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Today in not a drag queen
Wichita Falls pastor found guilty of sexually abusing young girls in church office

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“William C. Robinson, a pastor working for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Corpus Christi, received 10 years probation after sexually abusing an underage family member [for years].”

Probation? Sounds about white… He molested his own relative and the court ordered him to take parenting classes! Unreal.

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    Awww - Life comes at you fast, ay dad??

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    Add another one to the list…

    “Luis Borunda, a former deputy secretary of state under [Governor Larry] Hogan, was charged with two counts of distribution of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child, and possession of child pornography”

    previously appointed Borunda to his 2017 “election integrity committee.”

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    The owners of a rural boarding school for "troubled" boys have been arrested and charged with kidnapping as an investigation into further criminal allegations continues.

    Five boys have run away from the school, Lighthouse Christian Academy, this year, with some escapees asking a neighbor to call 911. Lighthouse previously accepted girls, until a former principal was accused of sexually abusing a female student.

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    Former chaplain of the Jamestown (NY) Police Department has been indicted for "committing sexual acts against a child."

    Jacob Feldt, 37, is

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    It’s always the ones you most suspect.

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    "Tracy Wells apologized to her pastor.

    "Yet it was the pastor, the Rev. Ian Sears at Grace Presbyterian Church who spoke to Wells inappropriately, rubbed her feet and kissed her forehead. Still, it was Wells who church leaders considered equally culpable."

    There are TWO Presbyterian churches in the U.S. PCA, which Wells and Sears belong to, is conservative. They don't ordain women or support GLBTQ+ people. Don't confuse it with the liberal PCUSA.

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    US archbishop secretly backed bid to free priest convicted of raping child - well, of course...

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    @glynmoody Oh look! Child abuse in the name of god again.

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    Knoxville TN police officer facing federal child pornography charges.

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    @br00t4c always a rethuglican

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