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Adobe Premiere Pro is getting generative AI video tools -- and hopefully OpenAI's Sora

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This is brilliant!

The Art of Being Precise | Frieder Nake in Conversation
(or YT:

Frieder Nake is a german mathematician, computer scientist, and pioneer of computer .

Such a wise person!

Please see the next two posts for , which I find, one of the best quotes in this conversation...


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When generative AI is trained with AI-generated data, it becomes degenerat(iv)e AI.

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In other words, the current #GenerativeAI tech is a dead end.

He pointed to a quartet of cognitive challenges: #reasoning, #planning, #PersistentMemory, and understanding the #PhysicalWorld.

“Those are four essential characteristics of human intelligence — also animal intelligence, for that matter — that current #AI systems can’t do,” he said.

Meta's AI chief: #LLMs will never reach human-level intelligence

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: "Recently, Bonaventure Dossou learned of an alarming tendency in a popular AI model. The program described Fon—a language spoken by Dossou’s mother and millions of others in Benin and neighboring countries—as “a fictional language.”

This result, which I replicated, is not unusual. Dossou is accustomed to the feeling that his culture is unseen by technology that so easily serves other people. He grew up with no Wikipedia pages in Fon, and no translation programs to help him communicate with his mother in French, in which he is more fluent. “When we have a technology that treats something as simple and fundamental as our name as an error, it robs us of our personhood,” Dossou told me.

The rise of the internet, alongside decades of American hegemony, made English into a common tongue for business, politics, science, and entertainment. More than half of all websites are in English, yet more than 80 percent of people in the world don’t speak the language. Even basic aspects of digital life—searching with Google, talking to Siri, relying on autocorrect, simply typing on a smartphone—have long been closed off to much of the world. And now the generative-AI boom, despite promises to bridge languages and cultures, may only further entrench the dominance of English in life on and off the web."

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"We were supposed to research , not embrace it as a business model!" implored the DVC Research.

The Vice-Chancellor sighed audibly and exhaled.

"We're out of options."

She raised her hands, palms up, reminiscent of prayer.

"The research grants don't cover the research we do, much less the research we want to do.

International students have declined 20% year on year since India, China and Indonesia have on-shore partnerships with Deakin and Monash that still get the grads a permanent residency.

We have PhDs teaching most of the undergrad courses. The endowment took a major hit when the stock market crashed in '25.

Federation's gone bust, Adelaide's half the size it was before the merger, and you've seen CQ merge with SCU and James Cook and Charles Darwin just to be viable."

She took a sharp inhalation of burnt autumn air.

"It's tens of millions a year in recurring revenue. That's a School's worth of people."

"What do they get?"

"All the data, and lecture recordings."

"All of it?"

"Yeah, then new deltas each semester."

"So, what's to stop them using it to create that mimics a lecturer?"

"Good point, I suspect that's what their end game is."

"Given our smarts, couldn't we do that ourselves?

Use our LMS data and lecture recordings to build a personal assistant for students, you know, Diamond Age style?

Like an always-available personal tutor? Use , make sure it doesn't spit out bullshit?

We have the best in the world. Why sacrifice a long term advantage for short-term money?

What if we built it ourselves and white-labelled it for other ?"

The Vice-Chancellor raised her eyebrow.

And so was born.


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: "Journalists, academics and media executives gathered this week in Copenhagen for the Nordic AI in Media Summit. It was the second edition of the event, hosted by the Nordic AI Journalism Network. The initiative is led by Kasper Lindskow from JP/Politikens Media Group, Agnes Stenbom from Schibsted and Olle Zachrison from Swedish Radio.

The summit included keynote lectures by experts such as Nicholas Diakopolous from Northwestern University, Ezra Eeman from NPO and Melissa Heikkilä from MIT Technology Review, the presentation of AI projects and tools from many newsrooms, and talks targeting specific issues including transparency and regulation.

Among the many projects discussed at the conference, here are five that caught our eye."

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The AI Tool that I want is this: It takes in my handwriting and only slightly adjusts it to a more neatly written cursive.

(I'm not looking to text recognition; this is purely image processing.)

If this already exists, please let me know.

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: "A new study from The Associated Press reveals that generative artificial intelligence is already reshaping newsroom roles and workflow.

Nearly 70% of newsroom staffers from a variety of backgrounds and organizations surveyed in December say they’re using the technology for crafting social media posts, newsletters and headlines; translation and transcribing interviews; and story drafts, among other uses. One-fifth said they’d used generative AI for multimedia, including social graphics and videos.

“News people have stayed on top of this conversation, which is good because this technology is already presenting significant disruptions to how journalists and newsrooms approach their work and we need everyone to help us figure this technology out for the industry,” said Aimee Rinehart, co-author and senior product manager of AI strategy at the AP."

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People trying to train AIs are now complaining that all of the AI data on the internet are making it hard for them to get quality training sets of natural language and images.

bitter snickering

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@cehteh @futurebird

It seems like started marking their own generated text a few months ago. One of the telltale red flags is curiously whether the article contains an out of context fun fact about Mount Everest being 46,449 bananas tall.

See other examples I've found so far:

Fun fact about Mt Everest being 46,449 bananas tall in Etsy item description for a T-shirt

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: "[A]s the lawsuits and investigations around generative AI and its opaque data practices pile up, there have been small moves to give people more control over what happens to what they post online. Some companies now let individuals and business customers opt out of having their content used in AI training or being sold for training purposes. Here’s what you can—and can’t—do.

Before we get to how you can opt out, it’s worth setting some expectations. Many companies building AI have already scraped the web, so anything you’ve posted is probably already in their systems. Companies are also secretive about what they have actually scraped, purchased, or used to train their systems. “We honestly don't know that much,” says Niloofar Mireshghallah, a researcher who focuses on AI privacy at the University of Washington. “In general, everything is very black-box.”"

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Spring held on for another day, and luckily I was able to go out for a decent run accompanied by talks for my ! (1/6)

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Last was an excellent talk by @jtlg on generative AI and copyright at the Allen Institute for AI. Favorite quote: "It's not at all obvious that the incentives to create of the sort that copyright offers are the appropriate system of law to govern this new [technology]. It may be that what replaces copyright due to generative AI is as different from copyright as copyright was from the patronage system that came before it." Highly recommend (6/6)

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Sometimes i forget there is more then the bigtech players in generative AI. A good example is with their newest model command R+ which scores well on the LMsys leaderboard.

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: ""In the good old days," mused DreamWorks co-founder and former Disney CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg late last year, "it took 500 artists five years to make a world-class animated movie. I don't think it will take 10% of that three years out from now."

With Hollywood already replacing staff with generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, people working the industry want rules to govern the new technology and to make sure it does not use images they have created without compensating them.

The U.S. film, television and animation industry employs some 550,000 people and the sector's extensive use of technology makes staff particularly vulnerable to changes wrought by AI.

"There's a high level of exposure to AI for a lot of workers in the entertainment industry," said Adam Fowler, an economist with CVL Economics, a consulting firm that has surveyed attitudes to AI in Hollywood."

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: "Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) introduced new legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday (April 9) which, if passed, would require AI companies to disclose which copyrighted works were used to train their models, or face a financial penalty. Called the Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act, the new bill would apply to both new models and retroactively to previously released and used generative AI systems.

The bill requires that a full list of copyrighted works in an AI model’s training data set be filed with the Copyright Office no later than 30 days before the model becomes available to consumers. This would also be required when the training data set for an existing model is altered in a significant manner. Financial penalties for non-compliance would be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Copyright Office, based on factors like the company’s history of noncompliance and the company’s size."

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Whenever I see OpenAI's Sam Altman with his pseudo-innocent glance, he always reminds me of Carter Burke from Aliens (1986), who deceived the entire spaceship crew in favor of his corporation, with the aim of getting rich by weaponizing a newly discovered intelligent lifeform.

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: "This paper is a snapshot of an idea that is as underexplored as it is rooted in decades of existing work. The concept of mass digitization of books, including to support text and data mining, of which AI is a subset, is not new. But AI training is newly of the zeitgeist, and its transformative use makes questions about how we digitize, preserve, and make accessible knowledge and cultural heritage salient in a distinct way.

As such, efforts to build a books data commons need not start from scratch; there is much to glean from studying and engaging existing and previous efforts. Those learnings might inform substantive decisions about how to build a books data commons for AI training. For instance, looking at the design decisions of HathiTrust may inform how the technical infrastructure and data management practices for AI training might be designed, as well as how to address challenges to building a comprehensive, diverse, and useful corpus. In addition, learnings might inform the process by which we get to a books data commons — for example, illustrating ways to attend to the interests of those likely to be impacted by the dataset’s development."

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: "Scarcely a day goes by without news of exciting breakthroughs in the world of AI. In the face of disruptive waves of technological change and mounting uncertainty, the law cannot help but take on an “experimental” character, with lawmakers and lawyers often caught on the back foot, struggling to keep up with the sweeping winds of change. But whatever the next steps may be, one thing is certain: litigation surrounding generative AI marks an important crossroads, and whichever path we choose is likely to shape the future of the technology. The rising litigation around generative AI is not targeting image by image or specific excerpts of infringing texts produced by AI models. Rather, the whole technique behind the system is hanging in the balance.

Another key takeaway that merits attention relates to the fragmentary landscape of copyright that seems to be unfolding in the wake of the rapid advances in AI technology. Although the emerging European legal framework offers strict rules yet solid ground for AI technology to flourish on the continent, it’s worth wondering what will happen if the “Brussels effect” fails to reach the shores the other side of the Atlantic and the use of copyrighted works for training purposes is found to be transformative fair use in common law jurisdictions, while a relevant portion of these works are opted-out of AI models on European soil. That would mark a yawning gap between two copyright regimes, opening a new chapter in this old tale and potentially disadvantaging would-be European generative AI providers."

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Free and online, a generative AI course by the Harvard Kennedy School,

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#AI generated lawfirm sends #fake legal threats to scare people into adding backlinks to their website in Search Engineering Optimization #scam

See thread

#SEO #generativeAI

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: "There are two reasons why using a publicly available LLM such as ChatGPT might not be appropriate for processing internal documents. Confidentiality is the first and obvious one. But the second reason, also important, is that the training data of a public LLM did not include your internal company information. Hence that LLM is unlikely to give useful answers when asked about that information.

Enter retrieval-augmented generation, or RAG. RAG is a technique used to augment an LLM with external data, such as your company documents, that provide the model with the knowledge and context it needs to produce accurate and useful output for your specific use case. RAG is a pragmatic and effective approach to using LLMs in the enterprise.

In this article, I’ll briefly explain how RAG works, list some examples of how RAG is being used, and provide a code example for setting up a simple RAG framework."

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Asked (formerly ) a familiar riddle but with numbers changed to make it impossible. It generated the same solution but substituting the numbers so that it ends up with the nonsense claim:

10 + 5 = 23

bornach, avatar

I tried the prompt:

"I have an empty opaque bag. I put two apples and one banana in the bag. I either remove the banana or I remove one apple. I then remove all remaining fruits from the bag. Is it possible to tell what is in the bag now?"

with which got the right answer, but it confused which also cited a website on how to build a disaster survival kit.

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