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This entire ID system we have is pissing me off. If I have one ID that should be enough identification. I shouldn't have to bring another one. ESPECIALLY if I'm giving my passport. How tf is that not enough???

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In case you missed it, the healthcare workers from UP-PGH are experiencing a surge of cases, which they suspect is the variant.

They recently re-activated their announcenments channel in Telegram, to help improve information dissemination


! : 😷


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The Philippine Coast Guard on Friday accused its Chinese counterpart of blocking efforts to evacuate a sick member of its armed forces in the South China Sea, calling its actions "barbaric and inhumane." https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/asia-pacific/philippines-chinese-medical-evacuation/

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Over the past 10 days Trans Rescue has conducted operations to bring an person to safety and in the

We all really need sleep.

To support our work:

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The Philippines is a conservative Catholic-majority nation, and many queer folk there feel excluded by the traditional church. They're turning to Roblox Filipino Catholics (RFC) as a more inclusive place where they can practice their faith. @restofworld's Patrick Kho spoke to queer Catholics about how they're finding community, preserving heritage, and even changing minds in this new space.


#Culture #Catholicism #Religion #Philippines #LGBTQ #Pride #LoveIsLove #Roblox #Gaming

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U.S. President Joe Biden has delivered another broadside to Beijing on its most sensitive issue, saying he was “not ruling out using U.S. military force” in response to a potential Chinese invasion of democratic Taiwan. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/05/asia-pacific/politics/biden-defend-taiwan-china/ #asiapacific #politics #china #uschina #taiwan #pla #joebiden #xijinping #philippines #usjapanrelations

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📍 Kusina sa Baybay, Baywalk, Puerto Princesa

SuTuKil! Seafood three ways. 🐟

Su = Sugba (grill) using black rabbitfish

Tu = Tuwa/Tinuwa (stew) using mud clams also known as tuway; this clam is a little too salty for me

Kil = Kilaw/Kinilaw (raw) using yellowfin tuna, this was cooked in vinegar

Total cost: P1,100 ($18.70)

#Philippines #MakanApaToday

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The hashtag has started to gain momentum in the because of the recent muting/silencing of a renowned journalist's coverage of the West Philippine Sea issue. Which in turn also revealed that a music video / campaign of a local celebrity regarding WPS was also muted earlier.

See: https://twitter.com/inquirerdotnet/status/1797805477339820287

Hopefully, this is the spark we are waiting for to get this Communist China-controlled service banned in the country.

Unfortunately, one user shared a photo of a news report on how the DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) said that we should be careful with banning apps as these are simply technologies, and small businesses are using it.

See: https://twitter.com/MulatTayo/status/1797852740254937400

> ANC: The DICT asserts it needs to be careful in supporting a ban on social media apps, esp. since they benefit small businesses.
> DICT: Let's not single out a particular app. This is just tech. There are evils in it, but there are also good things in it.

It was a poor attempt to deflect the question. Why? The topic was not about the technology, it was about banning [highly questionable] social media apps. There is a huge difference between technologies and services.

The public is not asking to ban the technologies behind “short form videos”. The people of the Philippines are demanding to ban a service.

@pilipinas @philippines

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calls ’s democratic values the “grounding wire of our global power” & its “our greatest asset.” …, called for withdrawing American forces in & & has promised… to cut loose even our closest if they don’t do as he tells them. …Trump sees all countries as unreliable, the relations between them . That sentiment has spread throughout a that once championed America’s values abroad…


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#Biden’s admin has worked to prevent the #war in #Gaza from igniting a broader regional conflict. He brokered the 1st trilateral summit w/long-distrustful regional partners #SouthKorea & #Japan, & coaxed the #Philippines to move away from China’s orbit & accept 4 new #US military bases. He has rallied countries in #Europe & #Asia to curtail #China’s economic sway. “We have put together the strongest #alliance in the history of the world,” Biden says….
#ForeignPolicy #geopolitics #BidenHarris2024

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I guess the has the same clueless leftists as , who think everything is a US-led conspiracy, and believe is the same entity as the , not a fascist dictatorship supporting far-right movements around the world.

This piece is...something.


SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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Why are there baranggays on the western slopes of ??? 😬

, – An “explosive eruption” at in on Monday evening, June 3, prompted state volcanologists to place the under Alert Level 2

Kanlaon Volcano erupts, Alert Level 2 raised

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Beijing has accused Washington of playing “an extremely ignoble role” in backing Manila in the disputed South China Sea, days after the Philippines' president warned of a red line — what it would consider “an act of war” — in the strategic waterway. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/03/asia-pacific/politics/china-philippines-south-china-sea-row/

Norobiik, to singapore
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The Ukrainian leader was in nearby #Singapore over the weekend to attend the #ShangriLaDialogue, where he accused both #Russia and #China of trying to undermine a #PeaceSummit in #Switzerland.

#Zelenskiy is set to arrive in #Manila late Sunday, June 2. This is his first ever visit. #Philippines #ZelenskiyInManila

#Ukraine’s Zelenskiy to visit Manila

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I did not expect this 😳

Reportedly, 's push for the at the in wasn't as warmly received as expected. He's obviously hoping to get (President Marcos) & the on 's side for the peace initiative. This last minute surprise will throw the Philippine diplomatic staff in an uproar 🤣.

And is definitely not going to like this (a good thing).

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Philippine President . is welcoming Ukrainian President Vlodomir to on Monday, June 3, a historic meeting that is expected to catch the attention of and .

’s Zelenskiy in Manila, meets ’ Marcos for the first time

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Just days after the U.S. and Chinese defense chiefs held “constructive” in-person talks, the two used speeches at Asia’s top regional security conference over the weekend to deliver markedly different messages. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/02/asia-pacific/politics/china-defense-minister-us-rivarly/ #asiapacific #politics #dongjun #taiwan #china #pla #usmilitary #southchinasea #disputedislands #lloydaustin #us #philippines

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