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Has anyone patched either Mastodon or Lemmy so that Lemmy's posts display the whole article in your Mastodon feed yet? At this point it seems like it might be as "simple" as changing the post type from "article" to "note" since Mastodon is now able to display a good amount of formatting and stuff inline

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@liaizon as you alluded to in your reply, WP gets around this by assuming type as:Note which I disagree with from a protocol fragmentation standpoint. It implicitly acknowledges Mastodon as the dominant player with clout to change the behaviour of others, and I stand against it.

will send type as:Page (like and ), and we will work with @article_interop (and hopefully @pfefferle) to encourage Mastodon to handle it properly by modelling the appropriate behaviour.

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@devnull @article_interop @pfefferle I don't really care how its done personally, I just want to see it done because the way it is currently is super silly and quite frustrating for the actual user. I do not personally think the semantic difference between 'as:Note', 'as:Page' or 'as:Article' is the heart of the issue here. We just have to come to some active conclusion and make it happen...

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@liaizon @article_interop @pfefferle my understanding is that if Mastodon doesn't recognize the type it just falls back to showing title and url, which is a sane default. Not everything is meant to be parsed like a note.

So I get their direction here, but the knock-on effect on other implementors is signalling that some additional thought is required here.

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@devnull @article_interop @pfefferle it comes from a time when the network looked a lot different, but now that Mastodon caved into the demand of showing long posts and just adding a Show More button there really isn't any reason for them to not support articles...


@devnull @liaizon @pfefferle I've always thought a good solution would be to have more ActivityPub software support parsing multiple object types. Right now, if you send more than one object Mastodon throws the entire thing away. But I think it would be nice to send along a note, for microblogging software (like Mastodon) that knows things about notes, and other types for other pieces of software that can do other things. Pick the object type that makes sense for your particular software's use case. Event + Note is an example.

But again, because of Mastodon, we can't do any of this.

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@gabek @devnull @pfefferle
the way @bookwyrm is handing it is quite interesting, they are serving an image version of the complicated post types to mastodon and then serving the actual post to other software that supports it. I don't know the technical details of how they achieved that but I think @joachim worked on that feature...

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@liaizon This is much needed.

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@liaizon I think it has more to do with character limitations of the instances. I just scrolled through what had to a couple thousand characters, all at one time. When I was on a lesser instance that had a 500 character count limitation, it would have the “read more” at the bottom.

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@D4D3MURPHY this is no longer a reason at all. Mastodon supports full posts from remote servers with (some) styling by default now... Its just that the post 'type' in what they consider valid is only 'note' and if a post is set to 'type:article' then mastodon just displays the link to it and the title. So Wordpress is getting around that by just calling their article's that federate across 'type:note'

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