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We'll be podcasting in about an hour and half! Join us live!

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Dropped some updates to this morning - tiles now have visible/clickable tags, URL properties have been added for sharing custom views with others, and I've added a ton of new project icons.

I'm completely open to feedback on future improvements, but probably won't consider adding any more details to the tiles to prevent them from becoming too cluttered.

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"login shell for this non-admin user is not active for security reasons."

Congrats on breaking all of my staging bastions w/the 24.x upgrade!

The excuse, "it is what it is" from Franco: :blobfoxangrylaugh:

Bastions restricting SSH to only allow non-{root/admin} users is proper security, yet Franco thinks only root level accounts should get SSH? 🙄

Goodbye . Migrating bastions to a custom BSD-RP image w/ proper security

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Hey! This is my on ! 🦈

I'm a pharmacist doing IT work at a large hospital, hoping that the Russians don't decide to abandonware us into oblivion next.

I like and . I run lots of nerdy stuff in my basement like , , , , and . Oh, and I made the theme that was cool like 10 years ago.

I also roll on : @RxBrad

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I think I have a thermal issue on my Octoprint Raspberry Pi.

37deg in the enclosure
65deg the raspberry pi SoC


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About ready to start working on my first homelab machine for self-hosting things instead of just glomming all my services on to the NAS. How feasible is it to start out on a Raspberry Pi while I get the hang of things?

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Re-organizing the and currently stuck on , naming things. My brain thinks it'd make most practical sense to name things by function, e.g. workstation01, firewall01, cluster01node01, etc. (which adds the question of how many leading zeroes), would like to name things with geeky references e.g. FUCKUP, Ozma, 7of9, etc. (which runs into issues as soon as you try for a coherent theme of enough components...), and is worried that from a security perspective something memorable yet unrelated to its function might be wise, e.g. blue charybdis, amber cyclops, periwinkle gorgon (But then I'm not running a spy agency here... as far as you know :-P).

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Just dropping a few links for all the self-hosters looking for something to do this weekend...

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #opensource #foss #homeserver #homelab #software #weekend

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Today I built the ultimate, all in one, HomeLab server to handle everything.

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This Week in Self-Hosted (10 May 2024)

Project activity, software launches, updates, a spotlight on #sup3rS3cretMes5age - a one-time, self-destructing messaging service, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #opensource #foss #homelab #secrets #vault

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I've now collected 4 of the 5 stones needed to complete the protocol infinity gauntlet after deploying an device () for the first time last night.

Once completed, I'll be able to decrease my home's electricity usage by 50% at the snap of my fingers.

The only question - what's the fifth stone???

  1. MQTT
  2. Zigbee
  3. Z-Wave
  4. ESPHome
  5. ???

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After struggling for too long to get my site up and running on versions of Ruby and Sinatra less than a decade old I decided to explore other options.

As of 5 minutes ago is generated with (/ht @cadey ) and served with Nginx from the server in my basement.

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Does anyone have a line on a mid-tier ARM processor?

Seems like the landscape is missing that middle ground. You either get the low end state of the art RK3588 which is decent but not in the same league as say a Core i5/i7. Or you get the big bois like the Ampere or the soon to be release Qualcomm X Elite which is trying to play at the top.

Where's my 10-12 core 4Ghz proc on an mATX board with a few extra PCIe lanes to play with in the $300-$500 range?

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Just dropped a new episode of The Self-Host Cast featuring a casual conversation with Ivan, the developer of the #vehicle maintenance tracking application #LubeLogger.

Would love some feedback on ways to improve or suggestions for future episode topics!

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #foss #opensource #homelab #podcast #podcasts

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I just set up my first reverse proxy. Don't get too crazy — it was in the Caddy web server, where everything is easy.

I now have Caddy on my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B sending the traffic for one domain to a Raspberry Pi Zero W (also running Caddy).

Caddy makes this stuff easy.

I figured it out with this post:

And the server (which is just showing the Caddy default page) is:

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to the young graphic designers/artists that do home print media. My word of advice... DONT USE THE BAKED IN PRINT OVER NET FEATURE.
Get a cheap thin client from a thrift or e-cycler, dump windows 7 or linux on it and set up print server.
It will save you a billion years of troubleshooting and wanting to throw your expensive printer out the window.
Wishing you the best. ~An artist who hasnt had a printer issue since 2016!

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I've got an idea. Let's form an IoT company. One that makes really great, high quality, well designed products. You know, ones that don't drop out every time you look at them wrong. We offer them cheap, burning through some VC money.

We will certainly fail. But for one glorious moment, people will know good IoT. And the next time somebody tries to sell them crap, they get beaten to a pulp with their shitty products.

And perhaps then, we will actually get good IoT stuff.

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Is it a best solution?

technotim, to homelab avatar
  • HomeLab is a Marathon, not a Sprint
  • Forward Compatible Releases
  • Traefik 3 is Here

#traefik #homelab #podcast

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Got word from my landlord that the is a bit high, so I just bought a to place here in my office to see what the usage of the and such is, and if it's high then I'm going to look into making a new with lower wattage computers.

Coming from where the electricity is so cheap it messes a bit with a person's mind and behaviour.

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success: This post is served from here!

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How are folks doing or for their ? I have a small but useful app running on my LAN, and I’m tired of remembering the IP address of the raspberry pi that’s running it.

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#Homelab #Linux #Networking

So if you are looking for a #Python network diagnostic utility (command line), something you can run on a laptop when doing common troubleshooting for misbehaving networks, what are some features you'd like to have?

Thus far I'm thinking

  • IP
  • link speed
  • neighbor data via LLDP (to know what port a given outlet is plugged into)
  • gateway
  • DNS info
  • "is google reachable"
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Well fuck me I changed credit cards a few months ago and forgot to update my Wasabi account for my S3 buckets to backup my NAS. So they suspended the account so I had to make a whole new one, and now just restarted my NAS backup on the Synology box. Well this is probably going to take about a week for the first backup as it’s a couple terabytes.

#homelab #infosec #cybersecurity


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Zijn er mensen geïnteresseerd om te helpen bij het hosten van onze fediverse instances?

Zoals je wellicht weet, host ik o.a., en nog een dozijn ad=ndere fediverse instances. Ik zou het wel leuk vinden als iemand met dezelfde interesse voor self-hosting en Fediverse, zou willen helpen met uitbreiden, onderhouden en brainstormen over deze platformen. (Ik heb al wel veel hulp op instance niveau)

Oftewel zijn er andere nerds met wat tijd over?

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