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Hey, and bubble. I'm trying to find a way to detect that my phone is charging in the charger next to my bed. On android, the homeassistant app had a sensor that said "charging wirelessly", which I used for that, but the app doesn't seem to have that.

Anyone have any suggestions? Cheers.

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@melgu Yeah, I already do something with that, but the main problem is that I want to distinguish between my wireless charger and any wired charger.

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@melgu Yeah, that works, until the battery is full, and then the power consumption keeps flapping to 0 and back.

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@brokenminded I created a counter helper that's set to 1 if my charger uses more than 1 watt of power and sets it to 0 if the phone is set to not charging.

Credit to @mweiss for reminding me that helpers exist.

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True? 🤐

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@itsfoss I have a tmp directory for that, my ~ is clean, but that tmp is chaotic as hell.

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@alavi @itsfoss

Kinda as a "I don't know where this goes, and I won't mind if I lose it" directory

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Just watched a tech video, and in a section saying that many VPN providers are nonsense (which is true) the guy went on a little rant on how, when on public WiFi never to log in to youtube, and to also use incognito mode in the same situation.

I'm kinda impressed you can run a popular tech channel without knowing about TLS or what incognito mode actually does.

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Hah, this was a windows guy, but would it too much to expect a big tech channel to know the basics of how data is sent over a network?

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Say you want to use a domain you own as an activitypub/mastodon address. Like I want to be @mcc . But I don't actually want to host my ActivityPub server on I'm using that domain for something else and can't install CGI on it. Is there something— a .well-known file, a DNS record— I can use to make AP lookup figure out "oh, the mastodon/ap posts/server for domain are actually on"?

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@thisismissem @mcc great timing, hope I can make gitlab pages redirect properly for that, as I will start self hosting my own instance relatively soonish.

Still wish mastodon/AP would support SRV records though.

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I will never like the word "grooming" in relation to tickets.

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@jmcs Fair point, I think it depends on just how dominant the euphemism becomes.

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Cool, note that I'm not blaming anyone who uses it, for exactly the reason you described, just that it never felt right for me.

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@jmcs You can see that in how the US now treats weed, in their trademark hyper capitalist way.

docpop, to random avatar

I'm sick of justifying ethical behavior in terms of profit. We use phrases like "adding alt-text brings more customers to your site" or "protected bike lanes increase revenue for local businesses."

You should add alt-text descriptions to images because it helps people.

We need to build bike lanes because it makes cities safer and more accessible.

Reduce carbon emissions because it's the right thing to do! Discussing these things in purely economic terms misses the point.

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I love that profit motives trump ethical ones in modern discourse.

ainmosni, to random avatar

Been using for a few months now, and I must admit, I've never felt so on top of my paperwork, nor has it ever been so easy and quick to find documents when needed.

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@nachdemsturm Yeah, I went as far as buying a scanner with a dual sided document feeder for it.

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@nachdemsturm @dereulenspiegel @foosel

I'm also a member of the Brother-hood. MFC-L3770CDW here, and I'm also super happy with it, but definitely not small.

larsmb, to uk avatar

When people in the #UK habitually refer to their timezone as GMT when they actually mean BST, scheduling fun ensues.

I hate time.

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@larsmb I've gotten brits super angry when I told them that they aren't GMT in summer.

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@larsmb DST should be banned fully IYAM.

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The #iPhone trial begins, for real this time. I used an email alias to get out of the punishment box.

First impressions:

  • Face unlock is nicer than finger unlock
  • I hate how settings are laid out
  • The Home Screen is so cluttered
  • The keyboard could use easier access to punctuation when typing
  • notifications are really bad

Let’s see how I feel in a month.

#Apple #iOS

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Oh, and I REALLY miss having a "back” button/gesture.

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@Raffo Haven't noticed the first yet, and as this is an iPhone 12 mini, I told myself not compare the hardware to my Pixel 7 pro.

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Some more impressions:

  • maps looks better than maps these days.
  • Shortcuts is a great feature that already solved a big annoyance I had on both and .
  • If I decide in making it a permanent switch, I'll definitely get a watch, as I like having one on Android, and form all accounts, the Apple watch is much better than any other smart watch.
  • Annoyed that testflights have limited user slots as I really miss having audiobookshelf.

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@chrismccurdy idk, they've been slowly making it worse for a while now.

Another annoying thing they did is replace native names with translated versions of said names, which makes things harder as no signs here use an English version of the places.

Google has been making all their products slowly worse for quite a while now.

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@reyjrar I didn’t have input lag on my pixel 7 pro, that improved a lot on Android.

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