jens, to random avatar

Na? Wer will Kubernetes fuer die DENIC, also die .de ccTLD machen?

"System Engineer Infrastructure Platform"-Bewerbung an schicken und mich erwaehnen.

Der Fullstack Job ist groesstenteils remote in Frankfurt a.M.

Stichworte: Scrum/Kanban, K8s, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Golang, Linux, CI/CD, SSO, etc.

#FediHire #GetFediHired

aronow, to random avatar

Good morning, fedi friends!

I was asked to put together some #resume tips for #getfedihired and #jobsearch and since I'm going through ~300 resumes this morning it's probably as good a time as ever!

Going to use the hashtag #ResumeTips so you can find them later if you need them.

Note: I have 11 years of primarily tech recruiting exp (USA) but every industry/recruiter has their own opinions on best practices. Just putting these out there to hopefully help someone on their search!


veganstraightedge, to ruby avatar

👋🏻 Hi friends

Do you have any finite contract work that I could do? (nights and weekends)


#Ruby #Rails #StimulusJS, HTML/CSS.

Code cleanup, pairing, CI or Heroku setup, admin tooling, eng team mentorship, …

🖤 #GetFediHired #FediHired

ruben, to random avatar

I am now available for remote senior/lead Ruby/Rails developer contract work.

My CV is at

Please repost if you can, and if you have something of interest or want to have a chat, please reply here or contact me via email (details on my CV).


#FediHire #GetFediHired #RubyHire

jalcine, to random avatar

It's pre-Friday and that means it's time to open up Greenhouse/Lever/Workday and see if there are any roles for a senior software engineer lurking around! 😆

Seriously, though, I'm still on the prowl (hasn't been long but feels like a month) for a software engineering role! is my LinkedIn and is my handwritten version of that.

I'm open to contract roles (ideally short term, ~3 months) and to FTE roles!

#GetFediHired #FediHire

jono, to dotnet

Hey folks,

I'm on the lookout for a new role. Senior back end developer, C# / Scala / Java experience.

Based in Auckland, NZ - have been working remotely for various northern hemisphere client since 2007.

See LinkedIn for more detail -

#getFediHired #dotNet #Scala #Java #Remote

fox, to design avatar

📣 I'm looking for a new role! In case you don’t know me, I’m a designer, speaker, front-end dev & photographer with 15+ years of experience.

I’m after:

→ Senior+ level Product or Lead Designer roles
→ Remote (async) or Australian timezones
→ Full-time, but also open to part-time and consulting

Boosts very appreciated :blobcatheart: Looking forward to learning what’s out there!

Learn more about me here:

#GetFediHired #FediHire #Design

FLOX_advocate, to random avatar

FLOSS hiring thread for June 2024

Are you hiring? Especially for remote work?

Tells us what region(s) of world, type of work, link to opening, etc.

Are you looking for a job?

10s of thousands of layoffs last year, also already this year as well :(

Let's help people find good jobs

Some good job listing resources:



@infosec_jobs - allows pairing values to companies

#GetFediHired #FLOSScareer #FLOSSjobs #FediResources

aronow, to Software avatar

I (finally) have a role to share!

#Fullstack #Software Engineer for a small company improving government services through tech.

  • Fully remote within the US (government requirement)

  • 3+ years eng exp

  • 2+ years modern OOP exp, (#RubyOnRails a big bonus)

  • Some exp with unit testing and cloud services

  • Salary - $120k-$149k

Please shoot a resume or LinkedIn profile to if you’re interested!

#fedihire #JobOpportunity #hiring

bogo, to random avatar

Fable is looking for a data engineer and a ML engineer - both remote

jalcine, to random avatar

fixes ties and brushes pants

clears throat

You want a software engineer. I know it (lol). But fr, if you know of a place looking for a fullstack dev, swing them (or e-mail me at

jni, to opensource avatar

Excellent #OpenSource #OpenScience job opportunity: #xarray community developer at Earthmover PBC:

US-only 😞, but remote available 😊. And the Earthmover folks are awesome!


jalcine, to random avatar

I got let go from my current role. To say I saw it coming would be half true, but I was not expecting to be out in the blinds this soon. Open to a lot right now, more info at (

jalcine, avatar

Bumping this once more!

On le hunt for work! Looking for SSWE work (any duration is cool with me). More information on my work background at or

sovtechfund, to opensource German avatar

Willst du beim Sovereign Tech Fund mit anpacken? Das -Ökosystem sichtbarer und stärker machen? Wir haben viel vor 💪

Wir suchen einen Kommunikations-Managerin, um unsere (deutschsprachige) Kommunikationsstrategie, Content-Produktion und Markenaufbau auszubauen. Bewerbungsfrist endet Sonntag, den 30. Juni 2024. Wir freuen uns, wenn du ins Team kommen willst bzw. die Ausschreibung an passende Personen weiterleitest!

Skye, to Laravel avatar

Any #laravel devs in DE looking for a job or freelance gig at the moment?

Must be fluent-ish in German and able to work in a codebase that heavily relies on Vue (though if you have experience with Svelte, react, or another modern reactive JS framework other than Vue that would be fine).

DM me if you’re interested :3 #getfedihired

ducksauz, to sysadmin avatar

Are you an or type looking for work?

One of our consulting customers is looking to fill an SRE opening. Technologies are AWS, MySQL (Aurora), Groovy, Cold Fusion (legacy codebase), and integrations with vendors like payment processors, video conf, etc.

Looking for someone mid to senior with a strong focus for process standardization and automation, problem solving, and documentation.

Company is HQed in North Carolina but is 100% remote friendly.

Boosts welcome.

ezhevita, to forhire avatar

hey, I am looking for a IT job! .NET/C# Middle+ Software Engineer with a good knowledge of DevOps and CI/CD pipelines, 6 years of experience in software development and architecture. Located in Armenia, remote is preferred, but relocation offers are also considered.

My CV:

#FediHiring #FediJobs #ForHire #GetFediHired #HireMe #Jobs #JobSearch #JobSeeker #LookingForWork #OpenToWork

datasciencejobscanada, to vancouver avatar
penpot, to random avatar

We're hiring😎!

Hey devs! we're looking for a Functional programming full stack developer for Penpot!

🔗Experience in or willingness to learn the Clojure/Clojurescript functional programming language.
💻Background as a frontend developer
⌨️Experience working with HTML and CSS.
🤖Enthusiasm for crafting robust user interfaces.
🇬🇧🇪🇸Languages skills: proficient in spoken and written English (B2 level) and proficient in spoken and written Spanish (B1 level)

All the info

onepict, avatar

@penpot Hi if you put the tags and it will reach some more folks. 😊

datasciencejobs, to datascience avatar

🏢 Caterpillar Inc. is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: 🇬🇧 Peterborough, United Kingdom
💰 Salary: £46 000 - £56 000

paninid, to random avatar

Anybody looking to #getfedihired, here is a link to Wellfound has a number of interesting roles and companies:

denis, to random avatar

I am looking for new opportunities!

I am interested in remote software engineering roles in Germany. I am good at full-stack work, and I excel in backend roles (especially Ruby on Rails).

I’ve written up some more details here: — and of course there is my CV at

Repost = ❤️ 🧡 💛

#FediHire #GetFediHired #RubyHire

taurus, to Java avatar

:boost_anim_vanilla: Hi, I'm in need of employment and perhaps you or someone you know is in need of me:

I'm a software developer w/ 7 years professional experience
During my B.Sc. i had stellar grades.

(!) I'm only available in part time due to my health

I have experience working remote.
I'm located near Hannover, DE.
CV available upon request

3psboyd, to random avatar

I have another "two coding challenges, one system design interview and one behavioral fit interview" days coming up and I am incredibly unexcited.

3psboyd, avatar

I'm still available as a back-end Python programmer with a focus in data, by the way!

urschrei, to random avatar

As if the prospect of a “programming language conference” wasn't unpalatable enough – three days in a foul conference centre surrounded by the socially anxious and/or inept – having to suffer through a load of angry men in their forties screaming about masks is, I think, the final nail in the coffin. I'm going to start a programming language forest camp instead. A local duck has kindly agreed to talk about recent advances in practical approaches to substructural typing, so it’s got legs I think.

urschrei, avatar

The chances that Helena the otter – who is my friend, very interested in perf engineering in the Python compiler btw: – will ever send me a link to the Cochrane review of studies related to physical measures to reduce or prevent the spread of respiratory viruses is essentially zero; she is an otter. She may wish to show me the rock tool she keeps in her chest pouch, though.

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