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Alpine Linux 3.20 Released With Initial 64-bit RISC-V Support #Linux #AlpineLinux #Releases #RiscV

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Alpine Linux 3.20 Released with Initial Support for 64-Bit , Plasma 6, 46, and More

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On Saturday 14th May, RISC-V celebrated its 14th birthday.

In recent years, the RISC-V community has grown from a small team to thousands of members spanning 70 countries. RISC-V is also in over 13 billion devices in the market, across multiple industries and sectors.

To learn more about Codethink's work with RISC-V, access our blog post about the RISC-V kernel testing pipeline.

#RISCV #learnRISCV #HappyBirthdayRISCV

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So yeah, @stikonas and myself bootstrapped GCC 4.6.4 for #RISCV (with C++ support)

Read more:

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"Arch is going to officially support Arm / "

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Sophgo SG2000 SoC: A fascinating mix of 64-bit Cores (Arm too)


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Bought another #RISCV Milk-V Duo S for Apache #NuttX RTOS Release Testing ... Something strangely satisfying about NuttX on RISC-V: We finished the port in only 10 days! 👍


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How do I call a RISC-V function? How do I jump? When and how should I save registers on the stack? What's the calling convention? How about the RISC-V ABI? Learn all this and more in my latest #riscv assembler post:

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New release of Debian #Linux for #RISCV Sophgo SG200x / Milk-V Duo S ... Supports U-Boot "saveenv" 👍


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Today in the journey: the gap between TinyCC and GCC is closing.

mentioned, too.

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Google removes Android Generic Kernel Image support for RISC-V architecture, which means it'll be a lot tougher for device makers who want to port Android to RISC-V hardware moving forward, although Google says it's not ending RISC-V support altogether. #Android #RISCV #Google

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⚡Arm Is The New RISC/Unix, RISC-V Is The New Arm

「 Arm may be set up for a good decade long run in the datacenter, at the edge, and in our client devices, but watch out for RISC-V. Ten years from now, we might be writing the same story all over again, with one more historical ring wave added. In fact, it is hard to imagine any other alternative on the horizon 」

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With all the valid concern around and power and water usage, I thought I'd start a blog series on tiny LLMs. Let's see what they can do on real tasks on very power efficient hardware.

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Wish there was a decent "kickstarter* / #groupbuy for getting one of the many truly libre #riscv cores made by a #fab. Ideally one that is as much "general purpose cpu" as possible, though I can certainly do without out of order, speculative, and all the other fancy common sources of cpu vulnerabilities. It doesn't need to win speed records, just being really rock-solid would be awesome sigh

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Just updated my Debian images for MilkV DuoS support.
Many thanks @tllim and #sophgo for giving me a DuoS board to get this done.

Grab the images here:

#milkv #RISCV

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I wish I could justify spending a few hundred on this device as it looks really cool to tinker with my security in my lab.

#Cybersecurity #Infosec #HardwareSecurity #RISCV #OpenSource

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FreeBSD OpenJDK Contract

Various contracts, full- and part-time:

— bhyve hypervisor kernel improvements
— desktop usability
— developer tools such as LLD
— hardware support on new ARM and RISC-V devices
— installer
— jails – usability/orchestration/OCI-compatibility
— networking
— packaging – including package base (pkgbase)
— …



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Smart Speaker @PINE64 with 64-bit BL606P ... Let's boot some Apache RTOS! 👍


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No more fighting with a loose TTL-USB-cables: I have USB hub shield with USB-to-UART port :-) Or two of these: one for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and other for VisionFive 2 RISC-V SBC (in the pic). Need to still pile a TPM2 chip to the pins on top of the shield and hopefully it will still work.

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Ah purée, j'ai mis sur mon . Quelle machine !

Je suis à deux doigts de revendre mon X280 de 2019 pour ne garder que le X220 de 2011.

Il y a bien longtemps que l'informatique ne m'avais pas excité à ce point. Je crois que seul un portable avec pourrait atteindre ce plaisir de jouer.

Je parle d'un vrai portable, avec batterie amovible, port Ethernet, USB SD_Card Mini et Micro, switch physique pour le wifi et cache physique pour la caméra (ce qui manque au X220)

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