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So many different impressions in just one walk, all of it just around the corner. So nice and energetic.


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Guess what Tapper is dreaming of?

Happy y’all

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It's Two-Dog-Tuesday here, and we just had our morning zoomies. Im zorsted! 😜💜

Jerry the Border Collie Dog doing her best Tongues Out pose after a big run

ash, to Dog

We serendipitously ran into another dog that looked just like Ash at the park today. Turns out they're brothers!!

jurgenhaas, to random

Bailey waiting for breakfast on his first birthday. And Nike in the background is now 222 months old, 18.5 years, no kidding.

jurgenhaas, to random

Bailey, Happy Birthday for the first time, my friend. You're 1 year old and such a remarkable character.

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jurgenhaas, to random

Sunrise for our Saturday morning walk with Bailey


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Two young boys living in

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@asrob Yeah, so nice. And I also learned about the tag, thank you 😜

Stephupnorth, to snowboarding

This time last week I’d just had my 2nd day off work due to closure days because of the snow. Hard to believe it was such a short time ago, feels like it’s been raining ever since!

Stephupnorth, to hiking

After a retreat from social media I am back and it’s a fresh start. New account, new server.
I’ll be mostly tooting photo’s of my exploits on two feet or two wheels in and around Cumbria with no doubt some randomness thrown in for good measure. My dog will feature. A lot.

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And one for the

They love going for hikes, but they hate hunting season. They weren't originally gun shy, but I think they've heard animals die after being shot because they definitely know guns are scary now.

jcaruso, to random

and here is Tigger

jcaruso, to random

my lovely Roux

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Manneke and Jerry .. my ferocious babies! 6 years ago today! Naaawwwwww! :ablobcatheartsqueeze: :ablobcatcry:

A pair of black and white border collies playing bitey face championships!

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How it started > How it's going!

Wildbergwanderer, to random

Revna, very excited to see a tag, wants to know if mixes are acceptable and if she can bring her friend, who admittedly isn't a border collie but plays a strong supporting role.

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This was Joni 2, our first border collie, second Joni. Make sense of that if you will. She was a special dog, kinder than most, less obsessive, more devoted than some and very obedient. And so beautiful, as you see. We lost her in October 2012. She left big shoes to fill.


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Happy Monday, all.

As the summer is winding down there are still some mornings that look like this. Joni was quite young in this photograph, but the intensity never wanes.
Make it as good a day as you can!

For @dogsofmastodon

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Have you herd this ?

A farmer wants to know how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his border collie to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them, and runs back to the farmer.

The farmer asks, "How many sheep?"

The dog says, "40."

The farmer is surprised and says, "How can there be 40-- I only bought 38!"

The dog says, "I rounded them up."

(It's again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to .)

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If it fits, it fits.

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Whelp.. I finally made too many hashtags to fit on my profile. I tried to pick the ones most applicable to me, or ones I feel most passionate about for my page, and I'll attach an exhaustive, absurdly long list of hashtags below. It was surprisingly difficult to decide which ones made the cut. Drumroll please:

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