 every "fondest memory" of someone who recently passed is the moment they passed.

But it was fun the first time around!

New DLC bugfixes wen?


gimulnautti, to random avatar

The skateboarding turtle vs cat is a modern classic! 😸🙀🐢

Imperor, to 7daystodie avatar
tuneintodetuned, to Podcast Spanish avatar

Me quedo con este de LaBichateca de anoche jugando al condenado después del . El aceite está carísimo, pero cuando gusta gusta.

Imperor, to gaming avatar

New CK3 DLC dropped - Let's face the world playing as the Maledives

Join tonight 20:00 GMT+1/CET over on


Imperor, avatar

@imperor Stream tonight was great. The new added some interesting things, such as our Half-Sister's fondest memory of our departed father being ... his death.

rlcj, to music avatar

What a ! Quelle ! Noir Désir, Le vent nous portera. . Magnifique. Reminds me of a spectacular time spent with my mother on beaches back in ‘73 as my father worked in the . Magnifique! Those days ended in the light not the dark!

bayanmoipatrolmo, to crochet Tagalog avatar

version ng trending na bibe ang nilikha ni Mommy at Bayan Patroller Charmaine Ariola. Naggantsilyo siya ng bulaklak, bubuyog, at iba pa bilang disenyo nito.

Para sa mga kaugnay na ulat ng @bayanmoipatrolmo:


thegamerstavern, to gaming avatar

"You play a lot, right?"
"Yes I do!"
"So you must be good at playing"

Producing exhibit A:

repeatro, to retrogaming avatar

Thanks to everyone who boosted, favored, watched or commented on my first little video published here on Mastodon a few days ago. I'm really happy about the response. 😀

To express my appreciation I already created the next to hopefully serve you with an entertaining start into the weekend. 🎉

Those who missed the first one, can find it here 👉


paul_denton, to ilaughed French avatar

Brenda Lee numéro 1 du billboard Hot 100 US a enfin droit à son clip pour "Rockin' around the christmas tree" soixante ans après avoir sorti la chanson... Quelle leçon de résilience! (et de juteux business) à près de 80 ans.

Widowild1, to random French avatar
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