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'Aus der Art geschlagen'
Wo die Liebe hinfällt.

AmiW, (edited ) to art German
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⚪ Ach 😍... ein Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 Aww 😍... a favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: 🇵🇹 in Loc.: France 🇨🇵 - Title: "A Table for two please" ☕ - ➡️

mvrenselaar, to photography Dutch
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SydParkAbstract, to Prague
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nephotos, to HikingPics

Wonderful hiking path with a really great view. This is the backside of the Eisenerzer Reichenstein with view to Eisenerz and Pfaffenstein.

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AmiW, to LosAngeles German
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⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: in Loc.: USA 🇺🇸 2020 - Title: "Nadine in her Wedding dress" - ➡️

graceinnyc, to Massachusetts
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am abend nach dem gewitter - bodensee

TomaszSusul, to Switzerland
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Posting a few more shots from sections of spilled diesel on the River Girvan a couple of days ago.

Thankfully, these accidental spills are rare. Obviously, I would prefer that they never happened at all, but there is an innate beauty in the ever-changing myriad of colours and shapes that flow with the river current when they do happen.

Diesel spill 1.

astroland, to Astronomy Dutch
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Amateur Astronomie foto van de dag: Comet C/2021 S3 (Panstarrs) in Cygnus. Foto info: https://www.aapod2.com #astronomie #sterrenkunde #fotografie #sterrenkijken #aapod #heelal #universum #sterren #astronomy

agsn_photo, to fotografia German

'Auf dem Rummel' - ein Dackel auf dem Oktoberfest 1978 (Dia-Positiv)


memo, to photography German
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AmiW, to hongkong German
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⚪ Ein blaues ... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A blue ... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: (Siu Hang Andrew) 🇭🇰 in Loc.: 🇭🇰 2023 - Title: "Building blocks" - ➡️

garry, to ilaughed
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"Save or Slave?"

We're all slaves to money to a certain extent.

Copyright © 2024 Garry Knight
All rights reserved

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Spuren #FotoVorschlag

automobiler Zivilisation durch die Serra de Tramuntana auf #Mallorca. Nach 14 km kurverreicher Fahrt durch eine karge zerklüftete #Landschaft gelangt man zum kleinen Ort Sa Calobra. 'Ein Ort, den man gesehen haben muss', suggerieren gängige Reiseführer. Ich bin da heute anderer Meinung.

#photography #fotografie #landscape #meermittwoch

Kuestentroete, to photography German
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Wer lang hat...

AmiW, to art German
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⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #PedroDiniz in Loc.: #Lisbon Portugal 🇵🇹 - Title: "Happiness behind the Corner" ("Glück hinter der Ecke") - #Art #Streetart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #Artist #Streetphotography #Travel ➡️ #APhotoLove

norbertwoehnl, to photography
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Some impressions from today’s visit to Hallstatt in Upper Austria. The scenery was as grand as ever, but the place is plagued by overtourism to an extent that is almost as bad as in Kyoto. 🤒

iPhone shots straight out of camera.

#photography #shotoniphone #fotografie #austria #salzkammergut #mountains #hallstatt #travelphotography #reisefotografie #streetphotography #photographersofmastodon

Hallstatt Market Square
Covered stairwell to Parish Church, Hallstatt
Shops along Seestraße in Hallstatt

Landei, to photography

Ein paar Schnappschüsse vom heutigen Heimweg. // A few snapshots from today's way home.


ijustmightbe, to photography
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messidor, to fotografia
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