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The are just a CHIP reverse mortgage.

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Once again, I've installed on a new desktop PC with a new graphics card (GeForce 4060 Ti).

Thus, I am wondering: What kinds of mods are Kids These Days using for this game?

Beyond the obvious, I mean (i.e. SKSE and the Unofficial Patch). Here's some guidelines for what I am looking for:

  • Since I how have a high-end graphics card, anything that will make the game look more visually impressive is interesting.

  • Overhauls which provide interesting gameplay changes (to keep gameplay exciting)

  • New quests, enemies and so forth are interesting, but they should not be too divergent from lore (i.e. no xenomorphs and so forth).

Any suggestions?

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Here we go again

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You can't rest here, enemies are nearby.

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You gave over $2400 to charity, and we kept our side of the bargain! Our latest Skywind livestream features candid answers, brand new creatures, and a living god.


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Okay, picking up from my video game post yesterday, I'm curious:

When you play video games, rpgs, ect, where you get to choose your character, do you tend to choose a character of the same sex, the opposite sex, non-binary, anthropomorphic, or a mysterious 4th option?

If you want to share screenshots of character builds I would enjoy that!

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@RickiTarr I choose the same (male) if there's a choice. I tend towards games like , and am loving . I totally get people who want to explore different mindsets but I enjoy myself more if I'm in my same head, but with different exteriors. My kids tell me my characters are always "old" so I'm working on that.

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We're live in 10 minutes! Join us for a 2-hour Skywind team stream, carving a fresh path across Vvardenfell, answering your questions, and of course, raising money for Make-a-Wish as part of the Community Creations Con.


#skywind #morrowind #skyrim #elderscrolls #tes #mods #modding #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

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We'll be streaming as a part of #C3 on Saturday, but our donations page for Make-a-Wish is already open. As you help us reach donation goals, you'll also unlock game locations we normally don't show the public... including one we said we'd never share! 👀

#skywind #elderscrolls #charity #makeawish #morrowind #skyrim #livestream

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Gods Among Men and Mer or: SOTHA SIL IS DEAD

an essay inspired by about , , and our endless quest for told through a Tribunal of personal stories, humor, and some fiction.

first chapter is my unbridled thoughts on the actual (!!!) and the rest goes off the rails.

if you read it, let me know your thoughts.

(obviously spoilers for 22-year-old game)


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We’ve taken a deep dive into game asset creation with the first Skywind Concept-to-Asset episode! This time, we’re looking at the Iron Armor.


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To ring in the New Year, we held a Twitch stream that looked back at our progress in 2023. What was your favorite new Skywind development? https://youtu.be/Hv5cFvjg5Fs

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Happy holidays from the Skywind team... wait, did you hear that?

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just had huge update with lots of bug fixes, official Steam Deck support, support for ultra wide monitors and a the new "creations" store.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition - Creations Update Patch Notes


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If I had a gun with two bullets in a room with Dagoth Ur, Vivec, and Mehrunes Dagon I'd shoot Vivec twice

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Isn’t it past your bedtime, House Cousin? Presenting the Hlaalu Canton Bunkhouse by Dominik Włodarczyk, Level Design

With NPCs having daily routines in Skywind, they all need places to sleep, thus the need arises for new interiors, such as inn rooms, private quarters, and bunkhouses. Located in the docks, the bunkhouse grants its inhabitants easy access to all of Hlaalu Canton!

#skywind #elderscrolls #theelderscrolls #tes #morrowind #skyrim #leveldesign #worldbuilding #indiedev #gamedev

A candle-lit rest area with a bench flanked on either side by potted plants. On the wall above are three posters.
A dining area with a table, benches, wood shelves, and a mead barrel. The shelves are stocked with a variety of food and drink. Atop the table are cups, bowls, plates, utensils, food, and drinks.
A corner shot showing a map of Vivec City hanging precariously above several lit candles. Two ceramic storage containers sit on the floor beside it and to the right is a wooden door.

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Hot take: Daggerfall has the best theme in the Elder Scrolls.

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