zalasur, to javascript avatar

It's been almost a decade since I've done a live coding stream. This will be fun!

Today I'll be migrating my website from React to Lit, which is a lightweight framework built around web components. I have the scaffolding set up mostly, so now it's time to get this done.

Come watch. Ask questions in chat! You don't need to create an account, just a username is needed to participate.

irfan, to django

Hmm I've only ever built sites using , bcos I'm most good at and I'm just super familiar with all the features (and quirks) of Django and it's been great, but honestly being good at only Django (when it comes to web dev) does gimme huge impostor syndrome cos I know fuck all when people talk about and whatnot :(

Maybe I can learn how to build a site using so I too can speak gibberish lingo I never understood before with other fellow programmers?


ehmicky, to programming avatar

We just released Execa 9, which is our biggest release so far.

If you're currently using Execa, you should check out the new features! Also, if you're currently using zx or Bun shell, you might be interesting in this alternative.

#nodejs #node #javascript #js #cli #terminal #console #bash #shell

deflockcom, to node avatar

Anyone have set up as on a ?

(Work on it actually to move all my services on a fedora coreos node)

ryan, to web avatar

Hey Fediverse, I'm looking for my next role as a engineer!

What I'm looking for:

  • a collaborative, kind team
  • at a company with noble goals, or that knows what problems it has to solve

I'm the Lead "Frontend" engineer who creates table indexes because "the UI is slow".

Point me to a mountain and I'll climb it.

Prior experience with . I've dabbled with for fun, and in a past life.

Appreciate any advice or connections!

nebyoolae, to random avatar

I created my first node module, it's publicly available, and it's usefulness is low. Regardless, here it is:

What does it need to run? The Entire Jar of Sauce.

hongminhee, to node avatar

#Fedify's tutorial, which previously assumed you were using #Deno, can now be followed using #Node.js and #Bun! (What is Fedify? It's an ActivityPub server framework.)

However, they are written for Fedify 0.8.0, which hasn't been released yet. You can test it with the pre-release version, 0.8.0-dev.164, though.

#fedidev #ActivityPub

AndriiKuznietsov75, to webdev Ukrainian avatar
lanesawyer, to opensource avatar

Wooooo did another contribution! I fixed the supported versioning of a tool I use to generate changelogs after I discovered that we weren't using a valid version of .

I love doing open source, wish I could do it more often!

lullabot, to node avatar

Why would you use instead of a or server directly?

There are significant advantages to using a containerized setup like DDEV. We go over them in this article, and include a step-by-step guide to set it up.

@andy_blum helps introduce DDEV to a new audience that may not know about how useful it can be!

adamchainz, to random avatar

I moved from to last week, managing both my and versions with it. Maybe other languages soon.

It was really smooth and it installs fast. It definitely has a better UX, especially around pulling the latest versions.


Here’s what my Ansible-powered installation steps look like now:

sebobo, to node avatar

Best addition to any package.json, composer.json or other dependency managers file would be a mandatory „why“ field for each single dependency which requires a minimum number of sensible words.

Could make devs think twice before adding and help (me) when upgrading projects after some time.

davidbisset, to node avatar

RSS Cross Poster:

A script to post new items from an feed to various services including and .

Stubbs, to javascript avatar

I f*cking hate and I hate even more! All day I've been trying to get the latest version of to build ... error after error after error and now, at random it's just decided to work after a whole wasted Sunday!

schizanon, to node avatar

Node.js now has a built-in API for styling text

(similar to chalk, picocolors, etc)

bridgetown, to ruby avatar

The next installment of our Road to Bridgetown 2.0 series is here!

Announcing a solid set of defaults, such as 3.1+ and 20+, we believe will make Bridgetown that much more robust, appealing, and ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

aral, to node avatar

I’ve always wanted someone to tell me I autocomplete them.


(That feeling when someone makes a Node package with your name. Hey, at least it’s not a German petroleum company…)

bpb, to random German avatar

In Schulen spiegeln sich gesellschaftliche Brennpunkte unmittelbar wider. Antidemokratische Tendenzen werden auch hier immer sichtbarer.

Problematisch wird es, wenn diese unbeantwortet bleiben. Denn hinter jeder antidemokratischen Position oder Einstellung stecken Diskriminierungen, die Machtverhältnisse ausdrücken:

bpb, avatar

Antidemokratische Positionen auch bei Lehrkräften erfordern neue Strukturen und Angebote, die sich langfristig und nachhaltig mit antidemokratischen Tendenzen auseinandersetzen. Dabei müssen die Konflikte und die eigene Betroffenheit der Schule im Mittelpunkt stehen. Mehr dazu gibt es z.B. hier: Viele Grüße vom bpb Social Media Team

itnewsbot, to javascript avatar

Deno shrinks deno compile binaries - The developers of the Deno TypeScript/JavaScript runtime have reduced the size of deno... - .js

joe, (edited ) to javascript avatar

Well, that fucking sucks. I just went into my o3 meeting with the boss and was told that I don't have a job anymore. If anybody is looking for an experienced / / dev in the area (or remote), let me know.

alper, to node avatar

Figuring out how to run and the entire way that Node projects are setup is insane.

TypeORM is this:
"typeorm": "ts-node ./node_modules/typeorm/cli"

And then to run the migration we do this where typeorm was just defined:
"migration:run": "npm run typeorm migration:run -- -d ./src/config/typeorm.ts",

We're just trampolining shitty scripts on top of each other hoping that it works.

gyptazy, to debian avatar

Do we see here the first ever based node running? I just provided a TOR node for the network on one of my boards. This one currently runs on (will be switched to soon).

gyptazy, avatar

If someone wants to run a or on his based board (probably mostly users) on can obtain a precompiled version of Tor right here:

schizanon, (edited ) to webdev avatar

If there was an element that changes it's content when users interact with other elements on the page, what name would it have?

PLEASE NOTE: I am not suggesting that this element needs to exist; I am only asking what it would be called. I'm building a CustomElement, I just want it to have a name that makes sense.

Vote and suggest others in replies. Please boost for reach!

Anarcat, to Blog avatar

router archeology: the Soekris net5001 -planet -planet

array, to random avatar

I am generally happy with programming, doesn't matter what language or stack. But compared to, say, PHP (not to mention Java), doing backend kind of annoys me because of errors and debugging. I mean, I get (generally) very descriptive error messages and can debug, right into my IDE, in Java. In PHP, well, you can be bold and just throw some dd() when you really need to. Node? It must be on me, but I still haven't figured out how to get error messages in the right places, or debug... :(

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