brie, to random Polish

Nie żal wam, że wybory już się skończyły, a do następnych całe dwa miesiące? Oto , która pomoże przetrwać ten chudy czas! (papier się rozszedł, ale wyszła w u)
USUNĄĆ DO 30 DNI<br> Semiotyka polskich plakatów wyborczych - Scholar

mckra1g, to Haiku avatar

Huzzah! It’s International Haiku Day! I write haiku to keep my brain stretchy — just got an update from Amazon about the sales of SYLLABIC ORIGAMI. Thanks to all of you for downloading your copy. Here’s a sample:

Alone together.
Congenial; parallel
coffee house orbits.

If you haven't had a chance to get your own copy, here ya be:

#haiku #writing #writer #poet #poetry #ebook #books #coffee #NationalPoetryMonth

auschwitzmuseum, to random avatar

📖 „Hope is the Last to Die” by Halina Birenbaum

Halina Birenbaum survived Majdanek, Auschwitz, Ravensbrück & Neustadt-Glewe camps. Her autobiography describes an adolescent journey through the horrors of the Holocaust.


vwdasher, to books avatar

Amazon is filled with garbage ebooks. Here’s how they get made.

It’s partly AI, partly a get-rich-quick scheme, and entirely bad for confused consumers.

This makes me sad and angry.

benzinazero, to random Italian avatar

'Roma, scontro tra auto e bici' [Adnkronos], 'Roma, investito da auto mentre era in bici' [Tgcom24] Come i giornali raccontano gli scontri stradali

KatKimbriel, to bookstodon avatar

When giants and pixies throw a party, even the vampires run for their lives.

Do you need to get lost in an alternate world where you can cheer on a hero who is soft on ghosts and tough on murderers?

Wait no longer, because Diana Pharaoh Francis created Mallory Jade just for you! THE GIANT RIOT is now at Book View Cafe and other retailers.


weirdwriter, to books

YAY! Praise for Pass the Salt is rolling in! I received a few questions about the audiobook. I wasn't able to find an audiobook publisher that wanted to produce this so if you want an audiobook, buy the eBook or give me money to make the audiobook happen. The eBook is DRM free! #Books #Audiobooks #Audiobook #EBook #EBooks #Book #AmReading @bookstodon #DRM #DRMFree

benzinazero, to random Italian avatar

Roma, 'auto resta incastrata sui binari', e l'automobilista non c'entra niente [Il Messaggero] Come i giornali raccontano gli scontri stradali

Wivik, to scifi avatar

It is my pleasure to announce the upcoming release of my new #scifi #novel : "Echoes of the Metal Mountain". It will be available on April 30th both in French and English.

@bookstodon @scifi #books #ebook #amwriting #SelfPublishing #WritersOfMastodon #sciencefiction #auteur #livre #ecriture #roman

Daniele_Scopigno_Scrittore, to libri Italian avatar

Quando ci sei

Si ringrazia per la musica " dramatic-atmosphere-with-piano-and-violin-short-version-199232 UNIVERSFIELD" e per il video "7357483-Oleksandr P pexels"

@libri @libri @libri


Wivik, to writing avatar

Here is an update of my recent #writing activities.

  • Some of my works are published on #neovel
  • New #book announcement, a dedicated post will be made once released

@bookstodon #bookstodon #scifi #sciencefiction #amwriting #SelfPublishing #WritersOfMastodon #ebook #blog #writer

weirdwriter, to books
Wivik, to bookstodon avatar

A little announcement for #french #readers / Petite annonce pour les personnes amatrices de #lecture #francais

J'ai commencé à publier certains de mes #livres sur #neovel . Avec un chapitrage adapté à la plateforme.

English versions will come later.

#ebook #SelfPublishing #amwriting @bookstodon #bookstodon #WritersOfMastodon #writer #webnovel

Wivik, to books avatar

While starting to publish it at #neovel , I've made some corrections to my previous #ebook "The Patient Daniel" (typo / phrasing issues mostly).

Original French version :

English translation :

@bookstodon #book #novel #books #WritersOfMastodon #amwriting #SelfPublishing #bookstodon #sciencefiction

darth, to books avatar

Can someone help me decode something regarding books? Please check this URL:

It says 892 pages in print* and it contains three books within:

  • dune
  • muad'dib
  • the prophet

Specifically I am asking about the version: Is this an abridged version or not? 892 pages seems a very low pint number for three , but everyone is saying that abridged books have that "feature" clearly marked.

I want to read original work of Frank Herbert, but in eBook format.

projektmyra, to ArtificialIntelligence German avatar

Die : "Handbuch Künstliche Intelligenz und die Künste " Hrsg von Stephanie Catani bei DeGruyter Reference. Sehr lesenswert! Und kein HowTo der Urheberrechts Verletzungen)

projektmyra, avatar

@Zauberfrau viele grundlegende Thesen darin werden, wie der deutsche Informatiker Wolfgang Ertl über die Analyse seiner US Kollegin Elaine Rich schreibt, auch 2050 "immer noch aktuell" sein, andere werden helfen zu verstehen, wie wir dahin kamen wo wir sein werden (ich mit viel Glück und als phantastischer sicherlich auch noch). Lohnt sich. Und ist - die Papier Version kostet, das kann man legal kostenlos laden. Lesen! @bookstodon @buchstodon

benzinazero, to random Italian avatar

Ferrara, 'due bambini di 6 e 10 anni investiti' (sulle strisce), ma non si sa perché [Il Resto del Carlino, Corriere di Bologna, Informazione] Come i giornali raccontano gli scontri stradali

letterina, to libri Italian avatar

Editoria digitale: il Gruppo Mondadori sperimenta con le webnovel
Concepite per essere lette sullo schermo di uno smartphone, le webnovel sono una forma di narrativa seriale che, dopo il successo in Corea del Sud, è arrivata anche in Giappone e Cina, quindi negli Usa e dopo ancora in Francia. Ora si appresta a debuttare anche in Italia, con l'accordo tra Mondadori e Bookrepublic e un investimento pari a 3

H9k, avatar

@Gert @letterina @libri si concordo perché il problema di leggere sullo smartphone non è certo di formato già si può leggere tranquillamente il formato e molto altro . Ma è il solito problema dell'eterna connessione e conseguente distrazione . Personalmente per leggere un digitale uso il kobo che è più confortevole anche dal punto di vista visivo oltre che per quello legato all'attenzione

crowdagger, to philosophy French

Petit rappel innocent :blob_cat_innocent:​ que La fusillade est une science sociale est disponible en numérique à prix libre

benzinazero, to random Italian avatar

Roma, ennesima vittima della pioggia assassina: 'Pensionato travolto e ucciso', 'Non si esclude che il conducente possa aver perso il controllo dell'auto a causa dell'asfalto bagnato' [La Repubblica] Come i giornali raccontano gli scontri stradali

lonelyboy1977, to books avatar

Discover the best kept secrets in fantasy when you buy THE EXERCISE OF VITAL POWERS and THE APPRENTICE IN THE MASTER’S SHADOW. Available in and from all the usual outlets. Every will be much appreciated. @bookstodon

Book 1: (
Book 2: (


lonelyboy1977, to Amazon avatar

If an #ebook subscription service sounds like it might be for you, please consider supporting one that isn’t owned by #Amazon, that exploits its dominant position to force authors into exclusivity deals that prevent their work from being available elsewhere. There are alternatives to #KindleUnlimited, including (but not limited to) #Everand. @bookstodon

Try it #free for a month (

#BookToot #Bookstodon #BookWorms #eBooks #Readers #ReadersOfMastodon #ReadingCommunity

benzinazero, to random Italian avatar
hmoffatt, to random avatar

Inspired by today's xz events I wanted to reread Clifford Stoll's classic book Cuckoo's Egg from 1990. It's finally available in ebook - except in Australia.

I could borrow it from my local library in dead tree form but I'd rather an ebook, and I'm happy to pay.

It's crap like this that might lead one to check a "shadow library".

benzinazero, to random Italian

'Raffica di tamponamenti', ovviamente 'a causa della nebbia', non degli eccessi di velocità e del mancato rispetto delle distanze di sicurezza... [La Gazzetta di Mantova] Come i giornali raccontano gli scontri stradali

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