piratenpanda, to php German
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Veggiekarte.de is looking for / / contributors. As I, creator and maintainer, find it more and more difficult to contribute myself, the current burden is currently almost completely on Kristjan. So if you feel like contributing to an opensource project that promotes and climate friendly diets, please take a look at our issue tracker:

I'd also appreciate help in getting weblate and the git functionality up and running.

Thanks for reading!

darkghosthunter, to php
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Just going to nonchalantly shove in some awareness to my GitHub Sponsorship.

If you value my contributions to Open Source and Laravel, just leave a small tip or become a sponsor. It helps me pay the bills.


#PHP #Javascript #JS #FOSS #OSS #OpenSource #Programming #Development #Software #SoftwareDevelopment #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Laravel #Github

Meyerweb, (edited ) to random
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Here’s a question: suppose I have bunch of HTML inputs (dropdowns, sliders, whatever), and I want their values to set the values of variables, both on load and whenever changed. Is there a way to do that in a generic manner short of dumping all the variables into an object so I can use their member names using array-ish syntax, or pushing everything through an eval()? [shudder]

**Edited to add: **I don’t think I got the idea across, so here’s something tangible: https://codepen.io/meyerweb/pen/GRLyZWY

@kolya@social.cologne avatar

Sure, if that works for @Meyerweb. I was going strictly by the requirements in his post:
> I want their values to set the values of variables, both on load and whenever changed

AndriiKuznietsov75, to Java Ukrainian
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Як працюють компіляція та виконання коду👇
🔸Компілювані мови (#C, C++, )
Вихідний код перетворюється компілятором на машинний. Машинний код виконується безпосередньо процесором.
🔸Байт-код (, C#)
Вихідний код компілюється у байт-код, а потім JVM виконує програму. Іноді JIT-компілятор компілює вихідний код у машинний, щоб прискорити виконання.
🔸Інтерпретовані мови (, , )
Тут для виконання програми не потрібен машинний код, натомість програму рядково виконають інтерпретатори.


Jbasoo, to programming
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I just want to buy a bath mat from a major UK retailer but half the elements won't hydrate, including the add to cart button. Excessive was a mistake we just won't stop making.

kubikpixel, to CSS
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Personally, it doesn't quite make sense to me why you should develop CSS in JavaScript, but it could have advantages, but what are they? Do any of you know or even use this JavaScript tool when developing websites, what is your experience with it?

🐼 https://panda-css.com

iamdtms, (edited ) to javascript
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Simply DOM Preloader for not having issues with data loading delays  


#javascript #js #DOM #preloader

mrnhmath, to programming
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Friendly reminder that XULRunner, the standalone Gecko runtime that once powered web-based applications like Songbird and that was abandoned by Mozilla Corporation has been revived and now builds atop Goanna. Learn more at the Pale Moon forums announcement: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=30913

kubikpixel, to wordpress
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Massive Sign1 Campaign Infects 39,000+ WordPress Sites with Scam Redirects:

A massive malware campaign dubbed Sign1 has compromised over 39,000 WordPress sites in the last six months, using malicious JavaScript injections to redirect users to scam sites.

☹️ https://thehackernews.com/2024/03/massive-sign1-campaign-infects-39000.html

#wordpress #scam #internet #web #sign1 #website #maleware #javascript #scam

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🧵 …It looks like the WordPress attacks are targeted but very extensive or does it want to indirectly promote commercial layouts and plugins?

«History Of The Sign1 Malware:
Security researchers at Sucuri discovered a malware campaign targeting WordPress websites called Sign1, which injects malicious scripts into websites using custom HTML widgets or plugins.»

🫤 https://gbhackers.com/sign1-malware-hijacks-wordpress-sites/

CoBC, to cpp French

Si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui connaît quelqu'un qui a son oncle qui connaît quelqu'un dont le voisin recherche quelqu'un pour un poste de développeur soit web soit c++ (+ Qt éventuellement) je suis preneur. Boosts appréciés
#CPP #CLang #Qt #Dev #C++ #C #Web #HTML #PHP #JS #CSS #Travail #Job

vanilla, to webdev
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Sometimes need to know what’s happening inside of them.

Whether you’re working with the concept of “slots” or just plain ol’ , you may need to react to changes imposed from without.

Thankfully, the native platform provides a solution in the form of MutationObserver, an API which is so powerful it can beat at the heart of entire frameworks (Stimulus being but one example).

examples by @raymondcamden and @jaredwhite:


alephoto85, to javascript Italian
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WinterJS 1.0 · Blog · Wasmer


"WinterJS 1.0 è finalmente arrivato.

WinterJS è un runtime Javascript incredibilmente veloce, compatibile con WinterCG e scritto in Rust, che utilizza il motore SpiderMonkey per eseguire JavaScript e Tokio per gestire le richieste HTTP e il ciclo di eventi JS. Il runtime WinterJS può anche essere compilato in WebAssembly e come tale è il primo runtime[...]"


aral, to javascript
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Hey folks, I just released Auto Encrypt Localhost* v8.4.0 with better async support and updated dependencies.


  • My pure JavaScript module (no mkcert, certutil, etc., required) that automatically provisions and installs locally-trusted TLS certificates for Node.js https servers.

(There seems to be an issue with tests failing on macOS, will debug that tomorrow and likely post a patch release.)

@aral@mastodon.ar.al avatar

Quick update: the failing tests were apparently because I had my VPN on on macOS (that was creating an additional IPv4 interface that was getting picked up by the tests that check that your server is accessible via a valid TLS certificate from all available local IPs).

So no patch necessary :)

alephoto85, (edited ) to programming Italian
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[Tutorial] Introduzione/Benvenutə in Svelte


Svelte è uno strumento per la costruzione di applicazioni web. Come altri framework per interfacce utente, consente di costruire l'applicazione in modo dichiarativo con componenti che combinano markup, stili e comportamenti.
Questi componenti sono compilati in piccoli ed efficienti moduli JS che eliminano il sovraccarico tradizionalmente associato ai framework UI.

@vikkio 🙏


aral, (edited ) to SmallWeb
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Recorded the first video with my new setup last night, about Kitten’s new Streaming HTML workflow.

(And, unlike most quick demos, it doesn’t ignore accessibility.)

It’ll be part of a long blog post dissecting exactly how it works, step by step.

Here’s a little peek before that.

Let me know what you think :)

:kitten: 💕


(You can install Kitten and play along: https://codeberg.org/kitten/app#getting-started)

schizanon, to node
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Node.js now has a built-in API for styling text

(similar to chalk, picocolors, etc)


shino, to php French
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Dites-moi les developpeur PHP symfony et ceux qui font un peu de JS aussi.

J'ai mon serveur PHP qui me renvoie un JWT quand c'est correct.

J'ai lu qu'une bonne pratique consistait à envoyer le ou les tokens dans un cookies avec le secure à true. Seulement, j'en fait quoi moi après côté font en SvelteJS ?

pablolarah, to webdev
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🦊 Readability.js
by @mozilla
A standalone version of the readability library used for Firefox Reader View.


nosherwan, (edited ) to javascript
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:nodejs: :javascript: :typescript:

State of JS Runtime

I suggest we have a new survey similar to state of JS called state of JS runtime, to get an idea of which runtimes are most popular in the industry & what are they being used for. (its merely a question in StateOfJS)


Which runtime do you use & for what purpose?

m3tti, to webdev German
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there is a big diffrence in software engineering and programming

reconbot, to javascript
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Execa scripts are cool af https://github.com/sindresorhus/execa/blob/HEAD/docs/scripts.md

It abuses template functions to make shit like this work

await $echo foo

I love it!

kubikpixel, to webdev
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I don't understand why some "professionals" often use only ready-made libraries for website design. No, not everything is easy but, for example, creating so that users can see how they lead outside the is standard in my opinion.

I have illustrated it for clarification. You can of course change the 's to other UTF-8 characters or position according to the desired ;)

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🧵 …another CSS webdesign solution:
Let's see if I can find a solution that works without JavaScript but I doubt that I will find out that it is not possible.

«Setting And Persisting Color Scheme Preferences With CSS And A “Touch” Of JavaScript»
– on @smashingmag

📎 https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2024/03/setting-persisting-color-scheme-preferences-css-javascript/

#css #css3 #colorscheme #webdev #js #javascript #webdesign #color #web

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