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OC Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy (

Seems like an interesting effort. A developer is building an alternative Java-based backend to Lemmy’s Rust-based one, with the goal of building in a handful of different features. The dev is looking at using this compatibility to migrate their instance over to the new platform, while allowing the community to use their apps...

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A nice collection of Lemmy apps to browse. Haven't heard of many of these - getting difficult to keep up with all the development going on.

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    @BeAware hey, I think seems to be more accessible than . The latter is jargon, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but has no meaning to those outside of the in-group.

    By all means use etc., I'm not vehemently opposed to it 😅

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    Wrote a “guide” to / last year after Reddit went full enshittify.

    If you’re interested in checking out a -based alternative to Reddit, come check out! It hosts a number of communities including one I’ve stood up for / !

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    "Care has been taken to construct it in the simplest way possible, enabling contributions from programmers of all skill levels and keeping server costs down. This will greatly speed PieFed's development process and widen its adoption."

    Clever move by @rimu Lemmy's development is struggling.
    The most popular instance, (>25% monthly active users), is still on a previous release. The current release, 0.19.1, has broken federation for the past couple weeks. Up-to-date instances are hobbling along by being restarted every few hours.

    Tried hacking on Lemmy myself... I've got many thoughts but not sure if/how to write them down.

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    looking around in threadiverse, i keep discovering threads where people would report federation issues all across different platforms time and again

    i will boost some of those conversations via this acc

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    What are some cool applications that were created recently?

    We'd like to reach out to them and see whether they want to demo at the next in March.

    You can find previous recorded demos on


    @fediforum (recent v13 fork that's like glitch-soc but for Misskey), ( lookalike), and (new software written in )!

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    Where am I?
    Is this the ? What is the ? How do I ? Am I ? Do I ? Deja-vu with the ?

    Hi there👋
    This is a good place to be!
    My thread here condenses the key learning I've made so far about Fediverse, in case it helps others.

    Click this post if needed, scroll down, to read more below.👇

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    However you arrived, there is much to discover & new cool things get built here all the time:

    = Twitter without the .
    = Instagram but not trying to sell spinfluencers' stuff to you.
    =Youtube but not ads based.
    = Facebook but not harvesting data or manipulating our timelines.
    & = Reddit but without monetizing off all their users unpaid content & exiling critics.
    & the variations (this is one) = Mastodon+ Twitter replacement with various extra QoL things like quote posts, blogs, media reuse, post controls, user cards, rendered multi-links, super customisable UI, custom feeds etc.

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    Strategies for the free fediverses

    The fediverse is evolving into different regions

    • "Meta's fediverses", federating with Meta to allow communications, potentially using services from Meta such as automated moderation or ad targeting, and potentially harvesting data on Meta's behalf.

    • "free fediverses" that reject Meta – and surveillance capitalism more generally

    The free fediverses have a lot of advantages over Meta and Meta's fediverses, some of which will be very hard to counter, and clearly have enough critical mass that they'll be just fine.

    Here's a set of strategies for the free fediverses to provide a viable alternative to surveillance capitalism. They build on the strengths of today's fediverse at its best – including natural advantages the free fediverses have that Threads and Meta's fediverses will having a very hard time countering – but also are hopefully candid about weaknesses that need to be addressed. It's a long list, so I'll be spreading out over multiple posts; this post currently goes into detail on the first two.

    • Opposition to Meta and surveillance capitalism is an appealing position. Highlight it!

    • Focus on consent (including consent-based federation), privacy, and safety

    • Emphasize "networked communities"

    • Support concentric federations of instances and communities

    • Consider "transitively defederating" Meta's fediverses (as well as defederating Threads)

    • Consider working with people and instances in Meta's fediverses (and Bluesky, Dreamwidth, and other social networks) whose goals and values align with the free fediverses'

    • Build a sustainable ecosystem

    • Prepare for Meta's (and their allies') attempts to paint the free fediverses in a bad light

    • Reduce the dependency on Mastodon

    • Prioritize accessibility, which is a huge opportunity

    • Commit to anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, and pro-LGBTQIA2S+ principles, policies, practices, and norms for the free fediverses

    • Organize!

    @fediverse @fediversenews

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    @samid @thenexusofprivacy @lrhodes @evanprodromou @noracodes @fediversenews I fully believe in the concept of separate but connected communities on the social web. is positioned (along with all other implementors in the ) to make this happen — it's an exciting time!

    Also @evanprodromou I do prefer "" over 🙂

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    Looks like the has been widely used by the and communities for years, but now it's slowly being co-opted (including by staff) to refer to the of .

    I predict a complete takeover of the , and term in general, before the end of 2024.

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    Trying out and and my first impressions is that both are aggravating. Each has some positive aspects. But, besides both feeling very quiet, each one has UI aspects that drive me up the wall. I have followed the same 13 or so communities in each and I'll give it a go. But I think it might be a better tool for a distinct community rather than to replicate the experience.

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    We experienced the and we want to give the power back to the users.

    We just granted €3000 to @LemmyDev and €333 to @ernest to support the new who already has hundreds of "subs" and thousands of users.

    This grant is part of our engagement with the @copiepublique initiative that gathers companies who pledged to share profits to grant and .

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    "Copie Publique" grant program for FLOSS: €3000 grant to support Lemmy

    French worker-owned company @codelutin invest 3333 € to support the development. 3000 € will go to Lemmy while 333 € will go to .

    @copiepublique is a french alliance of companies who pledged to support FLOSS via profit-sharing. If you are a french company, join the alliance! ✊


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    Is This Love?

    Shining light on the current events by adding them to the sidebar, oh what will we track next?

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    Copie Publique : Code Lutin investit 3333 € pour soutenir le développement du threadiverse

    Tous les ans, avec @copiepublique, nous versons 1% de notre chiffre d'affaires pour soutenir le libre et les communs numériques. Parmi d'autres projets, nous allons verser 3000 € au projet Lemmy et 333 € pour /kbin afin de rendre le pouvoir aux internautes.

    Nous cherchons des entreprises prêtes à rallier , faites signe !

    @france @technologie @opensource

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    @AlexisFR non, on parle bien ici du , c'est-à-dire la partie du fediverse centrée sur les applis types agrégateurs de liens :


    codelutin, to reddit French avatar

    Nous avons assisté au blackout #reddit et nous avons souhaité redonner le pouvoir aux utilisateurs ! ✊

    Nous versons 3000 € à et 333 € à qui proposent des alternatives avec déjà plusieurs dizaines de milliers de "sous" et de membres actifs de ce nouveau #threadiverse 🧵

    Cela fait partie du 1% de notre chiffre d'affaires que nous versons tous les ans avec @copiepublique et on est pas les seuls !

    #RedditBlackOut #CopiePublique #RedditMigration

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    I have threads silenced on, .town, and That means people here won’t see stuff from threads, but you have the option to follow and interact or outright block the threads instance.

    There are some, though, that are hyper opposed and not finding that to be sufficient. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to create another instance that did hard block threads (activitypub, DNS, firewall, etc), would what would be the type of instance would you like to see?

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    Curious about .

    I hear it has and .

    I realise I'm not an type so feel free to ignore this!

    testing, to workersrights in Open letter to brands producing in Bangladesh
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    link type posts from lemmy and kbin typically look like this > the link is embedded in the headline ✨

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    Wow , thanks for the help! I am genuinely surprised at how close the results were. It looks like the recommendation is to try out the ( and / or ) first - but only by 1.8% over ! Y'all must know that I've been getting frustrated with lately. I also appreciate the recommendations for other things to explore.

    Now the question is Kbin or Lemmy? Or both? (any thoughts?)

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    differences between threadiverse folks and microbloggers on the fedi:

    • microbloggers boost a lot, but that's not big on the threadiverse
    • microbloggers tend not to like anything - neither the posts they keep boosting nor the replies to their own posts - whereas this is absolutely common on the threadiverse
    • microbloggers tend not to reply - whereas on the threadiverse, this keeps happening all the time

    i totally get why folks from lemmy find mastodon in particular strange

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    you are pointing to the blind spot: fedi microbloggers claim that they love to interact, whereas i see more interaction happening in the threadiverse

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    The refers to social link/news aggregation and forum implementations on ActivityPub like and . The term has been used longer than Meta's existence and Threads doesn't offer similar functionality and to my knowledge still isn't even talking AP yet. I'm cool with Meta joining the fediverse, but until they implement communities and voting dynamics, they need a different term than threadiverse. /rant

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    🆕 blog! “Why did Usenet fail?”

    This is annecdata - not a serious academic study. Adjust your expectations accordingly. When I first got online, the World Wide Web was still in its infancy - so CompuServe was my gateway to the Internet. I loved their well organised chat room. A couple of clicks and I could be discussing Babylon 5 with […]

    👀 Read more:

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    @memory @Edent @davidgerard

    That's my question. How would one exploit this learning, if starting up a fediverse server now, with minimal resources?

    I feel like including ads to raise resources for moderation might be one thing... Huge drawbacks of course.

    Any other ideas?

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