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It's TOOLSday on Sunday.

I'm making a custom package manager addin for Godot. The goal is to allow sharing of code and changes across projects using linked directories.

#gamedev #godotengine #livestream #twitch

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Neofeud 2 is a 90's-style #retro #adventuregame where a confused robot ex-marine, a goth refugee hacktivist, & a trillion year old indigenous alien try to stop an empire of self-destructive fools. Neofeud 1: #indie #gamedev #indiedev #cyberpunk


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Rigged up a little off-grid movement system for special cases like this; at the moment you travel all the way to the destination without stopping, but I may tweak it to have some resting points along the x axis when you align to the grid. #gamedev #pixelart #disneyland


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Finished the prototype of the scanner for the rover. Visually in game it will look different, but conceptually it will be like this: material draws everything, the blueprint check collisions, creates and transfers to the material a small render texture with target points

#gamedev #gameplay #gamedesign #UnrealEngine5 #UnrealEngine #gaming #scifi


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Our small game dev team completed the Windows platform game Moon Child in 1997.

Our coder managed to revive the game, embedded in a web page:

Increase the page zoom level of your browser to enlarge the game frame to a near full-screen experience.

Before playing, click on the "Enable cheat" link below the game frame, for unlimited lives.

Control Moon Child with the cursor keys and spacebar.


#game #games #gaming #gamer #RetroGaming #GameDev #RetroComputing

Short animated GIF video, showing a scene from the 1997 Windows platform game Moon Child.

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beeoproblem, to gamedev avatar

Live Godot #gamedev

Polishing up Jalopy for the Toronto Games Week showcase on June 19th. Come and say hi.

#live #godotengine #livestream #indiegame

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Interesting, so apparently on PS2 X*1.0 would result in X, but 1.0 * X might not be X. #gamedev

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finally back at it after a few busy weekends.

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Today I want to make a scanner, blueprint for searching objects and transferring data to this material, which will display everything (many targets). This requires an array, but material cant use array. I found a solution - Render Target 2d. Maybe there are other options?

#gamedev #UnrealEngine5 #UnrealEngine


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Computer Vision gameplay mechanic... I changed the way markers are drawn by Draw Material Simple node. This method allows you to use material, where you can make animation. But it works only in HUD Blueprint in Event Receive Draw HUD

#gamedev #ScreenshotSaturday #UnrealEngine5 #gameplay #gamedesign #UnrealEngine #ue5 #HashtagGames


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Due to popular demand, Devil's Hideout will ship with a fully-functional hotspot indicator. Press spacebar / control, and all the hotspots will glow like... stars or something. 😋


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Stream done! Lots of great progress on making Jalopy the best game about a crappy car it can be!

I like this background so much more than the old one.

VOD here

Bashing on a car's hood with a hammer to fix it. Meanwhile the door flips open and breaks off, being left behind on the road.

beeoproblem, to gamedev avatar

LIVE! I was invited to showcase Jalopy at Toronto Games Week So let's make it bigger, better and sillier.

A car driving on a road. Its hood comes flying off.

maxim, to gamedev avatar

I am working on a new little game mechanic... a Computer Vision (CV) of the protagonist, an assistant program for identifying the objects he sees.

What I do: in the Blueprint -> Box Trace for Objects -> save Locations to array... In the Widget -> OnPaint function -> Draw Box

To be continued...


silverspookgames, to gamedev avatar

"Hacking is a no-brainer when you're a Ghost in the SSHell."
A disembodied cyber-legend returns in Neofeud 2!
(in-game footage)
#indiegame #gamedev #adventuregame #retrogamer #cyberpunk

Spectral Neofeud 2 character hacking by entering a phone

GameFromScratch, to gamedev avatar

Remember when Unity self destructed with the whole run-time fee and all their competitors dunked on them?

Well... it's Adobe's turn.

Affinity have announced a 50% off Flash sale on their Adobe-alternative software Affinity.

#gamedev #indiedev #adobe

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Oh man oh dang I just figured out how to do something really hard and my code worked the first time and the hell do you MEAN 27 errors come here I'll show you 27 errors #godot #godotengine #indiedev #gamedev

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UFO detected 🛸I created another scanner, where the pulse goes from the center in all directions. The material will receive data from the blueprint to display the position of the targets. Look for previous versions in my feed

#UnrealEngine #vfx #shaders #UnrealEngine5 #scifi #gamedev #gamedevelopment


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Godot Tile Maps are dead, long live TileMapLayer.

In the upcoming 4.3 (currently in beta), the TileMap class has been deprecated and replaced with the streamline TileMapLayer node. We look at how to use it and what's changed.

maxim, to gamedev avatar

Added a target for the scanner. The idea is that the blueprint transmits data to the material for drawing found moving objects. I still need to figure out how to make a delay for target display and target array processing

Previous video

#gamedev #UnrealEngine #vfx #shaders #UnrealEngine5


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I wonder if anybody tried to use FXAA before doing display mapping BUT by still applying and reverting a curve ? 🤔

1 - Switch from HDR to SDR
2 - Apply FXAA
3 - Switch back from SDR to HDR
4 - Apply regular post-process stuff

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The bitmask stuff is working properly now, it's pretty cool to watch !

#gamedev #shadows

A video of my game engine showing the debug mode of my shadow bitmask system.

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