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Light green hues welcome you to the Entrance Plaza of Hong Kong Disneyland. Don’t make Jiminy Cricket sad - make sure you recycle!

🌐 |
📷 | “Garbage Cans, Hong Kong Disneyland” by milst1; CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Used by Permission.

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Memories from Hong Kong pt.9 (2015) 🇭🇰
Wong Tai Sin Temple 黃大仙祠 ☯️

(taken with an iphone... still looking alright I think.......thoughts?)

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Chińskie giełdy przestaną podawać obroty w czasie rzeczywistym

Dzienne dane będą nadal dostępne po zamknięciu rynków, ale w realiach politycznych ChRL musi to budzić obawy o przejrzystość informacji.

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✨ Artist: / in City: Square Street Gallery, Sheung Wan, HK 🇭🇰 2024 - Title: "„You should check: Maybe there's a whole universe inside your mind."("Das solltest Du überprüfen: Vielleicht gibt es ein ganzes Universum in Deinem Kopf.") - ! ☕🥐

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China's top official on Hong Kong said that the country must 'tightly hold' national security line to safeguard development after the introduction of its new national security laws last month.

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Toyota Comfort 🚘❤️
Shot on in

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Jimmy-Lai-Prozess: Beobachterin darf nicht nach Hongkong

Eine Mitarbeiterin von Reporter ohne Grenzen wollte in Hongkong den Prozess gegen Demokratieaktivist Jimmy Lai beobachten. Doch am Flughafen wurde sie aufgehalten. Das sorgt vor dem Besuch von Kanzler Scholz in China für Kritik. Von B. Eyssel.


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‘The old days are no more’: Hong Kong goes quiet as security laws tighten their grip - sad; was such a special, vibrant place. has killed it.

davidonformosa, to hongkong avatar

The national security law has effectively crushed Hong Kong's once vibrant civil society. The protests of 2019 now seem like a distant memory

thejapantimes, to worldwithoutus avatar

A Hong Kong man with Portuguese nationality was jailed for five years on Thursday for "incitement to secession," the first dual-national convicted under the city's Beijing-made national security law. #asiapacific #politics #hongkong #china #portugal

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Sa nag-celebrate ng 78th birthday si lola Amada Marcelo bilang regalo ng kanyang apong si Bayan Patroller Winona Bianca Marie Adil.

Para sa mga kaugnay na ulat ng @bayanmoipatrolmo:


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A Reporters Without Borders staffer was refused entry into Hong Kong, after arriving to monitor the trial of former media mogul Jimmy Lai. The incident occurred three weeks after the city passed new security laws, raising fears of stifled open discourse.

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Another major Chinese construction and real estate developer ready to fall

> Construction Bank (Asia), a state owned financial institution filed a petition in to wind up the Shamao Group, after the Chinese real estate and construction developer failed to repay loans worth HK$1.58bn (US$ 201.8m; £159.7m)

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CFP: the 8th Asian Historical Economics Conference Dec 9-10 2024 at Hong Kong University. Keynotes by Sascha Becker & Joel Mokyr. Submit 3-5 page proposals or full papers by May 31; acceptance by July 15.
@economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @econhist @devecon @archaeodons

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This spooky ornate trash can sets the stage for what lies ahead at Mystic Point. #TrashCanTuesday

🌐 |
📷 | on Bluesky

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #DisneyTrashCan #TrashCan #DisneyParks #HongKong #HongKongDisneyland #HKDL #MysticPoint

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New Zealand will now be a target at this summer's Paris Olympics, the team said, after beating France 10-7 to retain its Hong Kong sevens crown on Sunday.

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JasonThorne, to transit avatar

These route-specific demarcated sidewalk queuing areas make a lot of sense … and they make bus boarding in Hong Kong very efficient.
#transit #hongkong #cities

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Hong Kong kicks off the Rugby Sevens tournament on Friday, with international visitors returning after three years of COVID-19 restrictions.

JasonThorne, to transit avatar

First time I’ve seen a double-decker electric streetcar! (Hong Kong).
#transit #HongKong

Video of multiple streetcars passing each other

AnnaAnthro, to hongkong avatar

#HongKong’s examination authority says it will deliver university entrance test papers to mainland #China under tight security in convoy of armoured trucks.

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Hundreds of book lovers gathered in a quiet alleyway over the weekend to bid farewell to Hong Kong independent bookstore Mount Zero.

ClaireFromClare, avatar

“From words to prosperity.” 📖
“We see reading as part of living.” 📚
“From now on I would keep the lights on in my heart.” ❤️
“Books always make life more vibrant! Thank you.”

🙏 @hkfp for documenting this & the ' .


thejapantimes, to worldwithoutus avatar

The United States said on Friday it is taking steps to impose new visa restrictions on multiple Hong Kong officials over the crackdown on rights and freedoms in the Chinese-ruled territory.

clacke, to random

Several people on the web, unable to find who said it first how many years ago: "Kudos to Judas for the long weekend!"


is doing great on the holidays front, we get Christian holidays and traditional Chinese holidays and Buddhist holidays.

So we have Easter this weekend, Ching Ming next Thursday and Buddha's Birthday the month after.

Also we have Labor Day on the original May First as declared by the Second International, not for Chinese reasons, but for British reasons. The Mainland gets the whole week off.

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China should see the Moscow attacks as a warning. Its repression of Uyghurs has made it a target of Islamic State before.

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