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hanse_mina, to Ukraine

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 10 February 2024.

hanse_mina, to Russia

From 24.02.2022 to 10.02.2024 (Day 717), estimated losses suffered in .

+980 Personnel
+9 Tanks
+21 APVs
+24 Artillery
+26 UAVs
+28 Other Vehicles
+3 Special Equipment

Statistics: https://www.reddit.com/r/RussianLosses/comments/1anbgj9/estimated_russian_losses_from_24022022_to/

hanse_mina, to random


“Representative Anna Paulina Luna has drafted SCHUMER Act (Senators Can Help Underpin Military Engagement and Readiness), the proposed bill aims to mandate that members of Congress who support military aid to Ukraine must themselves serve on the front lines of the conflict.”

  • Rep. Anna Paulina


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
hanse_mina, to Russia

Last night attacked with 32 Shaded drones, 23 of those were shot down.


hanse_mina, to Russia

"Last night’s @TuckerCarlson's interview with shows that is open to a peace agreement, while it is DC warmongers who want to prolong the war.

That is why I’m voting to stop 60 BILLION MORE of our tax dollars to this conflict."



In reality what said was:

"If you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop supplying weapons. It will be over within a few weeks, that’s it, and then we can agree on some terms. Before you do that, stop"


hanse_mina, to philosophy

More Key Takeaways from the Feb 9 edition of the Offensive Campaign Assessment:

Delays in aid appear to be exacerbating ’s current artillery shortages and could impact Ukraine’s long-term war effort.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

The online community noted that did not offer any new information in his interview with Tucker and simply repeated longstanding talking points about# Russia’s full-scale invasion of for audiences.


hanse_mina, to Russia

's occupation of amounts to a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign that relies on a strategy of forced depopulation and repopulation, creating the façade of multigenerational and irreversible impacts intended to further isolate Ukraine from the .


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

The ’s occupation of aims to eliminate identity by forcibly integrating occupied Ukraine into socially, culturally, linguistically, politically, economically, religiously, and bureaucratically.


hanse_mina, to Russia

NEW from @KarolinaAHird seeks to persuade & its supporters that its control of occupied territory is irreversible.

The is using the same playbook in the lands Russia has taken since Feb 24, 2022, that it’s used in and since 2014.

🧵 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1755962302258446634.html

hanse_mina, to ukrainian

forces recently made confirmed advances near and forces recently made confirmed advances near Kreminna, , and City amid continued positional fighting along the entire line of contact on February 8



hanse_mina, to Ukraine

Telegram channels reported that the interview with and Carlson himself was not to 's liking, and the interview itself was considered a failure.

🧵 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1756043266804301881.html

hanse_mina, to Russia

"The president mocks what is really doing in and gives a completely absurd explanation about the causes of this war. This makes it all the clearer for us: we remain firmly on Ukraine’s side."


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

interview: Fact-checking 's 'nonsense' history.

To historians, the litany of claims made by Mr Putin are nonsense - representing nothing more than a selective abuse of history to justify the ongoing war in .

Regardless of the historical realities, none of Putin's assertions would form a legal justification for his invasion.


hanse_mina, (edited ) to ukrainian

@amayer I apologize, didn't notice the link was missing.

Edit: Found a better source.


You're most welcome.

If there's a link missing just let me know, I want to mark all sources.

hanse_mina, to Ukraine

On Friday, February 9, Prime Minister Denys announced the creation of the Industrial Defense Committee of , which is to bring the defense industry to a new level.

The committee's task is to bring the Ukrainian defense industry to a new level, create a unique system of support for manufacturers, provide more incentives, and increase the level of interaction with international companies in this area


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

hands over a new military aid package to .

This time, the Lithuanian army delivered and handed over to the Ukrainian army the necessary equipment for the winter season and tens of thousands of sets of warm clothes.


hanse_mina, to poland

#Russian political activist Sergei #Antonov appealed to the Investigative Committee with a statement to initiate a criminal case against Russian President Vladimir# Putin under the article on the rehabilitation of #Nazism. According to Antonov, in an interview with former Fox News TV host Tucker #Carlson, Putin justified #Hitler, saying that #Poland allegedly forced #Nazi #Germany to attack it.



hanse_mina, to Ukraine

The is working to pass a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill with assistance for and , but it may be days until a final vote as Sen. Rand of has vowed to use arcane and complex chamber rules to slow the pace of passing a bill.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation approved the presidential ballot text. For the first time since 2008, it will feature only four "candidates": Vladislav from the "New People" party, the incumbent Vladimir , LDPR leader Leonid , and KPRF's nominee Nikolay .


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

A bipartisan delegation of the lead by the chair of the Intelligence Committee Mike arrived in

The group also includes French , Jason , Abigail and Zach .



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