joshourisman, to diy avatar

Does anyone know if there exists such a thing as a recessed USB receptacle that can fit in a (US) 1 gang electrical box, that would allow me to flush-mount a USB-powered device, so that the cord would just be hidden in back going into the receptacle? The application is that there’s already a box with 110V power to it, where I want to do this.

derthomas, to HomeImprovement avatar

Good morning people of the Mastodons!

If everything goes well, this ugly concrete slab should look much different this evening.

Wish me luck 🤞

Paxxi, to HomeImprovement avatar

Things went a lot better with proper tools 😀 wall is pushed back in place and fairly straight. Next up patching all the cracks and holes with some concrete.

Showing the result of straighten the wall, roughly a cm gap from being perfectly straight
Outside part of the wall dug out showing some rocks sticking out from the wall and some large craxls

That_One_Guy, to HomeImprovement avatar

Good morning friends, happy Friday Eve! The roofers showed up at 6 AM to park their dumpster. It coincided with my morning routine, so that threw me off. I was mid business when all three dogs started barking bloody murder, and it literally scared the shit out of me. 🤦🏼 It looks like they have over 2/3 of the tear off of the old shingles done! 🥳 I'll be happy when it's over.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! The weekend can't come soon enough...

That_One_Guy, to diy avatar

Hello friends, I hope you're having a good weekend! We spent the last few hours hanging this wallpaper. I need to replace the drywall in the hall of our 60+ year old house but have too many other projects going on. So we decided on wacky wallpaper and a chair rail on the bottom half of the wall until I can hang new drywall in a year or two. I like it myself, but I'm into my pets, so it fits in.

Have a great rest of your Saturday! 🙂

jeannie, to baltimore avatar

Anyone in and around the area with recommendations on ?

We are finally in a position to start taking care of some very much needed and very much overdue and I would prefer recommendations from people who have personally had quality work done by a local contractor rather than picking one at random online.

Duusi, to diy avatar

My partner just walked home with this, he made us a garden shelf for the summer. Entirely from pallets he sources from companies around here. Isn't it great?

Cost is the screws, a few euros or so.

Lots of use value renewed for this wood that would otherwise get scrapped.

#diy #recycle #HomeImprovement #labor

larsmb, to random avatar

How the fuck does something like this happen to a window that's never opened and on the roof so nobody can touch it?

(Even if opened this just swings out.)

Frozen water expansion maybe?

I'll obviously have to get this serviced, but I'm also very confused.

meredeth, to HomeImprovement

and now to risk a shock in order to reduce the trials of shocks. (^_^)


the switch at the end of the hall was not, as it turned out, at all grounded. cute.


okay, bathroom switch round 2 was successful, night light now enabled!


ooof. 8 switches and 4 outlets later, our house is just that much safer!

Ghostsheetz, to HomeImprovement avatar

I’ve constructed a pantry.

mikejory, to HomeImprovement avatar
AhavahArielSacredArts, to HomeImprovement avatar
evi, to HomeImprovement

Power all the things (over the network)!

evi, to random

The previously mentioned seat in the hallway has been fixed in its final place. I had a quick sit and it isn’t moving anywhere any time soon.

Osunderdog, to HomeImprovement

Any other home owners out there? I'm living in a 30+ year old houses and I continue to find interesting things that need to be fixed.

I used to lurk on Reddit "r/Homeimprovement"

Most recent exciting adventure: Returning from vacation at 11:00pm to find the house temperature hovering around 42℉

I found that the furnace fuse had popped. Fortunately I had one to replace it.

Anyway, if anyone wants to swap home improvement stories, I would like to hear them.

That_One_Guy, to HomeImprovement avatar

We just finished painting the living room. Adulting on a holiday weekend is great. 👍🤬 I told my wife this is blasphemy, my working on New Year's Eve's Eve.

eedly, to animals

Hey everyone. If your cats like to sit in cardboard boxes, maybe this holiday season level up their experience with a coil of air compressor hose. Just the thing for the pet with boundary issues.

Da_Gut, to home avatar

Stated time to install this hot water heater jacket - 30 minutes. So far - 2 hours and counting. A handyman I'm not.

When I replumbed our house in Georgia (converted it to Pex, with home runs to manifolds, that was about 10 months of times I spent in the crawlspace. But I was putting down 15mil plastic as well. And replacing heating ducting.

Anyway, still a bit to do, back to it.

Pentapod, to HomeImprovement

In the process of installing my new dishwasher I have discovered the electrical outlet behind it needs moving. While investigating THIS I discovered the faceplate uses flathead screws; while the box is fastened to the wall with one Phillips and one Robertson screw. Whoever installed this was clearly deeply troubled. 🤨

Honestly, kids cartoons and Barbie dolls really did nothing to prepare me for the amount of plumbing and home maintenance work that adult life entails 🙃😢

That_One_Guy, to HomeImprovement avatar

Our stove/oven is starting to have problems. It's been repaired a couple of times in its 20 year life but it's probably time to replace it. I can't believe how expensive appliances have gotten. What if I don't need Wi-Fi and several other unnecessary things? There's not much between rental grade and bullshit level of bells and whistles.

CharLight, to HomeImprovement

Gotta' say I did pretty good browsing you tube on how to remove my old kitchen faucet that began gushing a waterfall last night and re-installing a new one today. Had to buy a basin wrench that rotates and it was easy after that. Yeah 😂 Store wanted $220 to install per their sign but I gladly took on the challenge after watching some how to vids and some how not to vids. 🍸

New Delta faucet $160 but totally worth it and installed by yours truly.

Taotica, to HomeImprovement German avatar

Es war mir eine große Freude Die Dünnbrettbohrer in ihrem Podcast zu besuchen. 😀

Gemeinsam schrauben wir am Motorblock und reden über Folge 1.07 von „Hör mal wer da hämmert“. 🔧🪛🧰


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