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This line in "The Great Gatsby" (as Nick Carraway's riding the train from Long Island into New York City) is a transitional fossil record:

"My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand."

Because the modern verb "commuting" and nouns "commuter" and "commute"....

stem from names for multi-ride railroad/streetcar passes that truncated or "commuted" fare payments ("commute" here being the same verb we use in "commuted their original prison sentence").

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New blog post about "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway's struggle to love, multiple new stage adaptations, what's hard about porting a story to another medium, anti-racism tradeoffs, and @jacob being a patient friend

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Time for some on the current production of on Broadway with Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster.

  1. This might have become my second favorite production of Sweeney Todd (first will always be Patti and Michael). But I get why some people are grumpy about it: it is capital C CAMPY. They emphasize and reveal comedic moments, which makes for a very different overall experience, coming off as far more unhinged, but also not quite the classic Greek chorus tragedy of fate most productions emphasize. But like...oh my gosh I loved the camp of it soooo much and it made for a unique production

  2. Yes, Aaron Tveits is incredibly hot and it finally makes sense why Mrs. Lovett would be obsessed with him. And Sutton Foster's Lovett is HORNY for him and commits to the camp 230%. But like, yes, I also would rub my feet on his chest and would feel hot and bothered watching him get aggressively murderous...this may have awakened something in me 😅

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Excited for the Broadway Across Canada tour this year:

  • The Lion King
  • Beetlejuice
  • Tina - The Tina Turner Musical
  • MJ: The Muscial
  • Hamilton

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Just learned that the iconic song "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" was originally intended for a musical based on... the classic sci-fi story "Flowers for Algernon".

Whiskey tango foxtrot?

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"Joker: Folie à Deux" will be a jukebox musical, insiders have told Variety magazine. Joaquin Phoenix returns in the title role while Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn in the Todd Phillips-directed movie, which is set to premiere this year, possibly at the Venice International Film Festival. We'll have to see how that will turn out, but we want to know: What do you think about musicals in general? Tell us your favorite (or least favorite) in the comments.

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“I was a theater and band kid. My sophomore year my school did Hairspray as our school play. It has a role that is traditionally played as a man in drag. My school followed that tradition. That is now illegal. It was explicitly asked if Rocky Horror Picture show and Hairspray would be banned under the new youth drag ban law. The legislature said yes.”

Fascism is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

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Oh man, @neurothing wants us all to cry today with a Thursday Five List theme of "The Sadness."

Let's go.

Cake - Sad Songs and Waltzes

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

Lecrae - Death Story

Phillipa Soo - Burn

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We were invited to an exciting show in a venue near Kansai International Airport with 360° screens and sound. The was by former of the Revue (宝塚歌劇団), a renowned troupe where play all the roles in adapted from Western and Japanese , , movies, novels, and young women's comics.

1st photo: With family friends and staff who look a bit like anime or manga characters. My wife is second from the right.

2nd photo: The star came out from the stage and tapped me on the shoulder as she danced by.

3rd photo: Light show and .

4th photo: Finale with all the . They sang "We are the World" mostly in while audience members waved a sort of light saber.


The star touched me as she danced by.
Light show on the screens with music and dancing.
Finale with all the entertainers was "We are the World" sung mostly in Japanese.

Dolly Parton Wants to Hold a 'Finding Dolly' Contest to Cast Her Upcoming Broadway Musical (

Dolly Parton is working “9 to 5” on her forthcoming Broadway musical. While speaking with PEOPLE about her new line of baking mixes with Duncan Hines, the country music legend, 78, shared an update about the highly anticipated Broadway musical about her life and career....

Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells Broadway Comedy ‘Gutenberg! The Musical’ Recoups $6.75 Million Investment (

Hats off to “Gutenberg! The Musical!” The Broadway show, starring Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells (whose characters wear dozens of caps) as they reunited 12 years after “The Book of Mormon,” has recouped its initial investment of $6.75 million. During the show’s 20-week run, “Gutenberg” generated plenty of buzz and...

Interview: Andy Karl On Returning To GROUNDHOG DAY, the Show's International Success & More (

BrodwayWorld sat down with Andy Karl to find out all about him living his own personal 'Groundhog Day' down under in Melbourne, the musical's Broadway run, and more. Karl returns to the role after originating the role in London (and returning to it once more last year) and on Broadway....

BACK TO THE FUTURE THE MUSICAL Will Open in Japan in 2025 (

Back to the Future the Musical is headed to Japan! The musical will be performed at JR East Shiki Theater in Takeshiba, Tokyo beginning in April 2025. The production was announced during a press conference held on January 24 with director John Rand, lead producer Colin Ingram, and Chiyoki Yoshida, President and CEO of Shiki...

Danielle Brooks, Colman Domingo and more Broadway musical alumni recognized with 2024 Oscar nominations (

For the 2024 Academy Awards, Danielle Brooks was nominated in the category of Actress in Supporting Role for her turn as Sofia in the film adaptation of the musical “The Color Purple.” Brooks earned a Tony Award nomination for her performance in the same role in the 2015 revival....

A Black actor was denied a wig for a major Broadway tour. She's now suing for racial discrimination (

Out of town, on Broadway and on the road, the recent revival of “1776” was strategically cast in a nontraditional manner, with actors of diverse gender identities and racial backgrounds portraying the white, male Founding Fathers as they finalized the Declaration of Independence. “Putting history in the hands of the humans...

Disney’s Frozen to close in London on 8 September 2024 (

Disney’s Theatrical Group has posted closing notices for the London production of Frozen. Frozen will extend for the final time, completing its run at Theatre Royal Drury Lane after three years on 8 September 2024, having been seen by over 2.8 million people....

Broadway's How to Dance in Ohio Announces Closing (

How to Dance in Ohio has announced its closure on Broadway. The show’s final performance will be February 11. The new neurodivergent coming-of-age musical opened at the Belasco Theatre December 10 after beginning previews November 15. At the time of closing, the musical will have played 27 previews and 72 regular performances....

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Hollywood decisionmakers don’t want to take creative risks, Salon’s Nardos Haile writes. And their recent marketing tactics suggest that the industry is confused about what the general public wants when it comes to musicals. Here’s why audiences don’t hate musicals — even if the studios think they do.

rust_tin_can, to Musicals

I’ll be seeing this production of ’s this weekend. I can’t wait!

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