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»Linus Torvalds takes on evil developers, hardware errors and 'hilarious' AI hype:

While all is 'calm and steady and boring' with the next kernel, Linux creator Torvalds tells an Open Source Summit crowd exactly how he feels about almost everything else.«

🐧 https://www.zdnet.com/article/linus-torvalds-takes-on-evil-developers-hardware-errors-and-hilarious-ai-hype/

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• Spot the Difference •

AminiAllight, to hardware
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Long-shot to end all long-shots but: does anybody know anything about USB on raw Xilinx transceivers (e.g. without a PHY)? Officially it's unsupported, occasionally people say they've gotten it to work and more details on exactly how would be incredibly useful

Boosts appreciated for visibility

Rob100, to VideoGames
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People like to say how it's so expensive to make video games today.

What makes it expensive?

Is it the high end hardware.

is it the fact that game devs like to make games 100gb+?

is it because voice actors want more money?

whatever it is, is it possible to get a good modern game that's atleast under 50 gb, that takes advantage of all the modern visual effects and graphic capabilities but not be so demanding and expensive making them?

It's funny because the newest call of duty is so big it had to be split up.
150 gb+ install size

disk space

opensuse, to opensource
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Find out how you can to the @opensuse Project. Stable & efficient distributions like Leap need beta testers to ensure our runs smoothly on various . https://youtu.be/rfP-IXwKRAE?si=UPgJ71s5oKzXHuru

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some hardware chips memes

fell, to linux
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Today was a bad day for Linux Gaming, at least for me.

  1. I wanted to play DCS: World with head teacking like always
  2. My system stopped recognising my Oculus Rift CV1 sensors, throwing all sorts of USB errors in dmesg
  3. I switched to the linux-lts kernel, which caused even more problems with the GPU. The graphical environment never showed up.
  4. Back on the regular linux kernel, I settled for a phone strapped to my head for head tracking.
  5. After two hours of gameplay, KWin crashed and failed to restore my open applications including the game.

I'm done for tonight. 😩

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OMFG. You won't believe this.

So, I was diagnosing a weird webcam issue for days and days. I've been using a Oculus Rift Sensor for head tracking for a while now and it suddenly stopped working. It's basically just a USB webcam. I tried several different kernel versions and even some from last year with no luck. I dug into the code of the uvcvideo driver, I tried setting quirks, nothing helped. I was obsessed with this issue.

Long story short: I disconnected my computer's front panel and everything worked.

The front panel must be faulty which must've tripped the USB controller in such a particular way that it kept working fine but was unable to recognise newly plugged devices and sent garbage to the kernel.

What the actual heck. USB is so weird. Do you have any USB stories like this?

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So yeah, what's a good standards compliant powered USB hub that certainly won't be the culprit next time I have a USB problem?

mattotcha, to intel
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NatureMC, to hardware
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In former times, not only professionals became real hardware nerds. As you could never know what part you'll need for the next repair of your devices, you better collected every part that you were able to spare. Above all, you could never have enough keys to restart the device. In organised households, these were attached directly to a key board.

wloczykij, to hardware Polish

Mam sprawę do ludzi zajmujących się sprzętem, ewentualnie do jakiś adminów.
Jakie są szanse, że dysk SSD(M.2)/SSD(SATA) będzie w stanie poprawnie działać na lapku, kóry teoretycznie nie obsługuje takiej wielkości dysków? Obecnie mam SSD(M.2) 1TB, ale muszę kupić coś dużo większego i pomyślałem o SSD 4TB. Wszystko pięknie, ale wg ulotki producenta (z okolic 2018/2019), ten laptop jest w stanie uciągnąć max 2TB. Zarówno na złączu M.2, jak i SATA.
Dzwoniłem do pomocy technicznej producenta, ale trafiłem na gościa, który brzmiał jakby wczoraj za bardzo zabalował i jeszcze kac go trzymał, a co za tym idzie, jedyne co się dowiedziałem, to żeby patrzeć na to, co jest napisane w ulotce.

#pomoc #sprzęt #hardware #SSD #Dyski_SSD #SATA #M2 #pytanie

healsdata, to hardware
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What's the alternative to Tom's Hardware for trustworthy reviews and benchmarks these days? I heard they got bought by a crappy overlord and are less than trustworthy now-a-days.

Gumball2415, to hardware
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sb, to opensource
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Do YOU have experience designing or circuits? How about implementing I²S audio?

I'd love to chat, and/or work together on an , budget-friendly, and VERY high quality (24bit/192K) 8 channel .

I'm basing the front-end on the incredible differential instrumentation amplifier by . We're talkin' competition into a BB 😎.

I could really use help with the usb implementation.

ErikJonker, to ai
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Great article about the hardware behind AI. By the Chairman and Chief Scientist of TSMC who know what they are talking about.

Gilou, to DadBin French
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Si vous êtes dans le à , je me suis fait voler dans ma cave à Rezé :

  • une console Behringer XR18 dans son sac avec quelques adaptateurs divers
  • un boîtier de scène Behringer S16 dans un petit flight case fun generation
  • une console vidéo ATEM Black Magic mini ISO dans un boîtier plastique renforcé noir

Le vol semble avoir été assez ciblé, donc si vous voyez passer ce genre de matériel…

winterschon, to embedded
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ohhhh gosh… more RISC-V for FreeBSD!

💘 more cores 💘 more ram 💘 more ports 💘 more more more 💘

going to validate whether this SO-DIMM format will work in my TuringPi2, but generally underlying all technical plans, a vast majority of my home-lab acquisitions are solely because I want it and it's fun!


#riscv #embedded #freebsd #lichee #engineering #homelab #happiness #hardware #oss #womeninstem #toomanyhashtags

Lichee Pi 4A - front of retail box
Lichee Pi 4A - SoM and carrier board
Lichee Pi 4A - system layout

dirkdierickx, to c64
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8BitDo introduces the Retro Mechanical Keyboard Edition


dirkdierickx, to hardware
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polarity, to hardware
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Some of you might've already spotted it and wondered, why does polarity have a €3000 Compressor just chilling in his room?

👉 https://youtu.be/MEo9ldLT0_s

#hardware #compressor #Bitwig #plugins #musodon #musicproduction

ErikJonker, to ai
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Vendors will be very happy to see the "AI PC" initiative, it will be an incentive for people to buy new hardware. Also if i was in sales i would make the case that for more privacy and security you need more local processing power.

philip, to sbc
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For Reasons™ I'm shopping around for Single Board Computers (). Curious to hear if anyone has any favorites Besides the . Looking to run general purpose Linux distros, primarily in headless configuration.

var, to linux
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Linux is suppose to be great for older machines, and yet many of the main stream distros have dropped 32bit support. For this reason I'm installing @mxlinux w/ fluxbox. Thankfully something like mx linux exists for older hardware. :) tyty

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