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Just bought the "How Git Works Zine by @b0rk 💪

Although I feel pretty comfortable using advanced Git features at my daily work, I will probably learn something new and consolidate my knowledge (or correct wrong assumptions).

And of course if will probably help to explain some Git phenomenons to colleagues and friends. 😊

Thank you very much for your valuable work in this zine, @b0rk

Here's a link to the Git zine:

#git #zine #education #learning #software #programming

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How to find the last change to a particular line of code? 💡

  1. Use git annotate (or blame)
  2. Scroll to the specific line
  3. Use git show with the commit hash

#git #tips

tripplehelix, (edited ) to Twitch avatar

Twitch via the terminal

HUGE updates!

  • Options! Checkout twinge -h
  • You can now search for games, channels and view the top 50 streams
  • Also added the language tag next to the stream title
  • Asian streams now work

#twitch #streamer #streaming #terminal #git #opensource

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Git y GitHub desde cero by Brais Moure is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $9.99! #ComputerProgramming #ComputerScience #Software #VersionControl #Git #SoftwareEngineering

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Adding status badges to Retcon. They really liven up the UI!

Also, the app distinguishes between moves and renames, which feels nice.

khalidabuhakmeh, to dotnet avatar

The VCS integration in is so awesome. If you find a file in your commit window you need to ignore, you can just right-click and "Add to .gitignore”. No more tracking down the file and figuring out where to put the line.

siblingpastry, to random avatar

Here's a quick #git #cli trick that maybe everyone already knows, but I was well pleased with it :-D

When pushing a branch with upstream tracking, the canonical syntax is this:

git push -u origin <branch name>

But I get tired of having to copy and paste the branch name.

However if you're within the same branch, the @ token always refers to that branch, so you can just do this:

git push -u origin @

tallship, to foss

As a longtime provider of services in one form or another since the late 80's and early 90's, I felt the pain of having to write out the following blog post/update.

Drew is an opinionated perfectionist with an attention to detail and his perspective that chafes some, endears others, and deservedly, receives the respect earned when someone strives toward par excellence for those for whom they provide services for.

I have some differing set of conclusions from my understanding of what he laments as the ordeal he's been through in the past year, like, "why would anyone consider a carrier besides DHL for international overseas shipments?" Also, I fail to see the logic in moving his entire infra from the U.S. (where there are many affordable top-tier carrier hotels - aka datacenters) to Amsterdam, which also has fine facilities and maybe it is because of privacy concerns which depending on what those are, may indeed be quite valid from my perspective.

But not having IPv6 fully deployed (as a result of datacenter choice?) is puzzling, although almost inconsequential operationally, in production, ... Almost.

Considering I've always looked directly at the carriers themselves, used my own delegated IP infrastructure for core operations, I tend to look at a datacenter as three things:

  • Electricity
  • Fail-over electricity (Generators)
  • Air conditioning

Most folks rent a rack that comes with transit, I ask how much the XC is - I can find, mix, and pick my transit providers. I just wanna know that my shit is secure in a suite or cage behind locked cabinets that I personally have 24/7 access to at anytime (even though I'll rarely do so) and have 24/7 remote hands to swap drives, hot-pluggable power supplies and plug cables into the designated ports I specify, etc. Those things typically come w/zero cost.

For DDoS'ing, I do like to outsource this as part of a package, and I'm open to any offers of included transit/XC and want to know how much each additional 20A of electricity cost me each month in addition to the rack fees. Putting the onerous of protecting my customers from a good DDoS'ing on someone else like my upstream takes a lot of worry away.

Shipping machinery though, that's a bit distinct too, I've been burned a few times domestically, although always recovered my *tangible costs - time? well, I've lost a couple of customers because their infra was lost or damaged in transit, but insurance is important - Drew had that. What I'm really wondering though, is who besides DHL would you even trust to ship servers over the Atlantic Ocean?

That's a cost I would not consider skimping on - A girl I almost married worked for DHL for over 20 years and they'll cut a check at the drop of a hat, which might have worked out well for Drew considering these were old boxes ready for retirement anyway and the replacement cost (new stuffs) is what you insure for.

Anyway, I've really admired much of what Drew has done over the years, was cheerleading for him as he migrated from full time paycheck person to finally being able to announce that he "thinks" he can make enough money for a living by devoting himself full time to FOSS with his fledgling SourceHut.

Yah, sometimes his head swelled up pretty big, making it hard to fit through doorways, and I've butted heads with him here and there on technical matters only, but have always respected him, and in truth, he was never not correct even if his way was the wrong way, or there was simply a better way - usually those were matters of opinion coz there's more than six ways to Sunday to skin a cat.

Anyway, he's been kicked in the balls really hard, which if you know much of him, must have been really hard to lay all of that out in some manner of detail (He's almost always brutally transparent). For that, and moreover for getting right back up after being knocked down (maybe by da man?), I applaud his candidness. His devotion to those of you reading this that may have free repos at SourceHut, and I'm also encouraging everyone to kick in at least a few bucks - fuck that dumb app that you don't need, let alone pay $2.95 for the exclusive right to be tracked - I urge you with all FOSSiness in mind... Give it a read, and send him whatev, ... I guarantee it will come back to you tenfold.

Drew is a consummate FOSS warrior, do it for yourself, please - Five bucks, fifty bucks, heck, whatever isn't going to cut into your budget for porterhouse steak this weekend would be nice.

And it will make you feel good too.

Full disclosure: I'm not getting shit from this article. Drew and I only converse occasionally and usually it is to disagree - some folks are just good coz of what's in their heart, their commitment to the community, and whether you're a fan or not doing this for him really is doing this for yourself and everyone else in the FOSS world.

Here's the link to the article/update.

#tallship #FOSS #OpenSource #SourceHut #Git #repo


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So I got interviewed for Rev news 111!

salcode, to random avatar

I'm a huge fan of "git log --oneline --graph" but I've noticed merge commits are indented, which doesn't seem correct to me.

In the attached screenshots, I've highlighted the extra spaces I don't think should be there in the first and in the second I've modified the indenting to what I expect to see.

Am I just thinking about this the wrong way? 🤔

'git log --oneline --graph' output with the two space indentation before a merge commit removed

bmispelon, to random avatar

I published a new article on my blog: How to do search and replace with #git

dannotdaniel, (edited ) to github avatar

interesting to hear somewhere that GitHub is working to integrate ActivityPub in some form or fashion... Sounds very cool. Both excel at being distributed, etc etc.

Of course, searching for "github activitypub" just brings me to every ActivityPub project page and not what I was actually looking for 😂

SuitedUpDev, to github avatar

Me merging two years worth of code into the main branch. #Github #Git

masukomi, (edited ) to random avatar

Just put together a useful bash script that will open up the web page associated with a repo's remote(s)

if there are multiple remotes it'll give you choice. If there's only one it'll automatically open it.

Requires Charm Bracelet's gum to be installed. There's a link in the script.

(needs testing with repo sources other than GitHub)

why? Because i was going through my repos for backup purposes and wondered WTF some of them were.

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edgren, to opensource

Is it just me or do @Codeberg have a lot of issues these days? I can't reach their website at the moment and this is far from the only time I can't reach

jani, to random avatar

Git pathspec glob pattern starting with **/ should match in all directories. However, it does not appear to match in the top level directory, only subdirectories.

For example, 'git ls-files **/Makefile' does not find root Makefile.

So, to find all Makefiles, possibly with suffixes, you'd have to use 'git ls-files Makefile* */Makefile', which is a bit tedious.

Am I missing some magic syntax to achieve what I want?

(Ping @b0rk the resident git wizard.)

ids1024, to random avatar

Is there a #git feature I can enable to hit me on the head with a Looney Tunes-style mallet if I run git checkout -b and it doesn't successful create and and switch branch?

So I don't ignore the error and accidentally commit to master.

vwbusguy, to opensource avatar

If you're wondering what forge to host your code project on, the right answer is probably going to be . If the right answer was anything else, you probably wouldn't be wondering about it.

Don't want to host it yourself? Then is what you're looking for.

@forgejo @Codeberg

ThatBlairGuy, to random avatar

Hat tip to @b0rk . I wish I'd known about this #git cheat sheet a few years ago.

leanpub, to ComputerScience avatar

Git y GitHub desde cero by Brais Moure is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $9.99! #ComputerProgramming #ComputerScience #Software #VersionControl #Git #SoftwareEngineering

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cursed feature of the day: git-archive can substitute things in tarballs, which can be used to include the commit hash or even tag (!) inside a file in a source tarball.

see export-subst in gitattributes(5)

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Quick git tip. If you want to remove any local branches that have since been merged you can run this.

git branch --merged | egrep -v "(^\*|dev|main)" | xargs git branch -d  

I have it as a TextExpander shortcut, but you could also add an alias

It looks for any branch that isn't dev or main (add any you always want to keep around) that has been merged in and deletes them.

This is helpful if you rely on tab-to-autocomplete a lot

#Git #GitTips

maegul, to random avatar

Talking to someone about git's UI, and they compared it to vim and GUI IDEs.

When replying with how vi was basically a GUI of its time over more CLI editing with ed/ex ...

it struck me that it is perhaps glaring that we don't have a "vgit": A more visual/TUI tool that supplanted and erased git from memory apart from the "git compatibility mode" still available in "vgit".

I may be off here, but is this emblematic of the cultish worship of unix tooling in the "linux" era?

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