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wait is the mig29 getting a full clicky cockpit finally? is it separate from flaming cliffs or do we get it automatically?


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Eye Tracker 5, a $300 peripheral that presumably allows you to control the camera on screen with your eyes to improve the experience of driving virtual tractors, planes, and big rigs.

This is huge for America's VGDP; virtual gross domestic product! Think of the hours of virtual trucking and virtual piloting that such a device will improve!

#videoGames #gaming #camera #eyeTracking #amazon #farmingSim #euroTruckSimulator #eurotruck2 #flightSim #flightSimulator

yet another camera for you to point at your attention needy face

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More from the open-source flight simulator: a TCA DC-3 approaching the Northumberland Strait, enroute from Moncton, NB (CYQM) to Charlottetown, PE (CYYG).

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A Piper PA-28-161 in just after take-off from Brantford, Ontario (CYFD), runway 05. The city is in the distance, beyond the frozen Grand River. The scenery is my FlightGear Americas Scenery.

This is all free (both as in "beer" and as in "speech"). Happy skies!

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I learnt something important about Linux audio last night.

I noticed that I had no sound in X-Plane 12 (a flight simulator) while also being in a Discord call in Firefox. Apparently, certain FMOD applications check if PulseAudio is installed and fall back to ALSA if it isn't. Now, I have PipeWire installed to fix the mess that is Linux audio once and for all. So TECHNICALLY PulseAudio is not installed. And that's exactly what X-Plane detected, which then tried to gain complete control over the sound hardware through ALSA, which it couldn't.

The "fix" was to symlink /bin/pulseaudio to /bin/true to make it look like PulseAudio is available which tricked X-Plane into going through PulseAudio (and therefore through PipeWire) instead.

That was one of the weirdest problems I've ever encountered.

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I hate when I have the perfect hardware for something, but software doesn't let me use it.

I love flight simulaton. And head tracking is a good way to make it more immersive without a big performance impact.

I have a TrackHat head tracker, but it's very inaccurate.

However, I also have VIVE Trackers which can track anything with sub-millimeter accuracy and no perceivable latency. They would be PERFECT!

But I can't use them. There are just so many software obstacles. For one, SteamVR requires a VR compositor for tracking; and the VR compositor requires a headset to be connected. Now, I have a headset, but it's an Oculus Rift that won't work on Linux. On top of that, the OpenTrack plugin for SteamVR seems outdated.


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MS flight sim. Standard or super deluxe? Bearing in mind LHR is/was our home airport for the first 20+ years of my life.

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One of the things my never got right in my opinion was the brightness of landing lights. They have always been very dim, and at night you do not see the runway until damned near over the numbers.

Last night I finally found the settings for this and tweaked my usual 172SP so now it has very wide and bright landing lights. Not real-world, but I can see the whole runway now.

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Hi! I'm a Dad, husband, and tech nerd in the greater #Seattle area and frequently visit San Francisco Bay Area.

I tend to post about:
🛠 Productivity (#GTD and #PKM),
👨‍💻 #Coding
👨‍✈️ #Aviation / #Cirrus
💻 #B2B tech
🎮 #videogames, #RPGs, & 🛩#flightsim
🏔 #Mountaineering & #Hiking
🏍 #Motorcyces
🏕 #Camping
🏙 The #PNW, and the #SanFrancisco Bay Area

Formerly #Google, #HashiCorp, #NewRelic, #BlueJeansNetwork, and #Citrix - now doing my own thing.


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New Wings Over Europe video:

Flying a late Canadair Sabre of the Luftwaffe, armed with AIM-4D Falcons, in a Combat Air Patrol against Soviet MiG-21PFs ('Fishbed-Ds').

The Sabre of JG 71 'Richthofen' had quite a vivid and distinctive paint scheme. It was also an absolute delight to fly.

tanweerdar, to Aviation

New Il-2 Sturmovik video:

Wanted to fly the Nakajima Ki-84c Hayate ('Gale') again, as I had a really good experience with it last time.

I took it into a head-to-head dogfight against the Lockheed P-38L Lightning.

Given the American twin-engine fighter's performance and record in the Pacific, I didn't expect the Ki-84 to achieve such swift success!

SharkaBytes, to flightsim

Put Yourself In the Pilot's Seat with FLIGHT SIMULATOR II.

I love the whole aesthetic of this ad, a whole polygon world around you.

It wasn't until Flight Simulator 98 that I'd get my first taste of the series, so it's always a fascinating experience to go back to these early entries from SubLogic.

Source: Softline Magazine January-Feb 1984

SharkaBytes, to SegaGenesis

From one of Electronic Arts' early 90s brochures - the EA Airforce!

I love seeing ads for Electronic Arts' short-lived Airforce branding for games such as Desert Strike, LHX, and F-22.

For those unacquainted, the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis had a surprising amount of flight simulation games ported or created for it. And Electronic Arts in its pre-evil years put out enough that they wanted a brand for it, ala EA Sports. They're one of my favourite things in the whole wide world for how much effort and heart they put into making flight sims work on a 3-button joypad console.

And so EA Airforce was born... and then pretty much vanished right away. But lasted long enough for ads so much like this of their time to appear!

#SegaGenesis #MegaDrive #Retrogaming #videogames #flightsim #retromags #gameads

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Cook Up a Yoke In Five Minutes - When it comes to flight simulators, we’ve seen people go all-out with their immers... - #peripheralshacks #controlyoke #flightsim #gaming

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If modern games came on 360k floppy disks, Diablo IV would be about 220,000 disks, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 close to 900,000.

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@thomasfuchs You're not counting the petabytes of server side spatial imagery, elevation models, and weather data that consumes. If those were transferred to the virtual pilots at 9600 baud…

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(in bad aussie accent)
That's not a manual...

... THIS is a manual.

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