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Ich glaube, ich habe gerade meine dämlichen 5 Minuten.

Wie kann ich bei im -Editor geschütze Leerzeichen einfügen?

Umschalten auf HTML-Bearbeitung,   einfügen und zurück zur visuellen Bearbeitung kann doch wohl nicht die Lösung sein?

Best of Both Worlds: Thor Andre Gretland on Gutenberg and Drupal's Synergy (www.thedroptimes.com)

Discover the innovative journey of Drupal Gutenberg through the insights of Thor Andre Gretland, Head of Sales and Business Advisor at Frontkom. In an exclusive interview with The DropTimes, Thor Andre unveils how Gutenberg is revolutionizing the Drupal ecosystem, enhancing content creation, and bridging communities. Learn about...

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Matt Mullenweg Publicly Ponders “Year of Iteration” by James Giroux.

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Explore How Symfony Station was built: an adventurous exploration of layout solutions. It’s an adventure story (aka case study) of how Symfony Station was built and the research behind each decision. It also functions as our about page. 🙂



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Wir hatten heute einen grossartigen Tag im Technikmuseum Soluthurn (in Derendingen). Kann ich allen Technikinteressierten nur empfehlen!

Im kommenden 🧵 ein paar Teaser.

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Die beweglichen Lettern waren die einzigen Dinge, die damals völlig neu erfinden musste. Entsprechend nehmen sie auch mehr Raum ein, als sonst bei Ausstellungen rund um Buchdruck.

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The block transforms documentation covers several scenarios but not how to turn a single block into a block variation with its own inner blocks template and preset attributes. Here's the solution I puzzled out after much trial and error https://davidfcarr.com/transforming-a-single-wordpress-block-into-a-block-variation-with-innerblocks/

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Got "block transforms" working in for for one-click transformation of event listings to a version based on the Query Loop block (my variation, with or without a calendar grid). Allows for much greater design freedom.

One victory: figuring out how to turn a single block into a templated result including multiple blocks. Required some digging into the scant documentation on a JS function called createBlocksFromInnerBlocksTemplate.


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Here's the block transforms code I used to turn a single block into a Query Loop block with innerBlocks for the Post Template. The documentation covers the case of converting one block with innerBlocks to another. Here, I had to create the innerBlocks option using a template (similar to the process of creating a multi-block block variation) https://gist.github.com/davidfcarr/e6336ef4fa255d9034d7bab6e3a08e56

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Ghost is an excellent platform for publishing. I used it a lot a few years back for publishing articles when it was headless - that was optimum. Compose at your leisure within your own local environment, then push it up to your own self-hosted instance.

Unfortunately, they let it fall into disrepair, left it unmaintained, and last I checked the Ghost desktop was nowhere to be found in the repo. One of the maintainers explained to me that they just didn't have anyone willing to maintain the app and so I migrated away from the platform myself.

Integrating is a fantastic idea, and will give a run for the money, but the reasons for leaving and to publish on aren't so compelling with editors like exist now, along with the plugin.

I'm going to give it another looksee to review what happened to the elegant, nature that Ghost used to espouse as one of it's key ingredients for using it in the first place. I just hope that they don't try to go the way of , , and other projects that were forked, and somewhat marginalized, as a result of decisions to force community versions into products that lacked most functionality without fee based subscriptions. Lord knows, the last time I checked their managed hosting solutions for Ghost it certainly wasn't even competitively priced.

With this newfound revelation in the form of some kind of epiphany, let's hope their commitment to and FOSS exceeds that of their grasp for excessive monetization.


RE: https://todon.eu/users/MediaActivist/statuses/112302834109929024


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I feel like I want to start a support group. Or maybe make it broader and just a support group for people who are tired of computers not being easier.

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Site‑Building Made Simple: Introducing the WordPress .com Public Pattern Library. https://wordpress.com/blog/2024/04/10/pattern-library/ #WordPress #Gutenberg

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I really like @xor's Python script for generating domain names from public domain books, so I turned it, with permission, into a website, to make it easier to use.


Hope you'll enjoy!

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🚀 I am excited to announce the first public release of "Goodenberg", a collection of components and helpers tailored for building modern WordPress sites and applications with the block editor and all other Gutenberg features.


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Providing more clarity in the Gutenberg GitHub Repo via Make WordPress Core.

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"Auto-convert HTML to Block code with editable styles".


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Hey folks:

The Website Carbon widget Block, made with the Interactivity API.


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Why Keeping up with Gutenberg Is a Challenge for WordPress Plugin Developers. https://thewpminute.com/why-keeping-up-with-gutenberg-is-a-challenge-for-developers/

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Candide, by Voltaire.
You are an optimistic 18th century young gentleman that cheerfully endures many tragedies to himself and friends at the hands of various clerics, philosophers and monarchs.
3 of 5 library cats 🐈 🐈 🐈.
Warning: antisemitism


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@kenthompson You can buy the ebook from Amz or Kobo, or get it free from .org. @bookstodon

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Coming up this evening, from one Sam reads another, as we return to the short stories of Mark Twain! Turns out, he could spin a yarn from anything. Come on over in an hour to listen in!


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Gutenberg’s Project Leadership Sits Down with New Outreach Team to Discuss Problems with the Site Editor. https://wptavern.com/gutenbergs-project-leadership-sits-down-with-new-outreach-team-to-discuss-problems-with-the-site-editor

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