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24. Is there any work of fiction you could have written better? Don't be shy.

I have read lots of AO3 fiction, potboilers, and pulp from the 30 through 70. I think I can say that much of it I could have done a better job. Do I remember names? No,

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Writers’ Coffee Club for 24th May 2024

  1. Is there any work of fiction you could have written better? Don't be shy.

What, apart from seasons 7 & 8 of Game of Thrones? 😆

I’ve read quite a few books in my time, and some of them weren’t especially well-written. Others were, but I still find a few bits here and there that could stand a bit of revision. I’ve been re-reading Eddings’ Belgariad series to my youngest lately, and while I think it was quite well written overall, I came across a few passages last night that stood out to me as a little ‘clunky’ in the prose – I definitely feel I could have done those parts better!

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I just got some author copies I ordered and that always makes my day! I'm looking forward to getting them in the hands of local fans.

If you're interested, you can learn more about these books at the following links:


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Senor Polpo Poeta An original Unseen design, hand burned onto the wood and hand painted colours. Approx 24 x 26.5cm £75 including uk p&p. Photo taken pre-varnish.

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We are back with awesome news about the second volume of our Warm Cup of Cozy Anthology!!!

Read our blog post for more information.

@writingcommunity @writing

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Lol, folks. Listen to your article before you post it. Doesn't matter what voice. You'll catch things like this from In the app's settings (accessed via ChatPGT ➝ Settings… in the menu bar when the app's main window ...

#accessibility #writing #TTS

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writing interference

Not much interferes with my writing unless I allow it.

That’s the place in which I find myself at this point in my life. Writing is my cub & I’m a mama bear.

There are daily chores, like cleaning, cooking, or sometimes shopping. Beyond that, some activities that I participate in, like walking, serve my writing. Others—& really, this is true of life in general—it’s all material my writing feeds upon.

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The fifth chapter of Stardust: Labyrinth is out! Horrifying event after horrifying event happens as the five tries to find their way back after the fourth chapter's incident, threatening to derail the expedition completely. Will they manage to regain their bearings?

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The mushroom ring was drawn in chalk, so I'd thought nothing of it...

As the fae realm drew me in, I tried to remember - was it just local fairy food that I needed to avoid? Was the lunch in my bag safe since I'd brought it with me?

"It worked! It's a human!" exclaimed an excited pixie.

"They-them, please," I blurted instinctively.

"They're a human! Humans exist!"

"Ugh, you won the bet, now let's send them back..." grumped an elf.

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#WordWeavers 23/5: Are your MCs picky about where they sleep?
Both Jerya and Rodal grew up in a village where they slept on platforms carved from solid rock with only a thin pad stuffed with goat-hair for a mattress. And crossing the mountains they (and Railu) slept under a tarpaulin on whatever bit of vaguely smooth and level ground they could find. so, no, they’re not picky.
#writingCommunity #ThreeKindsofNorth #TheSunderingWall #VowsAndWatersheds #writing #books

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#WritersCoffeeClub 23/5: What gets in the way of your writing?
Riding bikes, and cleaning them afterward. Going to coffee shops (but we have some great conversations about writing, so maybe that’s a help not a hindrance). General household chores.
And more life. How do people with full-time jobs and kids manage it?
#writingCommunity #ThreeKindsofNorth #TheSunderingWall #VowsAndWatersheds #writing #books

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A donkey came to visit while I was writing. Writing on a farm apparently means never writing alone. #albania #donkey #Writing

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I have so many short story ideas, but I write only the first paragraph and just can't continue, yet the entire story is sitting there in my head anxious to come out. Because I've thought so much about the story that I know how it starts, how it ends, who the main characters are, but I can't get it out of my head..... Not sure how to get out of this state. It's been going for about a month now 😭

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323 — What's a piece of advice for writers that you listened to and are glad for?

An Australian author, Lucy Sussex, told us at Clarion West 1998 to be shameless in promoting ourselves. Being a shy person, networking and promotion has been a heavy lift, but I'm working on it and I know it's going to help. Mastodon: ☑️

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Chapter 26 is now in rough draft, despite a sick computer and a long talk about yuri with a yuri VN dev friend.

I'd like to get chapter 26 polished for beta by next week. But that is ambitious. I may have to settle for a rough of chapter 27.

#Writing #AmWriting #KonbiniIdol

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What gets in the way of your writing?

Mostly me.

I can use that, though. I wrote a 6000 word short story over the weekend because I was supposed to be doing something else.

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23. What gets in the way of your writing?

The biggest thing is how distractable I am. There is always something that wants my attention. I am past blaming the things that distract me because if I get rid of one thing, something else will come and take its place.

The next biggest thing is depression or depression tied to anxiety. The more anxious I get the more depressed I get and the more time I spend in bed. I have started using some of that time to plot through difficult bits of plotting or to read. In the end, this will help fertilize my mind. Currently, I am reading "Management of a Novice Alchemist" a yuri adjacent fantasy.

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Sudden flash of light
Waiting, counting and calculating
A distant drum roll


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"There is really no such thing as a big-city newspaper columnist anymore, but Breslin was big—he would literally call reporters on the phone to tell them, 'I’m big.'"

For The Point, Ross Barkan writes about journalist Jimmy Breslin:

#Longreads #Essay #Journalism #Newspapers #Writing

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Don't know why after a day of meetings I'm thinking about this now but did anybody else have WordPerfect on their Atari ST in 1991? 💪 🤓 :mycomputer: :atari:

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when the wind sings
and the trapped sails drift
then turn
wheat ears between the stones
serving the gritty rumble
and nearby in the sun
we are testing the dirt
for the survival hope of small insects
and whether we will dash them
or offer mercy

Thanks @worded_art for the prompt - ground.

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Hier sind die gesammelten Phantastik Prompts für Mai 2024.

Das meiste befasst sich mit meinem SciFi WIP Star Ryde. Hin und wieder gibt mein WIP SciFi Parodie Galaxy Glyde. Und dann natürlich die, die sich mit dem Schreiben an sich befassen.

Mai 2024

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Was würdest du im Zweifel eher ändern, das Ende, auf das deine Geschichte hinläuft, oder den Weg, den die Figuren nehmen? Warum?

Theoretisch das Ende, the path not taken, führt manchmal zum gleichen Ende aber wie wir es vom Butterfly Effect wissen oder jeder halbwegs bekannten Zeitreise Story, können kleinste Änderungen ein komplett anderes Ende bewirken. Somit kann ich das Ende oft einfacher ändern als den Weg.


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