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ascentale, to random
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This is a question from @RossA that I had missed from a while ago:

Q3. I'm currently struggling to find the ‘mojo’ to get out cycling regularly. What do others do to keep the cycling fresh and fun?

(If I've missed your question before, don't feel bad if you need to remind me as I have missed a few. Using the BikeNitePQ hashtag helps)

skyfaller, (edited )
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@nickzoic @meganL @ascentale @RossA A3: I stopped to eat an apple on my bike ride home today, and I saw what I'm pretty sure is a warbling vireo.

I think bike commuting is a great way to bird watch; you can just stop when you hear birdsong you don't recognize, and your mode of transportation is quiet enough you don't drown out the birds.

EDIT: Also sign up for nature walks in parks you haven't visited before, then use your bike to get there.

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@ascentale @RossA A3: I hesitate to recommend a potentially addicting game, but I used to be a heavy player of AR game Ingress (predecessor of Pokemon Go): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingress_%28video_game%29

You travel to real world locations to take in-game actions, which made me visit places I never would have otherwise, like random cemeteries, or main streets that aren't on my regular commuting corridors.

Bicycles are very powerful in Ingress, especially in cities where bikes are faster/nimbler than cars.

jalcine, to random
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How does Brandon Sanderson write so much!?

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@jalcine Writing a lot is hard, but keeping the quality up at that volume is truly impressive. The Way of Kings is my favorite book of all time, and he's written a lot of other stuff that's important to me, like this short story is also one of my faves: https://reactormag.com/firstborn/

stefan, (edited ) to fediverse
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I'm prototyping a fediverse sharing button. Anyone interested in giving it a try?

Feature highlights:

  • shows a logo of supported fediverse software
  • lets you share selected text
  • remembers the last fediverse domain used

Demo: https://fediverse-share-button.stefanbohacek.dev/
Download: https://github.com/stefanbohacek/fediverse-share-button/

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beeoproblem, to random
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@GrayGooGirl @beeoproblem Sadly DuckDuckGo is also pushing AI, but at least it hasn't replaced their default search yet. We're going to need a new crop of search engines and equivalents that are willing to draw a line in the sand when it comes to AI (and other ethical issues).

zed, to random French
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The best strategy Dems can use to "save the planet" is to quit talking describing their plans as "saving the planet.” Doesn't matter what the policy is, you've immediately just turned off Republicans.

But most "green" laws are also better for the economy, or otherwise increase the quality of life for impacted residents. Talk about those things.

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@zed Once you give up on both empathy and reality, no strategy for promoting anything good is going to work. If you say "this helps people directly," Fox News can just say "But it helps the wrong people, people who don't deserve to live", or just make up their own facts.

I don't think clever maneuvering will allow you to deliver fact-based policies that actually help people if a party successfully convinces the people that helping people is bad and truth is lies.

ascentale, to cycling
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Call for questions: it is this Friday at 4pm Pacific time!

Reply with questions you'd like me to add to the discussion on Friday! You can add the BikeNitePQ hashtag so it's easier to find a Proposed Question. There are only a couple in the queue right now.

(BikeNite is a Q&A type discussion on the Fediverse.)

cc @bikenite

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@ascentale What is the most sustainable bicycle currently in production? I asked Mastodon this a while back: https://jawns.club/@skyfaller/109943893866014242

Relatedly, what is the easiest bicycle to maintain in the long term, like if you wanted it to be a family heirloom? Bikes that are no longer in production are valid. What factors do you consider for ease of maintenance?

If you were building a bike from scratch with the goal of making it as easy to maintain as possible, how would you do it?

researchbuzz, to random
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"Just in time for National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, the Pennsylvania Department of Health launched a new online dashboard to provide Pennsylvania residents and health care providers with information about tickborne diseases. The online dashboard not only pinpoints where ticks are prevalent but also shows the latest state data on tickborne disease activity."


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meganL, to random
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I keep messing up frozen croissants by forgetting to take them out to thaw/rise at the right time.

This time I messed them up by not putting them in the freezer quickly enough when I got home from the store. So they rose a teeny bit in the pkg, then got frozen again. I took them out at the right time this morning, but they are well behind in rising.

Gave up and put them in the solar oven just now anyway. They will be slightly flatter almond croissants.

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@meganL Have you used other solar cookers? How did you choose this one? I haven't heard of the SOS Sport before.

checkervest, to random
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You can retroactively insert "All Star" into any movie at any point you'd like, where are you putting it?

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@checkervest Terminator 2, when John Connor is trying to teach the T-800 to be cool... and, when Sarah Connor is reflecting on how the T-800 is actually a great father figure.

Look, just make it the T-800's theme song.

StephanieMoore, to transit
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Wondering, from those who or

My general stamina is far better than that of my wrists when I cycle. Any tips or postures you use to help with wrist strain while biking? I could go a lot further if I could reduce wrist strain.

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@StephanieMoore My advice would be to use a more upright position (might need new handlebars or a new bike if yours is more "sporty" or aerodynamic). Also try adding suspension, at least on your front fork, and perhaps on your seat post. Those steps made a huge difference for me.

ben, to random
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I'm really confused about these Philadelphia Inquirer ads. Seems like picking a fight for no reason. https://werd.io/2024/the-philedelphia-inquirer-is-here-to-fight

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@ben I'm not anti-NYC, but I am against the NY Times. There are still good journalists there doing great journalism, but they're weighted down by management that seems to be in favor of fascism and they also publish increasing numbers of offensive articles abetting those who want to destroy our democracy.

I don't know for sure who this ad is targeted at or who it's reaching, but I'd assume it's people like me. I've already subscribed to the Inquirer, though.

anildash, to random
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Today is the anniversary of the MOVE bombing. The only thing that’s changed is police are far more militarized, far more funded, and far less accountable, while their supporters fly a desecrated flag to explicitly endorse their violent attacks.

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@anildash For anyone not familiar with the MOVE bombing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_MOVE_bombing

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@CartyBoston @anildash They just waited a little bit until the Governor prodded them, I'm not giving them much credit: https://www.inquirer.com/education/upenn-encampment-police-remove-20240510.html

kyleejohnson, to random
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I really want Philly elected officials to get behind this kind of thinking on how to streamline the permitting for this kind of stuff. Hopefully, "safer, cleaner, greener" is more than just a campaign slogan.


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@kyleejohnson @acm_redfox The Inquirer says, "Mayor Parker’s budget slashes funding for Vision Zero, a program designed to end traffic deaths": https://www.inquirer.com/transportation/traffic-injuries-deaths-spending-vision-zero-20240510.html

"The administration wants to spend $9 million on safer streets over the next six years — a sharp drop from Mayor Jim Kenney’s budgeted $15 million over six years. Last year, Kenney spent $2.5 million, compared to Parker’s proposed $1 million for 2025."

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@kyleejohnson @acm_redfox If you think this sucks, might be worth testifying at a community budget town hall and telling them not to cut the budget: https://bicyclecoalition.org/mayor-parkers-first-proposed-budget-leaves-vision-zero-advocates-with-questions/

It grinds my gears that we couldn't defund the police. Why can the city defund life-saving measures like Vision Zero, but we can only ever increase the amount of money set aside for unaccountable murderers?

skyfaller, to MountainBiking
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Why were most of the cyclists in this photo wearing masks in November 1977? Was it to avoid breathing polluted air?

If so, thank goodness we have the EPA now; I hope we can address modern threats to air quality, like climate change related wildfires, rather than giving up and letting the air become difficult to breathe again.

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@oreoteeth When was smog season back then? I assume summer because of heat domes and similar weather phenomena, but I suppose it could also be related to some local industrial process with some other logic to it. Was it regular and predictable? Do you remember smog season not being a thing anymore at some point?

@skyfaller@jawns.club avatar

@oreoteeth Then would you say that it's odd they're still wearing masks in November, then? Would this have been after smog season?

Are they wearing the masks to make a point about how increasing bicycle use would reduce smog, rather than for practical reasons because it was actually smoggy that day?

This post has a pic of a 1977 protest, could be the same one? Nobody is wearing a mask because they are singing, although one man to the right has a mask under his chin: https://bicyclecoalition.org/launching-in-the-70s-the-bicycle-coalitions-first-decade/

alex, to random EN
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We cannot save the planet and car culture, both. One of them will have to go.

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@Sandra It may be too late for a soft landing, but it's never too late to demand justice.

What's the alternative to climate justice? Eco-fascism, where billions are sacrificed so the master race can inherit the Earth? That might be used as a rhetorical device, but I no longer believe eco-fascism will ever be a major force. Basically all real-world fascists seem to be doubling down on climate denial, and no matter how they justify mass murder, I don't think any will ever take real climate action

@skyfaller@jawns.club avatar

@Sandra I mostly agree. But by what mechanism will you build the political power necessary to end capitalism, and take other drastic action to save civilization & the biosphere?

You seem to argue a narrow focus is necessary, only fix GHG emissions. But CFCs only affected fridges/AC, Y2K only computers (before everything was computers).

Successfully addressing the climate crisis requires changing almost everything about our culture. A broad coalition is required to mobilize all of society.

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@Sandra What we have here is a strategic question, an empirical question: Are we more likely to succeed politically by fixing only one thing, or by fixing many things?

I would argue that if we have to change everything anyway, we might as well change it for the better. And then you have ways to convince people who don't understand how they are being affected by the climate crisis (yes, of course they are affected already) to sign on to your ambitious program: solidarity with their struggles.

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@Sandra CFCs and Y2K could be effectively addressed by experts working in their fields, backed by government policy. The general public didn't need to do anything, or know or understand anything.

The climate crisis requires an informed & engaged public, which is a heavy lift. How do you motivate them? Fear might get people involved (worked for me), but it won't keep the movement going in the long run; and we'll be dealing with climate change for the rest of our lives. How do you give them hope?

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@Sandra So when I say "climate justice", I'm not just talking about what is ethically the right thing to do. I'm talking strategically, how do you get people to sign up for completely re-imagining society and rebuilding it from the ground up, to eliminate fossil fuels and capitalism? That's a lot of work!

I think some sort of climate justice framing is the only way to build the mass movement that can succeed at this daunting task at this late date.

charlesxjyang, to random

We've hit 10 successful check-outs from our e-bike library 🎉

This spring, check out a beautiful Linus e-bike from Wheel Simple for up to 2 weeks, for free!


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@charlesxjyang Image description: A Felix e6100 ebike stands under a tree in a grassy park on a sunny day. It is a comfortable-looking Dutch-style city bike, with fenders on the wheels, integrated headlight & taillight, and a rear rack.

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