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With accounting that's "more of an art than a science,” SpaceX’s prized Starlink satellite business is actually burning through more cash than it brings in. #business #companies #elonmusk #spacex #starlink

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The Pentagon has revealed that its contract to deploy Elon Musk’s Starlink terminals in Ukraine is worth $23 million, finally putting a dollar figure on a deal that has embroiled one of the world’s richest men in the Russia conflict. #business #companies #spacex #starlink #ukraine #russia #russiaukrainewar #us #pentagon

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The satellite-internet devices are helping Russian fighters in Ukraine and paramilitary forces in Sudan; SpaceX hasn’t shut them off.

Sudanese authorities have contacted #SpaceX and requested help in regulating the use of #Starlink, including by allowing the military to turn off service areas where it was helping the RSF. Starlink never responded to the request, Sudanese officials said.

#Ukraine #Russia #Sudan #ElonMusk #Elon #Musk

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's market isn't the average city-dweller. It's the people in the rest of the world who, thanks to mobile phones, don't have anyone laying any cable nearby and are not likely to. Now, if I had a 200 tonne payload on V3 and a history of beaming stuff via , know what I'd beam? Space-based solar power. Low altitude SPS from multiple interconnected satellites eliminates the need for geostationary gigastations. A small 1MW LEO one might weigh, oh, I dunno, about 200 tonnes...

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Musk's : a worldwide threat:

A salesman at RU-based online retailer has supplemented his usual bus by selling dozens of Starlink internet terminals that'd up with Russians on the front lines in .

Although RU has banned the use of Starlink, middlemen have proliferated in recent months to buy the user terminals & ship them to RU forces -eroded battlefield advantage once enjoyed by Ukrainian forces, which also rely on the cutting-edge devices.

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Starlink terminals are being sold by black market middlemen in Russia and other hotspots

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🇷🇺 Russian troops in #Ukraine continue to obtain #Starlink terminals through shadowy supply chains and intermediaries, while #SpaceX has not shut these devices off, the Wall Street Journal reported on April 9.

#russia #russianarmy #elonmusk

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Not sure how many are functioning today but the plan signed in the 2022 was for ‘s to be the connection point for 19 thousands remote schools in the Amazon region.

A billionaire fascist who chats happily with leaders, treats immigrants as enemies and confronts justice in Brazil now controls access to information for those kids.,f207b041e1db2c84cb243dec0cbd3dc3bu9flp6c.html

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Giving back to my friend today.

Not as "prise it out of my cold dead hands" as I expected, so I won't be grappling with the dilemma of paying Elon more than £1k/year. Phew!

It's impressively easy to set up and use and works on the roof of my . The 45W consumption has some downside but the fact is I really can do 99% of what I want using a 4G mobile at £240/year. So it's not worth the money to me.

My friend, also on a boat, uses it for endless video conferences.

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udah hadir di Indonesia gaiss.

Lumayan, 750rb/bulan. Beli perangkatnya 7,8jt~~

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“Using the current population of we find that the brightest satellites would be naked-eye visible in dark skies, but the high sky brightness during totality will make them undetectable to the unaided eye.”

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Starlink mobile plans hit snag as FCC dismisses SpaceX spectrum application

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Ukrainian front-line troops say they are experiencing connection problems with the vital Starlink internet service, owned by Elon Musk and used to run Kyiv’s fleet of attack drones, while also reporting an increase in Russian use of the devices, despite this being prohibited by US sanctions.

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A Bloomberg News investigation identified wide-spanning examples of Starlink kits being traded and activated illegally. How they are smuggled and the sheer availability of Starlink on the black market suggests that its misuse is a systemic global problem, raising questions about the company’s control of a system with clear national security dimensions.

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Musk is a traitor who has US contracts. He hasn't not been held responsible for his treasonous activities.

"SpaceX’s Starlink touts its high-speed internet as “available almost anywhere on Earth. In the real world, its reach extends to countries where Musk’s satellite-enabled service has no agreement to operate, including territories ruled by repressive regimes."

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Here's what we're reading today:

is the only thing desperately needs to defend itself against Russia's incessant missile attacks, Kuleba told Politico.

These systems would also help improve the situation on the front lines, where Russian aircraft are using bombs heavily.

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is sold on the black market around the world, reports. The availability of the terminals on the black market is a systematic global problem.

Ukr intelligence claimed that the Russians are using Starlink on the front lines. They are probably buying Starlink terminals in Arab countries.

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SpaceX’s Starlink touts its high-speed internet as "available almost anywhere on Earth.” Yes, even in territories ruled by repressive regimes.

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⚠️🇺🇸Drone video appears to show Ukraine striking Elon Musk’s Pentagon funded Starlink systems used by Russia’s invading army, as Musk slows satellite speeds for AFU (CNN News VIDEO) States

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Die Techniker waren informiert und sind noch immer nicht da!
Mehr Kaffee! :coffeemaschine:

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@allgeier @2ndStar

Bin ich auch dafür! 🤗

Aber bitte einen vom Typ Mini-, um die tausende -Himmelsverschmutzer Richtung Sol zu schießen!

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