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Working on #decentralization, #p2p and #dWeb tech, online #privacy and #security, #CopyLeft, #FOSS, #Rust and #autonomi (find me on https://forum.autonomi.community as happybeing).

Note: autonomi was called #SafeNetwork.

Possibly still maintaining #vdash on github.

The #fediverse is a lifeboat, #p2p is the shore.

#nobridge #noaitraining #norobots

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happyborg, to aitools
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Mass market is a contra indicator for who you should trust and buy from.

happyborg, to rust
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Is there a deterministic HashMap for , one that serialises to the same data every time, for the same content?

happyborg, (edited )
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@davy Thanks. My VPN is blocked by Reddit, any chance of a tl;dr?

I had no idea what a can of worms I was opening! Glad I asked though.

BTreeMap may be the way to go by I've not looked into that yet.

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@davy 🙏 mostly over my head, which is useful to know.

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@bryan Thanks. A quick look suggests it isn't suitable as many of my keys are potentially quite long file paths.

yabellini, to random
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This research shows that aptitude for learning foreign languages is a stronger predictor of learning to program than basic maths knowledge.

"These results provide a novel framework for understanding programming aptitude, suggesting that the importance of numeracy may be overestimated in modern programming education environments."

Relating Natural Language Aptitude to Individual Differences in Learning Programming Languages. Prat, et.al. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-60661-8

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@yabellini oh dear. I was as bad at foreign languages as I was at a programming aptitude test in about 1980.

All those lines of code ago 🤷‍♂️

happyborg, to random
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t00t! The one last sticking point in migrating my app from v1 to beta is unstuck.

Twas a tricky one, but the demo now works as well as before (I think!).

Next I want to see if it works with Android, at least in the simulator.

happyborg, to random
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Is there a reason, other than my incompetence, to explain why I failed to get an ssh server working on yesterday? 🤔

Something I've done many times before.

I admit I followed the instructions from a large language model, which has so far failed on every single coding and scripting task I've set, so... 🤦‍♂️

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There's a Tui for that" is a coming phrase.

+ =

happyborg, to linux
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Five days since my laptop arrived and I put on it, then my data, dev tools etc.


  • most things just work: Canon printer, disk mounting, USB devices etc and I figured out how to configure the 🎄 keyboard/led modes. Minor foibles like Dash-to-panel settings missing sometimes.

Boy is it fast. LLM answers instant (no CUDA yet), build flies etc.

  • internal speakers not working but I have also a Bluetooth speaker. Trackpad too, so bought USB mouse+TP.


happyborg, (edited ) to rust
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It's hard to find add-ons. crates.io has very poor search options.

For example, I recall one which I think began with 'b' which sits in the terminal running the build and shows errors in order, unlike cargo build where they scoll off screen and out of view. [EDIT: from replies it is called 'bacon']

But I can't list search results by name, only things like newest etc.

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That's the fella! 🥳

Thanks you so much.

happyborg, to random
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Today I'm migrating my working but buggy demo from #Tauri v1 to the v2 beta.

So far so good. One area needs work because they've removed the tauri::http crate which I use to build Response structures. I can't see how to do this with tauri::request which is offered as a replacement, so need to find a protocol handler example for #TauriV2.

happyborg, to random
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I'm using a mouse for the first time in years and its rather nice.

Thanks to my trackpad not being supported in on my laptop.

At least it will be nice when my muscle memory adjusts to not going for the trackpad!

johnleonard, to RaspberryPi
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Raspberry Pi announces plans to go public on London Stock Exchange

The news comes as a welcome relief for the LSE


#raspberrypi #lse #ipo #uk #technews

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Less so for most.

is baked into this system 🤦‍♂️

hamishcampbell, to fediverse
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What to call this internet that we should move to. I use as this is what it is, or .5 for more geeky conversations. Then fall back to for insiders and just for the normal people.

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@hamishcampbell The Autonomi Net! 😆

cuchaz, to random
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Sheesh, Mozilla has really lost their way. Putting ads in the search bar? We already have a search engine that does that, we don't need two running at the same time.


Once Mozilla fully enshittifies, what else is there? Are we without hope?

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@cuchaz Jeff, I just got around to watch this and thought you might find it informative about Autonomi's integrity.

It is part of a series between Jim, who has been with the project for a while, and Sarah Buxton, recently appointed - from the crypto space - as CEO to take it from geekdom to launch.

I'm one of those who she refers to later on, but impressed with the fit between the values that motivated her in her past roles, and the values of this project.

Let me know.

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@cuchaz yeh, I'm sorry you feel that because to be honest I think you may be letting worries about the crypto debacles obscure what this project really is.

But there we are, unless you feel like batting a few things towards me and see what comes back.

I am integrity on legs and convinced that this is the best project in the p2p space - not because others lack that integrity, but because they are incomplete. I'm impressed by what you have done - and what that means about you.

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I think the content you don't like issue is insoluble, and one the community and project have agonised over many times. An alternative is to let people choose what they see / consume.

One issue for example is that if you can decide, you can be forced to filter and then we have centralised censorship again.

So the solution chosen is to ensure nobody knows as far as possible what is stored where by chunking and self encrypting.

It's not 100% watertight but I think it will work.

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On the reason for a token, you can do p2p without it but I think having it has a number of advantages when you want to create an alternative to the global enclosure.

I also think some important features would not be possible without it, and useful things for the future will be possible with it.

For example, maintaining availability of data without incentives to keep running nodes. You would have to pay/subscribe, as in IPFS then you get Filecoin or brokers and that's no longer p2p.

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A token can also also be used - by the network - to pay for things that help and support its goals.

  • developers, both of the core and useful apps
  • creatives who upload their content
  • for individuals to be rewarded easily for anything, such as people who set up independent mesh networks, relays etc.

Then there's p2p commerce. I can easily pay you for your content without us needing bank accounts.

A token means all that is autonomous, no gatekeepers, which means broader, deeper p2p

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Of course having the token doesn't only discourage those with good motives like yourself from wanting to be associated or involved, we do also attract those who lack scruples and think this is another make them rich opportunity.

While it is fair that people get rewarded for helping or investing in the project, most I know are there for good reasons and we are quick to point out if we fear something might be going astray! But it never has, in ten years 😃

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I don't see anti-censorship and moderation as in opposition.

If I can moderate what I see or delegate that to someone I trust, rather than have it imposed, that is more democratic.


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If you believe we live in democracies and that is sacrosanct, then we can disagree. I once believed that, and even in reforms such as PR but I see now that these are a modern form of religion and deceit, used to control more than empower. Though I do see Autonomi as a democratising force, because it is designed to maximise access and shift the balance of power away from the centre to individuals and non-profit focused entities, which I think is well worth doing.

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We're not far apart in identifying the problems but have different approaches to solutions.

That's the way it should be. Nobody has all the answers so we need diversity, multiple endeavours - diverse and decentralised.

I do think you misunderstand the positives of this project though. By democratising the landscape and enabling the many, it allows the social to flourish.

We need both the social and the means. But the means have been enclosed, and p2p is a way to liberate it.

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