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Any private ownership tends towards #monopoly, so media system cannot have private ownership without also accepting market share limitations. #Democracy requires people have access to #independent and #diverse media. Lose that and lose #democracy. More:


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If we want our tech companies to do good, we have to understand that their ground state is to create planet-wrecking nonsense, grifty scams, and planet-wrecking, nonsensical scams. We need to make these companies small enough to fail, small enough to jail, and small enough to care
#technology #Markets #corporatism #oligopoly #monopoly #capitalism #ClimateChange #sustainability #environment

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"imitation is stealing 🤡!!!" #copyright #monopoly

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🔗Artist: in City: NY USA 🇺🇸 05/2024 - Title: "GO TO JAIL" - 34 x

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Shouldn't the lobby group be rather called "Allied for small companies we can buy to continue dominate the market"?

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'Predatory monopoly': Canadian North, feds criticized over new baggage fees

#free #monopoly

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▶ Monopoly, Red Lobster's Gutting, & The Fading Red Line w/ Luke Goldstein - MR Live | 5/28/24

#monopoly #youtube

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These AI SEO spam operations have used lists of common searches to ensure that their pages come up first in searches in the “long fat tail” the kind of search where it used to be about 50/50 if you’d find a page addressing your needs. But, it used to be if you found something like “The top 15 smallest ants in the world” it wouldn’t be nonsense. It’d either exist and be the work of another person who cared OR you found nothing. Not so now! I can’t possibly over-stress how bad this is! 1/

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@jeruyyap @MyWoolyMastadon @futurebird @seawall
As Adam Conover points out in his latest video,
the preponderance of low quality on the first page of search results affects all the major search engines. Switching to alternative search providers has been made impossible by the tyranny of the default which squeezes out the smaller players in spite of having superior web indexing methods

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This post alleging extortion from CloudFlare¹ is plausible/cautionary. Market monopolies/tech mono-cultures suck so it's tempting to just be outraged at CF.

However, we allow this when we cede control to third parties (not just cloud) without mitigation plans, by NOT:

  • using open standards/formats
  • separating concerns
  • staffing expertise in-house/independent long-term partners
  • balancing risk with cost

Let's have that bigger talk!


#Cloud #Monopoly #FOSS #OpenWeb

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#ticketmaster deserves to be broken up, it is a #monopoly and a #trust

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Anyone considering how to break the #StackOverflow #monopoly already? Any #federated alternative work in progress?

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All your GPUs are belong to #OpenAI
Matthew Berman describes how #SamAltman is gunning for #RegulatoryCapture of the
#AI market

#GPU #monopoly #ArtificialIntelligence #generativeAI #ClosedSource

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Monopoly to release Detroit edition in late 2024; you can submit suggestions for local places and organizations.

#Detroit #Monopoly #BoardGames

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by Big Pharma


#Your Job is to TALK IT UP ‼️

#big Pharma #pricefixing #monopoly #legal #junkPatents
#asthmaInhalers #news #drugs #economy

On April 30, Fed Trade Commission (FTC) challenged more than 300 junk patent drug listings: diabetes, asthma, (COPD) and Ozempic.

Bogus patent listings prevent generic drugs to come to market, keeping prices high.

In Nov. the FTC successfully challenged junk patents on asthma inhalers, reducing their price to $35.

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Roman piece? A bronze figurine of found at the roadside station on the Brandsteig, Aichhalden-Rötenberg, where a votive altar dedicated to Diana Abnoba was found. were associated with Diana. The figurine may have been an offering to the goddess.

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"Technologists are great at incremental fixes, but to regenerate entire habitats, we need to learn from ecologists who take a whole-systems view."

For Noema, Maria Farrell and Robin Berjon recommend that technologists look to ecologists for next steps on rebuilding the web:

#Longreads #Essay #Internet #Tech #Ecology #Monopoly

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Break 'Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom From Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money by Zephyr Teachout, 2020

"[We need] a grassroots, bottom-up movement that understands the challenge in front of us, and then organizes against monopoly power in communities across this country. This book is a blueprint for that organizing."
―From the foreword by Bernie Sanders.


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