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In this week's #LongreadsTop5:

-Displacing the #Maasai (The Atlantic)
-The death of an #Alabama #pastor (Esquire)
-Alaska's little brown #bats (Hakai Magazine)
-A dispatch from an #AI conference (n+1)
-Remembering #ShaunOfTheDead (British GQ)

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“William C. Robinson, a pastor working for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Corpus Christi, received 10 years probation after sexually abusing an underage family member [for years].”

Probation? Sounds about white… He molested his own relative and the court ordered him to take parenting classes! Unreal.


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banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to london
banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to london
banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to Palestine


“I am traveling to the to call the to be the church, and to act in costly towards an immediate and comprehensive . This is a moral obligation. This is not the time for neutrality or soft diplomacy. “ Revd Dr M. Isaac

Munther Isaac, of the Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, will be in on Feb. 18th ⬇️


GW, to Colorado

A Tale of Two Pastors

Eligio in Denver, , is being charged with multiple counts of and other illegal activity after convincing members of his congregation to buy millions of dollars of worthless . Regalado and his wife pocketed nearly half of the $3.2 million they raised and used several hundred thousand dollars to remodel their home.


ai6yr, to religion
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AP: Colorado pastor accused of defrauding investors of $3M via crypto scheme says he got help from ‘the Lord’ "...raised about $3.2 million from more than 300 people who invested in the “illiquid” and “essentially worthless” currency... noting that God appeared to him in a dream and gave him advice on how to run the cryptocurrency exchange." https://coloradosun.com/2024/01/23/colorado-pastor-fraud-crypto-faith/?utm_content=buffer19db9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Mastodon&utm_campaign=buffer

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JaniceSelbie, to Christianity

STOP PROSELYTIZING. Respect the laws of Nepal. It’s not that hard. Supreme Court sentences to for proselytizing | World News https://www.christianpost.com/news/nepal-supreme-court-sentences-pastor-to-prison-for-proselytizing.html

slcw, to Software
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The man who is 2nd in line for the has installed 3rd-party on all of his devices to monitor his digital activity, and provide detailed reports each day to his adopted son. This software, called "" if you can believe it, is a full-system monitor with access to every facet of the devices it's installed on. Maybe if was just a lowly, small-town assistant , it wouldn't be a big deal, but he's not.


Susan_Larson_TN, to bible
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once to at '' ’s .

He’s now the most powerful in the nation, second in line to the , and the third most-powerful in the .


GottaLaff, to random
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JHC. (no pun intended)

Via Ron Filipkowski:

Pastor’s opening prayer at rally today in Iowa: “We ask that those who stand against (Trump) be put to silence. That those horrendous actions against him and his family be exposed and struck down. Give us the courage to stand with Trump.”

@ZeKik@mas.to avatar

@GottaLaff the fact that he’s described as a tells us everything we need to know. He’s some who wants to turn 🇺🇸 into a theocracy.

This is not . This is not . This is HATE SPEECH.

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A Calgary pastor has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for his role in protests against COVID-19 public health measures that blocked Alberta's main Canada-U.S. border crossing for more than two weeks.

But a judge in Lethbridge, Alta., gave Artur Pawlowski 60 days credit for time already served.


dustcircle, to philosophy
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Friendly #Atheist Podcast


Several stories involving #religion and #politics.
— Former #Kentucky county clerk #KimDavis owes $100,000 to a #gay couple she discriminated against.
— A #Baptist #pastor falsely claimed #autism is #demonic: "My #God doesn't make junk."
— A misleading survey suggests #Christians are more #tolerant of #freespeech than #atheists.
#Florida continues to promote a #Christian-approved alternative to the #SAT.
and more

Susan_Larson_TN, to trans
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Bwheatnyc, to PastorArrested
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Former pastor arrested in 1975 murder of young girl walking to his church https://flip.it/fgEev0

Litzz11, to random
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Not a drag queen. Just a pervy .

SC youth pastor charged with filming girls in shower now accused of filming bridesmaids changing

dustcircle, to random
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Erik, to random

oh lol I forgot to write the sermon for this sunday


I've thought about this for a while. Do you deliver the sermon or just write it for them? Is the by any chance?

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