U.S.A., U.K. / Commonwealth blue politics, funny memes, dad jokes, cats, Star Trek, snark and sarcasm, Japanophile. LGBTQ+ Ally. Medical cannabis user. English Professor. Plant-based diet Ⓥ.
I Followback like-minded people until they annoy me or piss me off.

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DrOinFLA, to random

When will Trump actually go to prison for the rest of his life?

Spanky from Little Rascals tapping fingers impatiently, captioned still waiting.

DrOinFLA, to random

🎵 🎶

"We Are the Tampons"

DrOinFLA, to random

🎵 🎶

"Bloke On The Water"
--Deep Purple

TonyStark, to random
@TonyStark@progressivecafe.social avatar

Here’s why Republicans want to talk about anything else they can dig up other than the economy they claim to care about.

They’ll try to shut down the government. They’ll refuse to do anything about the border except complain, lie, and fearmonger. They’ll just about try and impeach everyone who’s ever heard of Joe Biden. Meanwhile…

US employers added surprisingly robust 353,000 jobs in January in further sign of economic strength -


@TonyStark @robbienorlyn

The best part of waking up is MAGA tears in your cup!

DrOinFLA, to animals

I bet this pirate says "AAAAAAAARRRf!"

DrOinFLA, to TheMatrix

Rut roh, we've got another glitch in the Matrix.

Ashley, to NFL
@Ashley@tooters.org avatar

If somehow SF comes back from this and wins, I just can’t imagine that heartbreak for a Lions fan


DrOinFLA, to NFL
DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

📽️ 🎞️ 🍿

"Kit Kat Ballou"
Starring Jane Fonda

StillIRise1963, to random
@StillIRise1963@mastodon.world avatar

I want it to get to the point where Melania has to sell her clothes.


Melania on PoshMark!
But what rational person would want her nasty clothes, though?

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

📽️ 🎞️ 🍿

"The Pie Who Loved Me"

DrOinFLA, to random

I pine for the days when the worst thing a U. S. president could do in the eyes of Americans was to balance the budget after 12 years of Republican misrule and get a hummer under the Resolute desk from an intern and then deny it.

DrOinFLA, to movies

I'm telling my nieces and nephews that this is George Clooney in the 2000 thriller "The Perfect Storm".

DrOinFLA, to random

Critical thinking in Alabama.

DrOinFLA, to random

The geriatric GOP in a nutshell:
▪️ Abortion for rape victims: illegal
▪️ Viagra and guns: legal

DrOinFLA, to Cats

If you have a pet cat or cats, do you ever sing silly songs to them, like made-up songs about the cat?
Or am I just weird?

DrOinFLA, to television

The theme from Hawaii Five-O is the best TV show theme ever invented, so good they used it twice.
But if you're talking about a TV theme song with the dirtiest, low-down, meanest bass line, look no further than Barney Miller.

DrOinFLA, to random

Ron DeSantis has the whiniest voice in U. S. politics.
(Jim Jordan is second.)
Whenever I hear their voices, I go into super-cringe mode.
It's a physical sensation of repugnance and revulsion.

Jim Jordan raising hand, saying all in favor of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse of college athletes?

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

📽️ 🎞️ 🍿

"You had me at Jell-o."

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

"Dude, Where's My Cah That I Pahked Behind The Bah?"
📽️ 🎞️ 🍿

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

"Samuel 'Patch' Adams"

📽️ 🎞️ 🍿

ml, to journalism
@ml@ecoevo.social avatar

Hey, academics! What'a news story about your school or field or both that you think more people need to know about? Can be breaking news or ongoing news.

Let's share and elevate each other's discoveries, research, whistleblowing, and other news!

Reply below with links if you have them:



@ml @academicchatter

My university is in the U.S. Deep South.
The faculty is very diverse, racially, gender-sexuality-wise.
However, ALL the food service staff are black, all the custodians and landscapers are LatinX, and almost all the office staff admins are white.
Tell me that's a coincidence.

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

🎵 🎶
Just Stop Believin'

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

🎵 🎶 🎸

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As a well known Furry....

#Nirvana #grunge

DrOinFLA, to HashtagGames

🎵 🎶
"Keep On Chillin' the Free World"
--Neil Young

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