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My newest release is Metaphysical Shitposting, an album of wilder, weirder and more --but still relatively easy to listen to-- pieces. I'm releasing new tracks for it as I finish them; I work on new tracks for it when I get frustrated, stuck or bored with working on the more intricately produced tracks for my next release. It's a more casual, but still intense, take on my usual aesthetic. Please check it out!



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You ready to hear about some #OPM (other people's music)? I'm going to try something different this week and add all of the music I'm covering in one thread, with the blog containing slightly longer versions of all of these linked at the end. LMK what you think of this format.

This week we have tracks from @panda @OneBlindMouse @bathurst @socool @Dace and @paul_griffin

And remember, any Friday is a good Friday to support these musicians!

#Music #ListenToThis

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Kapok Itch - Headaches


A concept EP about headaches based on an Aphex Twin-created instrument? Spicy! This one's for the adventurous listeners as most of this abandons any pretense of standard musical structures or instrumentation in favor of dark, intense and at times abrasive sound sculpting. Yeah, you’ll hear a piano or a recognizable human voice here and there, but in this context the familiar timbres seem all the more strange.


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Noise Therapy: Session 077

Keeping it pretty simple this time, kind of a Lunetta-inspired patch. Patch d/l link in video description.


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Vinyl, to vinyl

The Beatles - The Beatles
1968 UK Apple Records

2014 Remastered Numbered Mono Reissue
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/master/46402-The-Beatles-The-Beatles

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Image of the (Wednes)day was Fanned Out, an in-camera double exposure on film.
This is another image I really love that I never published before for no other reason that, at the time it was produced, I had other images to put forward. I love how the fanned out fingers seem to balance the lateral treetop technique that fans out the back of Margaux's head and back.

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Well, started out well for me! Got a sale of Metaphysical Shitposting in the first hour to kick off this most special of days. Thanks, benefactor! I appreciate you!

Now...who's next? Chock full of wild instruments, techniques and concepts; madness; gritty textures; and uncountable references to drugs, cosmic horror, mysticism and other


@synths @experimentalmusic @modularsynth

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Let's support indie this Friday, on , , , , and everywhere.

Artists, tell us what you're promoting! Drop a link to your + boost this thread so we can spread the word.

I'm Jonny Fallout and my new album is "Concentric Circles": https://jonnyfallout.bandcamp.com/album/concentric-circles


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Playing around, exploring new techniques 🖤

Delighted about shiny finish being a thing since I switched to wood panels instead of paper


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du jour, bonjour !

- Cerc


Gros coup de coeur de la semaine, découvert via la compilation Pagans 50 du label . Du chanté en , avec un gros son, un rythmique du tonnerre, des interventions de violons et roue à vielle, ça s'écoute comme on boit du petit lait. Je suis totalement fan de ce disque, dont j'attend ma copie vinyle.

La compilation en question :

(dont je connaissais déjà et )

A écouter de toute urgence !
(@tsadiq... jette une oreille)

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LOL, just found an EP called I Ate Acid on Christmas. I should reach out and see if the person wants to do a split release of this and my track "I Always Love Tripping at Xmas"...

Here's mine (weird featuring a fake "sleigh bell" sample mutilated beyond all reason), for reference:


And theirs (lofi improv ):

Not much in common musically, but a kindred spirit to be sure.

🎅 🎄 💊 ❄️ ☃️

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As promised, here's some free download codes! First up, a baker's dozen codes for my post-industrial electro-dub concept album Psychedelic Ghost Stories.

Listen here:


Then grab a code (redemption link is on the bottom right of album page)



etherdiver, (edited )
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Then you can slake your (audio) thirst with a long, cool drink of Metaphysical Shitposting, a woolly, loose-limbed journey thru #kosmische, #ambient, #noise and #soundscape. #Experimental and #weird but always a delight (I hope).

Same deal, listen & redeem the codes via the link at lower right



@synths @experimentalmusic @modularsynth

Sammael99, to BelieveInFilm French
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Image of the day is Fragments of you
These "through the leaves" textures create a puzzle effect that I don't get tired of...

Jorsh, to random
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Lustmord - Dark Matter 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Sammael99, to BelieveInFilm French
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Image of the day is Chervilled, an in-camera double exposure on film.
I don't know if that texture was actually chervil (I somehow doubt it, just growing randomly in a park) but whatever it is I love the delicate little branches. And they look like chervil. Anyway, they make for a great texture, as you can see here.

alisynthesis, to chicago
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This Friday, I'll be in to play a / show with my good friend Henna Chou, a cellist from Austin. We're at Elastic Arts at 8pm...check the flyer for more info.

If you come out, please be sure to say hi! I love meeting Mastodonians in the wild. <3

And if you or any of your Masto pals are around Chicago and like this sort of thing, a boost would be appreciated!

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Meljoann, to Theatre
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Been in Dublin for the last month and a half, working on this amazing experimental theatre piece. ‘Motherkraft’ is by Regan O’Brien, and I’ve been working on its music with some of these beautiful souls: Regan, Robbie Blake and Sharon Phelan. Playing at the Project Arts Theatre for the next few nights!


herr_irrtum, to music

Yeah, one of those…
Radio Irrtum! announcements

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

Attention. The #underground has arrived and wants its #noizy tape loops back!

All that and more at… RADIO IRRTUM! — Saturday, 2024-03-16 at 8:00PM (UTC+1) at Alex Berlin/FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream: https://www.alex-berlin.de/radio/15-live-auf-91.0

#Radio Irrtum! is a German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the underground. Emitted transmissions may raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum from all over the world. Btw.: Forget about that German language aspect - it's all about the music… as in:

But can you withstand the genre jumping overdoze?
This time the Fediverse is represented via one track by #Sitka, which is the most talented @oleksiy !
Also lots of powa female energy in it! And... tape machines!
On top of that thanks to @mistfunk for raising my attention towards @pixelblip (not active here anymore unfortunately) so I could inject his animated #Teletext art into my video teaser (see below!).
As always I'll post playlist and manuscript later here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!

C U all tonight! :)

↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Der Underground hat angeklopft und will seine Bandschleifen zurück! Oder Bandschleichen. Was weiß denn ich?
Jedenfalls — 1 Monat is rum, Radio Irrtum! ist wieder da! Und zwar Samstag Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf FM 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforschen mittels Musik folgender Genres:

  • fast schon gotischen (so sagt man, oder?) Shoegaze Dreampop
  • Leicht verdaulicher IDM Pop
  • seltsame Nujazz #Beat
  • Bass mit echten Drums & überhaupt: Weirdes Zeugs
  • TechKraut
  • Bandschleifen, vlt. auch Bandschleichen
  • Verträumte Elektronik
  • Hardcore
  • Alternativ-Rock
  • eingebildete Filmmusik
  • bluesy Liedermacherei

Grüße und Videoteaser-Credits oben, Playlist + Manuskript nach der Show (spätestens Sonntag) hier drunter. Fragen einfach stellen – ich antworte!

Bis denne… vielleicht ;)

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I'm getting my music on PeerTube, and here's the next one! It's for 2 pianists, 2 percussionists & "no-input mixer." The outputs of the mixer are connected back to various inputs, and I can unmute various channels to get feedback. The percussionists are playing a homemade speaker instrument, megaphone & more.



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Un truc chelou pour finir la journée :

"Grayfolded" - Grateful Dead & John Oswald


soit John Oswald qui a utilisé plus de 100h d'enregistrement live de Dark Star de Grateful Dead, pour en faire un mix double-album... c'est ... je ne sais pas, je vous laisse avec ça moi je vais me faire un thé et allumer des bougies, je crois ...🤫 🙃 🚀 🌜 🍃

TheMetalDog, to djent
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How Meshuggah redefined tech-metal for the 21st century
Swedish tech-metal icons Meshuggah released their landmark 2008 album obZen in the US on this day in 2008


#Meshuggah #Obzen #AlbumInterview #ProgressiveMetal #TechnicalMastery #FuturisticSound #Legacy #Experimental #Djent #Influential #SwedishMetalBand

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