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An analogue / digital hybrid with a love of Tommy Cooper . Lived in England, Australia & now #Glasgow #Scotland.
Interested in good mental health. Not interested in division or inequality. Have a good sense of humour. Probably odd.
Deeply suspicious of #Ducks

#audio #photography #art #gardening #Trauma #cptsd #menieres #MentalHealth #haiku #KrazyKat #Music #Bitwig

Avatar is Krazy Kat & Ignatz mouse
Header: Ignatz throwing a brick at Krazy (fx:zip-pow). Officer Pup shouts "Transgression!! "

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tomorohhidari, to vinyl
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Idea for a concept release:

Press a /acetate disc with "empty" grooves, i.e. no waveform, just a guide for a stylus and sell it with a bag of dust & hairs.
The listener can then create their individual vinyl - crackle silence experience

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@tomorohhidari Hipsters would pay top dollar I'm sure. Can't remember which album came in a sandpaper lined sleeve so you ruined it just taking it out to play. A friend of mine was big into record fayres and bought "the wit and wisdom of Ronald Regan". Completely silent grooves (unfair really as way less competent presidents with zero wit or wisdom came after him)

emsquared, to glasgow
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Weather wise some serious wind is due tomorrow. To use a The Thick of It parallel "The F***er he coming".

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@DJDarren Lol. Cal Richards brief appearance is one of the top highlights of the entire series for me.

emsquared, to glasgow
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maxleibman, to threads
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I'm not here to defend Meta or Threads. Fuck Zuckerberg.

But: if I wake up one morning and half my network is gone because a bunch of admins decided to defederate anyone who isn't enough of a purest about Threads, it's not Zuckerberg who I'm going to be mad at for ruining my Mastodon experience.

#Threads #Meta #Fediverse

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@maxleibman yep. Personal choice first. Granular rather than sweeping. Life is full of compromises. Purism feels good but it ultimately paints you into an ever smaller corner better moderation would negate blocking at the domain level. In my naive opinion of course. I reserve the right to act contrary to my idealism.

emsquared, to news
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First they came for the Tesco then they came for the Sainsburys.
Soon they will come for the Asda, the Morrisons and the Ocado.I can take that. But if they come for my local dial-a-munchie box I will take to the streets (though I probably won't).

Jaden3, to music
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What y'all favorite album?
I got 2 , songs in the key of life and innervisions _ stevie wonder. My gramps got these on vinyl and played them over and over i remember as a kid. I just starting my vinyl collection and these are the first albums I bought! Classics and both released years before my ass was even born !
#music #vinyl


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@Jaden3 Two great choices. Painfully I was young when SITKofLife came out and couldn't stretch to the double album (which originally came with an extra 7" vinyl too) and bought Bowie's Station to Station instead. I did get it eventually though.

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@AlexanderVI @Jaden3 It is (even though it's only 6 tracks but hey 6 great tracks). Stay is still a funky sledgehammer of a track.

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@AlexanderVI @Jaden3 All killer no filler for sure. Yep Golden Years too (itself clearly part influenced by Stevie's Satisfaction). Can't tell you how much I played the single to death in late '75. Another of those Bowie tracks that sounds like it still owed a bit more to previous album Young Americans. The legend has it that Bowie wanted to give it to Elvis Presley to sing (imagine?)

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@AlexanderVI @Jaden3 Always thought Fame should've been on Station swapped with Golden Years(or a standalone single). Bowie dropped 2 great tracks on Young Americans (released in the 90s eventually) to put Fame & his cover of Across the Universe instead because of John Lennon's involvement (minor) on Fame. Prime time for Stevie Wonder in the 70s. Big influence. Bowie on Soul Train. Love that famous clip of Stevie playing live on Sesame Street too.

emsquared, to Cats
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Back when we lived in a maisonette our neighbour had a cat that our cat absolutely hated and as we were on the upper floor they would meet either side of a window at the bottom of the stairs and each thump the glass in anger at each other (day and night). After a while we found out that this cat's name was Brian.
I have no idea why that name on a cat amused me but it did.
I used to shout out "go away Brian" or go fully Monty Python ala " Bwian".
I swear that cat sensed my amusement.

dgar, (edited ) to random
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Long night so far.

A call from my sister just after midnight that she’d taken mum to the hospital.

Been holding bedside vigil while sister goes home and gets some sleep. Doctors running tests and whatnot. Morphine for the pain. Machines that go “bing”.

It’s about 4:30am and mum’s snoring with a plethora of tubes and wires.

Eyes are heavy. Chair is uncomfortable. The nurses showed me where I could make a cup of coffee for myself.

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@dgar Sympathies and condolences

DJDarren, to random
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I’m possibly in the minority, but I really dislike the 6Music festival.

For the weeks running up to it, it’s endless hype for live sets from bands I’m barely aware of, on the weekend of it disrupts all my favourite programming, with often not-great recordings of live shows I didn’t go to. Then in the weeks after it’s all about how great it was.

It was the same with Radio 1’s big live events too. So I know it’s a me problem.

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@DJDarren Good analogy.

emsquared, to Haiku
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Love a flaming bonfire
A burning e-bike less so
Be careful out there

emsquared, to glasgow
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Obligatory opportunist mural shot. The Sam Bates aka Smug mural in Mitchell Street.

emsquared, to glasgow
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Ah Donald. What do you see? Magnificent desolation?

Neverfadingwood, to Cat
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has been a little rascal.

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@Neverfadingwood oops. Rascal surely pleads not guilty?

microtones, (edited ) to random
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Steve Reich
no hat

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@microtones for there was such a time (well worn hat as it was)

emsquared, to random
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It was round this time that the new number two suddenly realised that may well be largely in control of the village. That was a worrying thought.


emsquared, to Cats
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At last an image from the 1.3MP Sony Mavica FD85 . Took me ages to find my old floppy drive (nothing is lost.Just hiding).
Here's a pic of a picture frame feat. our much missed cat giving us the look of usual max contempt and the legend "the difference between cats and dogs is that dogs come when called and cats take a message and get back to you".
The image in this frame was originally take on a Kodak 1.3MP DC240.

emsquared, to uk
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Only £1 over the direct debit for Gas & electricity this month (credit on the account deals with this). Seeing how standing charges account for around £23 of the total and the stupid cost of electricity I'm not sure how we could do any better and considering what i see some others paying per month we're getting by without too much in the way of shocks.
Pisser is we were paying a third of this only a few years ago.

emsquared, to random
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Welcome to the mighty, mighty Thursday. Other weekdays tremble in its presence. Especially the sloppy and tardy Wednesday.

Rasta, to animals
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Of all my cats, Teddy seems to recognize most. #CatsOfMastodon

I know, everyone thinks their cat is smarter...
Let me continue....
In my summer home, I first noticed when I walked out of view, Teddy immediately looked to the wall mirror, and followed my movements upstairs.
He likes to watch TV in the reflection of my Gaming PC (black mirror finish), and he interacts with images he likes, turning his head to look back at the TV when the reflection shows something he'd love to touch.

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@Rasta Poignant. Very best wishes to you and Teddy.

emsquared, to random
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Sudden momentary outbreak of sunshine. Shields eyes. I have become one of the mole people.

emsquared, to uk
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Lidl offering me 15% off a welding helmet. How I'm not running down there right now to avail myself of this offer is a mystery.

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