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And So It Begins (Needles & Pins)

Fedivision 2024 opened my eyes to how much good music is being made by independent artists on decentralised platforms.

It inspired me so much I chose to end my Spotify subscription and instead commit to spend the money on 12 indy tracks per month.

The stipulation is that the artists have a presence in The Fediverse (maybe featuring on Radio […]

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GustavinoBevilacqua, to random
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"Black Betty".

1977 version by Ram Jam:


2004 version by Spiderbait:


1933 version recorded in a Texas prison:


But there is a lot more:


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Żeby nie było że tylko jazz...
Kilkanaście lat temu opuściłem stację rap, stacji dubstep nigdy nie odwiedziłem, ale gdyby wymieszać rap z dubstepem to mamy grime... jak ten gość śmiga, aż miło!


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I've asked this before and don't think there was as much up and running at that point, but are there any great existing platforms for hosting (and related puppet vids) that also give the option to embed privately or "unlisted"?

I currently pay a Vimeo subscription to have no ads and privacy settings on certain playlists, but I'd prefer to put those funds into more recording time and the videos themselves. Any suggestions? 🙃

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A cozy Monday evening stream is about to start. Feel free to join for some #fedimusic.


#musician #twitch #singing #guitar #loops #livemusic #live #streaming #music #goinglive

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If you're considering trying #Mirlo, sign up today!

#FediMusic #Musodon #Musician #Music #Cooperatives


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Attention, Netrunners!

It's Bandcamp Friday again! Today, you can get my music at an incredible discount. Use the code "cyber" to save a whopping 90%! Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your audio-cyberware.

:bandcamp: https://revengeday.bandcamp.com/

#BandcampFriday #Music #FediMusic #MastoMusik #Cyberpunk

Glitch video loop in Cyberpunk style featuring "Revengeday" Logo and "90% off" with the code "Cyber"

axwax, to selfhosted
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It's not quite yet, but is all go!

As always, submit your own release or someone else's, it can be by or not, hosted on , , , or , as long as it is by an (but bonus points for supporting Bandcampers today, as it's the last one for a while).

Simply make a direct comment (with a link & description) to this post and it will appear at https://isitfairtrademusicfri.day automagically!


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Let me kick things off with a plug for @radiofreefedi, which is my number one source for discovering new and exciting these days.

In the unlikely even you haven't checked them out already, do yourself a favour and head to https://radiofreefedi.net/, for not just one but three channels of musical goodness.

The best thing is that every song played has a link to the artist's profile as well as a link to their music, so it's easy-peasy to support and/or contact them. 🔈🎶

reillypascal, to ExperimentalMusic
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@radiofreefedi is looking for donations to cover hosting costs and keep the station running. I really like their mission — I'm listening to the experimental hour on their specialty channel, and I just discovered this cool track from @cmdr_nova: https://eyeshadow2600fm.bandcamp.com/track/degradation


#RadioFreeFedi #ExperimentalMusic #Radio #InternetRadio #CommunityRadio #FediMusic

revengeday, to techno
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kit, to music

in an effort to expand my music library and also share cool stuff, fedi, I beseech thee... lend me your ears (and boosts)

if you listen to, make, or have a friend who makes electronic music that fits any of these descriptions:

  • sounds like the early 2000s, especially if it's some kind of dnb, jungle, or ambient
  • nostalgic futurism that isn't dnb or ambient (and especially not synthwave!)
  • sounds like racing game music from back when it was too good
  • vaporwave but original (as in, not sample based) and not synthwave
  • weird and wacky experimental electronica that can work in the background
  • bass heavy but low intensity music that tickles the brain
  • just really pretty and interesting ambient or drone stuff in general

please drop names and links here. by all means, plug yourself and your friends if you want to

bandcamp, mirlo, faircamp, and similar links are preferable, but any link will do if those aren't available. extra bonus points if creative commons or similar

I think these styles of music are amazing and rather underrated, especially since a lot of the people who like these styles are just playing random youtube mixes in the background, so they have no idea what they're actually listening to or who to support

I also find this kind of music annoyingly hard to discover, which isn't helped by those mixes either, because most of them are either drawing from the same small handful of artists, or just playing video game soundtracks

I want to change that, even if only a little bit. for that reason, please boost

aside from just hoping to spread this post around, I'd love to write about what I hear on my website eventually too, play it during livestreams with the titles on screen, and of course share it with all my non-fedi friends

@electronicmusic #music #MusicSharing #MusicShare #FediMusic #recommendation #ElectronicMusic #electronica #dnb #jungle #breakcore #ambient #drone #experimental #vaporwave

revengeday, to techno
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:revengeday: https://revenge.day/discography/cyberdeck

As you sit with your cyberdeck in front of the dataterm, trying to hack the corpo building, you realize that you are missing the right music. Suddenly, you remember that you downloaded a few audio files from an artist in Berlin from the old-net, an artist specializing in the perfect music for netrunning sessions.

You upload the tracks to your cyberdeck and let yourself be immersed in the digital world by the driving beats and pulsating synths. It's time to start your hack and infiltrate the corpo system - with the right music in your ears, you are unstoppable!

#Techno #DarkTechno #BerlinTechno #FediMusic #MastoMusic #TechBroEugenWillHateIt

filomel, to Twitch
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Okay, my stream is going live now. I'm not going to do a very long stream, just a couple hours to get back into the groove. Feel free to come by for some


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@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy
Late Friday night shenanigans
Singing helps regulate my nervous system.
#happyfriday #goodvibes
#stim #actuallyautistic
#karaoke #ballads #singing #fedimusic #karaokenight
#specialinterest #actuallyautistic @actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy

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Today's video is about two folk songs from Wales, both of which are lullabies: Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) and Suo Gân. I'm playing a medley of the two tunes on ocarinas.

:youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBial8bnUiY
:peertube: https://video.thomaspreece.net/w/1uKftXPoWt59YPW1Efye68

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RobertaFidora, to music
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For any night owls who want to watch 90s footage and admire my Sparks tour scarf. 📺 https://youtu.be/QHqJ6cU5ufc

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4triks, to music French
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