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Manchmal mache ich eine Website wieder zu, nachdem mich das Cookie- oder Newsletter-Pop-up abgelenkt hat, weil ich nicht mehr weiss, was ich auf der Website wollte. Nun könnte ich mir Sorgen machen, was meine Vergesslichkeit angeht. Andererseits ist das vielleicht auch einfach nur Selbstschutz, sich nicht mit jedem Bullshit beschäftigen zu müssen. Vielleicht sollten sich eher die Website-Betreiber Sorgen machen, weil ein möglicherweise wertvoller Besucher abgesprungen ist.

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It's bad enough that stiffs you more than 10% for cash transfers (a particular bugbear for us writers), but they're now also going to enshittify the whole process, selling our personal data to boot.

Which raises the question - why isn't there a #`FOSS equivalent of PayPal? Is it possible?

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Japan's Rakuten Group is partnering with eBay to test U.S. demand for used Japanese fashion goods, made all the cheaper with the yen trading near a 34-year low. #business #companies #rakuten #ebay #fashion #ecommerce #us

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Amazon is the second-largest private-sector employer in the U.S. behind Walmart. As such, the company plays a leading role in setting pay and working conditions for a sector transformed by e-commerce.

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Which best describes the kind of thing are you trying to sell on your website? I’m thinking about doing a webinar on selling things on your website, but I’m curious on what most of y’all are sellin’ to help me decide on where to start.

#eCommerce #buildInPublic

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Chinese e-commerce giants are facing a delicate balance between discounts and profit, as consumers look for lower-cost shopping. #business #companies #alibaba #ecommerce #china #jdcom

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The popularity of livestream shopping is growing in the United States, but technology to police counterfeit goods has, so far, not kept up.

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Celebrating years of digital excellence! 🚀

tegut's website continues to evolve with the expert support of #TYPO3 and the dedicated team at DMK E-Business GmbH . Discover their journey and latest enhancements in the new case study:

#ecommerce #webdev


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E-commerce titan Amazon on Tuesday said profit in the first three months of 2024 tripled as its cloud, ads, and retail businesses thrived. #business #companies #amazoncom #aws #ecommerce

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We’re often asked “Love the savings, but how easy is an Open Banking payment?”

If you’re the customer, four taps from checkout and you’re done. If you’re the merchant, that money is already in your bank account - and it cost you a penny to receive it.

That’s what makes it Wonderful!

#PaymentsInnovation #OpenBanking #Disruption #Fintech #eCommerce #Payments

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LOL, ordered and paid for a part online for an "authorized dealers only" manufacturer, and the local dealer has no record of it... yet. Will see if they get it Monday or Tuesday. Surprised these folks haven't figured out e-commerce yet. (Stihl... decent equipment, but apparently has not yet hit the 1990's in terms of online technology).

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Here we go! We kicked off Day 2 of the Sylius Days in our Office in Mannheim. We've got some exciting talks lined up for today. 🚀

#Sylius #bitExpertAG #SyliusDays #eCommerce #OpenSource #Innovation #Community

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Seeing a trend of more & more websites not letting you even into the website at all until you sign in or give an email address.

Walmart(dot)ca did it to me yesterday until I tried a private browsing tab. And Wayfair today.

Is this the new tactic since browsers are getting more privacy focused?

Never thought I'd see paywalls just to shop!

Guess I'm going to be submitting more emails going forward. 😡

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Damage from unauthorized credit card use in Japan hit a record high of ¥54.1 billion in 2023, it was learned Tuesday.

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Verbraucherzentrale mahnt Billig-Plattform Temu ab

Manipulation, Greenwashing, Täuschung: Es ist ein ganzes Bündel von Verstößen, wegen derer Verbraucherschützer den chinesischen Online-Händler Temu nun abmahnen.


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Des entrepôts logistiques qui bétonnisent des terres agricoles, détruisant la biodiversité et des emplois locaux (malgré la promesse de création d'emplois qui sert d'argument à la construction de ce type d'entrepôts) ?
On a réussi à l'éviter à Montbert (44), on soutient les militant•es de la Sarthe pour sauver le foncier agricole !

#Sarthe #Amazon #Climat #betonnisation #ecommerce

Tideways 2024.1 Release (

You can now unpack the Christmas present that was promised to you at the end of 2023! As you may have already read in the Flamegraph Feature Preview, this exciting new feature of the Profiler is now the focus of our first release in 2024. The Flamegraph complements the Timeline and Callgraph features and visualizes [...]

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