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Race for the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines
What’s in the pipeline? - Katelyn Jetelina

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Covid long : aidez les chercheurs à mieux le connaître


Les connaissances sur le Covid long et son retentissement sur la vie des personnes qui en souffrent sont encore limitées. Si vous êtes concernés, vous pouvez faire progresser ces connaissances en participant à l’étude Covilev. Conduite par le réseau Sentinelles (Inserm/Sorbonne Université), cette étude vise à mieux décrire le Covid long pour, à terme, améliorer sa prise en charge.

Depuis 2020, une partie des personnes qui ont contracté la Covid-19 présente des symptômes persistants au-delà de trois mois : on parle alors de « Covid long ». Les connaissances sur ce trouble sont encore limitées et le retentissement sur la vie des personnes reste à évaluer. Dans ce contexte, l’étude Covilev vise à mieux décrire les différents symptômes associés au Covid long ainsi que leur fréquence, à mesurer l’impact de la maladie sur la qualité de vie (vie quotidienne, santé mentale, activités professionnelles et familiales), et à détailler le parcours de soins et les modalités de prise en charge des personnes qui en souffrent.

Dans ce but, Covilev va suivre pendant un an des personnes qui souffrent de Covid long, qu’elles aient ou non consulté un médecin généraliste pour ce motif. Ce suivi se déroulera entièrement ligne, par le biais de questionnaires (5 au total) auxquels les participants devront répondre une fois tous les trois mois.

À booster, merci :)

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Analysis spotlights sperm defects in month after COVID infection, but not at 90 days.

"In the 30 days after COVID-19 infection, total sperm count, sperm concentration, total sperm motility (movement), and progressive motility were significantly reduced in a cohort of Chinese men"




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COVID-19 found to increase risk of hospitalization, death in multiple sclerosis (MS): Study.

Researchers say findings in England show threat 'still very real for many'

"With new variants constantly emerging, people living with MS should be considered an important high-risk group for COVID-19 hospitalization and death for which additional preventive measures and multilayered public health protections are urgently needed"



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@Nature More to … In the 30 d after initial infection, total sperm count, sperm concentration, total sperm motility & progressive motility were significantly reduced in men ,with the most severe effects in those with moderate to high fever …

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It is almost funny to find out that trans people are more likely not only get covid, but die from it, or get worse outcomes - like long lasting disabilities.

If you care about trans people, and are an ally...a thing you could do to support us is to wear a good mask (N95/FFP2+). Protect yourself and others. It is the compassionate thing to do.

And if you are trans yourself - please stay safe.

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study that reveals how SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, hijacks lung cells, leading to severe symptoms. Researchers found that the virus activates a specific signaling pathway in lung cells, resulting in inflammation and lung damage. Understanding this mechanism could help develop targeted treatments to mitigate COVID-19 severity.


Published study:


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Yet another good reason to avoid repeat infections...

COVID can quietly linger in your body long after getting sick. What does that mean?

researchers analyzed blood samples from 171 adults who had been infected by the virus. They found that one-quarter of these people had COVID proteins in their blood up to one year after their initial infection.

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My blood type is A+, so of course, this STUDY found that type "might be more susceptible to with significantly higher severity or mortality rate of disease." The O + blood group might be less susceptible, with longer survival and less severity of disease. It's a fairly small study, however--just 101 patients.

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All vaccines carry some risk of side effects. Some argue, without demonstrable evidence, that the bivalent caused heart problems. A new STUDY refutes that: "This population-based study provides evidence that bivalent COVID-19 mRNA vaccination is not associated with risk of myocarditis/pericarditis."

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For second time, one-time #BostonUniversity theology student has lawsuit over school's one-time #Covid19 testing requirement dismissed
#Boston #lawsuits

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People learn nothing from the pandemic. It's a lovely 60° day in Milwaukee, so I spent the afternoon enjoying a couple of beers with my spouse. We visited bars that could have had their windows open, but didn't. Almost none had patio/outdoor tables set up. And the few that did have outdoor tables had nobody sitting outside (except us). Everyone was indoors, in terrible crowds, on a beautiful afternoon. Make it make sense.

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is at its lowest point in 8 months in the US. But one concerning trend is that our "low points" are getting less low. Lowest points each year based on wastewater monitoring:

2021: May: 40 copies/ml
2022: March: 111 copies/ml
2023: June: 165 copies/ml
2024 (thus far): April: 320 copies/ml

We're a long way from the 1,100 to 1,300 copies/ml seen in surges the last two years, but the rejection of vaccines, normal behaviors, and reinfections are worrisome.

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No one can tell us if this trend in ever-higher "low" points will continue for . That will depend on the effectiveness and uptake of future vaccines, how COVID mutates, and other factors. But, if we continue to see our "lows" rise 50% or more each year, we're just four years away from our "lows" looking more like our past surges. With lower fatality rates, people think this isn't a big deal, but with rising risks of Long COVID from reinfections, this could be a massive deal.

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One of the things I've learned reading ~1,500 research reports on is the importance of REALLY reading them and not just relying on the conclusion. Here's an example: This study finds "there was no evidence of an association between COVID-19 and adverse perinatal outcomes." Great, huh? Not so fast: "COVID-19 in the first trimester was associated with fetal death, RR=2.36 (95% CI 1.04, 5.36)." That means fetal death is 236% more likely! Crazy conclusion!

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Read a study that shows how easy it is for people to misunderstand (or deliberately misinterpret) research findings: The study found that "individuals who did NOT seek medical care in the 4–12 week period after infection had a higher chance of early recovery." This suggests seeing a doctor is a problem, but what it really means is that people with more serious COVID symptoms (who are more inclined to seek medical care) are less likely to recover quickly.

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Absolut sehenswerte Reportage des @3sat über und und die kaum existente Unterstützung für Betroffene.

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COVID Poses Greater Risk Of Death To Those With Cancer.

"Researchers from the University of Liverpool and the University of Edinburgh have found evidence to say that people with cancer face a higher risk of mortality from COVID-19 compared with those without cancer."




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🇮🇹Italy: COVID infections in Italy increased by 28% in the last week.

From 4 April to 10 April:

🔹New cases: 646 (+27.9%)
🔹Reinfections: 41%
🔹Deaths: 15 (-28.6%)
🔹Positivity rate: 0.5% (unchanged)

🔸Hospitalised: 727 (-0.6%)
🔸ICU: 21 (-4.5%)



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Stanford Medicine study flags unexpected cells in lung as suspected source of severe .

"SARS-CoV-2-infected interstitial macrophages, the scientists have learned, morph into virus producers and squirt out inflammatory and scar-tissue-inducing chemical signals, potentially paving the road to pneumonia..."

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Vaccines work. STUDY: "we show the real-world effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines to prevent long COVID symptoms and post-COVID thromboembolic and cardiovascular complications among the Norwegian population, consistent with previous findings from other countries (UK, Spain, and Estonia)."

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STUDY: "Regardless of the severity of the initial disease or the age of the patient, PASC is very likely to affect the quality of life of the patient after 'recovery'. "

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