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A bit ‘o green with the trash and recycling cans from Flik's Fun Fair!

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Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #DisneyTrashCan #TrashCan #DisneyParks #Photography #Anaheim #DCA #ABugsLand

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Our 8 YO and I played a game of after spending the morning at . She didn't want to go on THM ride but settled for playing the

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Die Ente mit der leichten Neigung zu Wutanfällen wird heute 90 Jahre alt! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Donald Duck!

Seine Premiere feierte er am 9. Juni 1934 im animierten Kurzfilm-Klassiker "Die kluge kleine Henne". Beim ersten Auftritt hat Donald noch einen längeren Schnabel und kleineren Kopf – er trägt aber schon ein Matrosenhemd, das ihm bis heute erhalten geblieben ist.


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Disney's 'Tangled' creators held a 'hot man meeting' for women to help design Flynn Rider


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The bumbling and fiery-tempered Donald Fauntleroy Duck made his debut in a short animation film on June 9, 1934. Nearly a century later, he remains one of animation's most beloved characters, DW reports:

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It's ! 1 trash can, sliced into 2 halves. Which side are you on?


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Is Riley LGBTQ+ in Inside Out 2? Sapphic Twitter detectives certainly think so

#disney #lgbtq

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Vengeful Club Penguin Hackers Reportedly Steal 2.5 GB of Disney's Data

#disney #hackers

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Disney World Could Open a Fifth Theme Park In $17 Billion Development Plan

#disney #waltdisney

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"LinaBell is an unfamiliar phenomenon for the custodians of the world’s most famous rodent: Mickey is a small mouse in a big pond."

For The Dial, Lavender Au explores why the #Disney formula doesn’t work in #China:

#Longreads #Disneyland #PopularCulture #Movies #Entertainment #Asia #Shanghai

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The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel, trash can edition. Don't have 4 hours to watch YouTuber Jenny Nicholson's video essay on "the Star Wars hotel"? ( These lame attempts at trash cans summarize the story quite well.

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Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #DisneyTrashCan #TrashCan #DisneyParks #Orlando #WDW #StarWars #GalacticStarcruiser #Photography

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Tokyo DisneySea launched its new Fantasy Springs area Thursday, an expansion featuring areas themed around "Frozen," "Tangled," and "Peter Pan," with multiple attractions and a high-end hotel.

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As The Acolyte hits Disney+, fans are asking 'what does a yellow lightsaber mean?'

#disney #starwars

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Hey, the Window to the Magic podcast is now federating from Threads. Go give Paul a follow!


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Strong retro-1980s vibe on the designs for the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure at the Disneyland Resort. Bonus points for the use of the Jiminy Cricket Recycling Icon.

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Used by Permission.

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People screaming "housing should be a human right": go live in a rural area! Homes are cheap there! I know! Mine was about 50k 15 miles outside of World (20m from Orlando).

I fully own it.

Housing is there. Just maybe not in the big city you wish to live in.

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