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a deliquesced mass
enclosed in a silken shroud
a space to become

- cocoon


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Was schreibst du nach deinem aktuellen Projekt? Ist bereits das nächste in Planung?

Allerdings (ich habe massenhaft angefangene Projekte...)!

Wenn ich Sun Burns fertig habe, dann schreibe ich ein Wolf-Buch, A Wolf's Hacker. Das wird Band 8 in meiner Wolves of the South Serie.

Die Geschichte steht schon grob im Kopf und ein paar Kapitel sind auch schon geschrieben, die Figuren wollen endlich.

Die Wölfe sind meine Bestseller.

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2405.23 — Are your MCs picky about where they sleep?

Yes. Wintereyes always sleeps with someone. She doesn't do "alone."

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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#WritersCoffeeClub 27/5: What's the ideal story length?
Isn’t this the ultimate beginner question? To which the only answer is:
Not too long, not too short. Probably somewhere between five words and half a million.
#writingCommunity #ThreeKindsofNorth #TheSunderingWall #VowsAndWatersheds #writing #books

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#WordWeavers 27/5: What would your ideal writing group be like?
I am a Life Member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild and have benefitted greatly from that, but I have never come across anything even remotely equivalent in the world of fiction.
#writingCommunity #ThreeKindsofNorth #TheSunderingWall #VowsAndWatersheds #writing #books

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Hello everyone! I'm back on Mastadon, and wanted to share a quick intro post to highlight a little about me.

My name is Kody Boye. I'm a young adult writer of horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. My work tends to concentrate on young people who face extraordinary circumstances, and who fight to change their worlds as a result.

My work is presently available exclusively on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

You can find me online at

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5.19 — How did you settle on your MC’s appearance?

Connor was a side character at first, just a member of the motorcycle gang that helps Nessa when she's abducted by Hunters.

So I knew little about him other that he is a red-head (because of his name, more than anything). He faded into the background - until the moment he actually chose sides, which surprised me.

I can't visualize people easily, so... I leave that to the reader.

A Wolf's Fury

kodyboye, to random avatar

5.25 — How often do your characters think of death?

In my current WIP (which is my Kindle Vella serial WARSONG,) my main character thinks of death constantly, especially as she and her best friend are drafted into a war.

There's some other trauma-associated stuff in the book, but the first answer is more suitable, I think.

Firlefanz, to random avatar

5.25 — How often do your characters think of death?

Connor doesn't.

He's young (early 30s), he's strong, and thanks to being a Wolf, he has better health than the average human.

Yes, there are the Hunters, but he thinks they'll never touch him. His pack is great, he loves roaming around on their motorcycles and until Reg showed what an ass he was, things were easy.

Now he's the leader and they are not.

A Wolf's Fury, Wolves of the South 4

kodyboye, to random avatar

Figured I'd post a quick (re)introduction!

My name's Kody Boye. I'm a young adult horror, fantasy, and sci-fi writer who writes about young people changing their worlds.

When I'm not writing my fiction, I'm working as a content writer, playing video games, pestering my cats, or (attempting to manage my time at) reading.

Let me know if you see this, and say hello if you can! :) I'd love to start using this platform again.

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Hi Kody,

welcome back!

Yes, interaction is key here... I invite you to follow the hashtag and join the writer games that we play - with questions about your books, stories and characters.

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Algorithmic not artificially intelligent, but even the automation might make you feel inadequate. In any case, take a moment to ponder a future with this idea is applied to any labor you might do...

? ? ? something about the or the now.

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Gute Nacht, Freunde.

300 words for Sun in the morning. That feels so good, even if it's slow progress. But habit first, more writing later.

Played Valheim, and whatever happened, we no longer get those constant Events. It's a relief. Had another adventure with my friend - mined stuff from Leviathans. Sea Serpents, beware!

Had a lovely nap (necessary, bad night because of a loud party), had yummy food and really enjoyed this Sunday.

sfwrtr, (edited ) to Artist avatar

This is a very good comic, and it describes every author (or ) who is unsure of themself. Don't let this be you!

  • Complete stories (your vision) regardless of the merit you see in them.
  • Start a next one. Full stop. Then another.
  • Complete and send out more stories even if some editor (or commenter) doesn't buy or like them.
  • It's all practice, every single failure or not-good-enough. Practice makes you better, whatever they think, or you think. Keep practicing.
  • Take from criticism only whatever helps you identify or fix problems; reject being put in your place or ridiculed. It's practice. Your art is unique to you. Be truthful with yourself, though.
  • Keep starting and completing stories. Statistically, some will be good—and you will start to recognize the wheat in the chaff.
  • Their first stories weren't fabulous. Neither may be yours. The difference? They kept on starting, completing, sending (or posting), until they found success. Let that be you.

Please remember: and boost to give others a moral boost.

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🌟 New Blog Alert! 🌟

Ever wondered why taxes exist? Spoiler: It’s not just for funding government spending! 💰✨

Dive into my latest post on Modern Monetary Theory & taxes. Perfect for writers and curious minds!

👉 Read now:
#writingcommunity #authors #writers @writingcommunity

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#PennedPossibilities 326 — Do any of your characters have a favorite place that they've ever visited?

Characters in both "Bayou Fire" and "Pompeii Fire," as well as my current #wip, are travel writers. I've never really considered whether they have a favorite place that they've visited, if I'm honest ... but I suspect sentimental attachments to particular spots all the same. #nospoilers

#indieauthor #writingcommunity #books #bookstodon #historicalfiction

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#wordweavers May 26. What childhood similarities do your MC and antagonist share?

In "In The Eye of The Beholder," my now-long ago debut novel, Claire and François are cousins. So, they grew up in fairly similar circumstances.

Honestly, in the other books, about the only thing they have in common is being alive at the same time.

#indieauthor #writingcommunity #HistoricalFiction #books #bookstodon

sifaseven, to writing avatar

Day 26: Would you consider writing a guide to your work?

I keep notes for all my worldbuilding in my stories. and that includes sketches and anecdotes.

I might put them together into a guide someday.

MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar

vegetable plot
this wet spring a wellspring
of slugs

- wellspring




KokopelliBFree, to Haiku German avatar

gurgling from the rocks
cool, and clean, and refreshing
the sweetest water

- wellspring


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Ok, writing question!

Where in New York City would a young person live who has two part-time jobs that don't pay particularly great, but who (for magical plot reasons) doesn't have to worry about healthcare expenses, appliances breaking, or other such stuff that poses a major financial risk for real-world (non-magical) people?

Small apartment, solvent parents who can help in a pinch, the character is, for lack of a better description, a liberal, intellectual, scientifically-minded young person (20s).

I've never set foot anywhere in the US, let alone New York, so I have no clue.

#AmWriting #NewYork #NewYorkCity #Worldbuilding

amberage, avatar

Related: it would be amazing if there were a website for writers where they could collaborate on maps of their home towns, describing areas (i.e. "the poor quarter", "the filthy rich white people quarter", "the quarter where students live", etc.), giving descriptions of land marks, party streets, vacation spots, hospitals, etc. – everything a foreign writer would need to plausibly enough describe a character living in that city without huge mistakes like placing a poor character in the "ivy league DINKY trust fund" neighbourhood.

#AmWriting #WritingCommunity

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326 — Do any of your characters have a favorite place that they've ever visited?

Since I shared the cover of Connor's story yesterday, I'll pivot to him. (I'm sure you're all tired of Sun, anyway.)

Yes, Connor loves the area around Wilmington, NC, where he grew up. The bayous and swamps, the rivers and forests, they are what he considers home. And he loves returning to them.

His pack even has a house in town.

A Wolf's Fury, Wolves of the South 4

Firlefanz, to random avatar

5/26: Would you consider writing a guide to your work, e.g. for aspiring writers?

I'm not a fan of guides unless they are for technical processes.

And while I'm quite willing to talk about my writing process, I am convinced that every writer needs to figure out what works for them. My way is only one of an infinite number of ways that exist.

I might set up a guide for readers on my website. But even then, they need to follow their preferences.

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