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Off we go!

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We are now at the point in the field, where we can compare with and there is plenty left to learn and understand.

On to : TESS has achieved (and exceeded) the goal of the measurement of 50 sub-Neptune masses.

Theory predicts water planets, but where are they? Evidence? Luque+ Palle showed observational evidence for systems.

But: needs to catch up with what we observe.


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🛰️ operate in a below 600 km altitude. With drag at these levels, satellites are naturally deorbited ⤵️ in five years or less. initiated controlled descents on 406 satellites out of nearly 6000 Starlink satellites launched to date. It plans controlled descents on ~ 100 additional early-version 1 Starlink satellites.

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smog warning, just in time for a current events discussion. An inversion, I think (air doesn't get cooler the higher you go), trapping exhaust and smoke near the ground...

This is the blue colored patch on a 'skew-T' diagram. The data is collected from a radiosonde balloon released near Montreal and presented at

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Dream Unending, Tide Turns Eternal (2021)

🇨🇦 🇺🇸

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icymi… the big new bluesuburbia is finally out on steam early access. there’s already an abundance of story and world to explore! free.
👉 🌔✨🔮🌖

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ESA’s Trace Gas Orbiter Observes Green Atmospheric Nightglow on Mars
The atmospheric nightglow is observed on Earth. On Mars, it was something expected, yet never observed in visible light until now.

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A woman walking by the beach below a cloudy sky.
AA11727793 Available on Arcangel Images.
Retro-style cover creative photography made for book publishing with a female in yellow trousers walking on a stone block walkway near the restless sea on an overcast day.


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Reflections on the riverside in summer.
AA11754425 Available on Arcangel Images.
Surreal-style creative photography made for book cover publishing with a wooden boat, riverbank, and water surface.

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Next Friday, August 04 2023 is

With that in mind I thought I might start a recommendations thread. Please feel free to add to the list. Please add your own works, your friends work or just things you really dig!
As long as it's on bandcamp, it's welcome in the thread!

If you can, please tell us a little about the music, or give us a few hints or tags. It helps when there is so much out there to know what kinda thing it is. Every type of music is welcome!


This one is a single track from @Sakti called "Dancing with Daemons"

Just great.
It's kinda if that makes sense. Some really sweet and seriously lush sounds here with big vibes and really deep builds.

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After a month off to move house and do family things, I'm back, and I can't wait to be getting out with my camera more often again. Anyway, here's one from the Forêt d'Andaine, Normandy, France.

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It’s a windy day and just look at the UK’s electricity mix: 70% renewables and only 8% fossil fuels. And those numbers are only going to improve with time. Hooray! #energy #climate #renewables


Wow! I don't know whether to categorize your response as simply wrong or totally devoid of - . Your argument is akin to that of accusing & as being damaging to the Atmosphere and the Sun, much less hard to build and maintain. There are ONLY three sources of available which do not make the CO2 - catastrophes that we have far worse. We simply must focus only on them is the point I was making. @helenczerski

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The troposphere contains 75–80 per cent of the mass of the . The height varies between 17km at the equator and 7.0km at the poles

Picture : :ccby: :cc_sa:


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🛰️ provide essential observational details.The ⛅ models are just mathematical simulations churned through a computer 💻. Data is ingested, digested and the plumes of atmospheric possibilities then projected. They never should be interpreted by the public as the definitive forecast

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@g4T @jnfrd

#Treibhauseffekt #Klimawandel


...beruhte, ist somit eher unwahrscheinlich.

Beim Eintrag von #JohnTyndall findet man:

"Later he made discoveries in the realms of infrared radiation and the physical properties of air, proving the connection between #atmospheric #CO2 and what is now known as the 👉#GreenhouseEffect in 1859👈."

Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen können, v.a. nicht im 19. Jahrhundert, als allgemein

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@g4T @jnfrd


...the first climate model of the influence of ()👈, published in The Philosophical Magazine 👉in 1896👈.

The general rule that emerged from the model was that 👉if the quantity of increases or decreases in geometric progression, temperature will increase or decrease nearly in arithmetic progression👈.

Linking the calculations of his abstract model to natural processes, ...

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