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: A is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), to accommodate the difference between:

  • Precise time (International Atomic Time (TAI), as measured by atomic clocks), and
  • Imprecise observed solar time (UT1), which varies due to irregularities and long-term slowdown in the Earth's rotation.

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openSUSE Leap 15.6 RC is now available for download, including the long-awaited Cockpit for admin tasks.

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✨ I guess I'm an #openSUSE user now. Leap is great, KDE looks fantastic! #leap #leapyear

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  1. Leapfrog on Deck, A R Coster
  2. Red Cross Nurses, AR Tanner
  3. Naval Leapfrog, William Vanderson

Celebrating Leap Year!


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Looks like 15.6 will include 1.4, for those of you that use LXQt. All of my submissions to Leap:15.6:Backports got accepted by the Leap team.

(Just so folks are aware, 15.5 still ships LXQt 1.2, Nature of a "stable" release, I suppose)

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Will @opensuse Leap 15.5 beat 15.4's of 503K downloads on

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@opensuse is transparent about 16. Our mailing list has a full thread on the topic. No plans to drop classical (non-immutable) option for Leap. If you hear otherwise, kindly update them with the facts. Let's guide misinformed friends to 2024 knowledge!

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Choose your flavor: Tumbleweed/Leap with zypper; or MicroOS with transactional-update. DNF is an option too! Visit

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The that the has been awaiting for has arrived. Learn more about the successor to 15 series.

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Oh,a flame war 🔥 come on! If you crash Arch is because you tried hard, and for the same thing it's more stable than Debian.

Debian has the fame but historically ever was a crashing distro.
For example, is more stable than Debian by far. I would say even .

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openSUSE Tumbleweed makes for a good desktop and even one for gaming, but for a workstation or server, you're going to want either SUSE Leap or Enterprise.

Sadly, SUSE is really trying to push their immutable systems with transactional updates. And unfortunately, that will soon include openSUSE Leap.

I will give credit where credit is due. SUSE will allow some binaries to run from /home, but /opt is questionable. The development seems to be on the fence on that.

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By the fence, I mean I have tried MicroOS, for example, and there were some builds where /opt worked, some where /opt didn't, and then it worked again by the next release.

Not everything runs on Flatpak and not everything comes in a nice RPM package from the official SUSE repositories. You can technically circumvent this, but until they officially settle on whether or not /opt will be a guaranteed definite option, I would be cautious.

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OpenSUSE Leap seems to be your best choice. It does not have the time consumption of being rolling release, but has a good release cadence. It is also an RPM distro, that should make things feel at least a little bit more familiar.

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Thank you to all our collaborators listed below who have helped create content for Computational Tools for Climate Science!

It wouldn't have been possible without your incredible contributions 💯🎉

@ProjectPythia is an educational resource for the entire geoscience community, providing open-source, Python-centered learning materials. 🐍

@Linked_Earth has been instrumental in collecting and analyzing valuable data, helping us understand our changing planet. 🌎

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) is a collaborative framework designed to improve our knowledge of climate change, facilitating multi-model comparisons and making data publicly available. 📊

ClimateMARGO provides a framework for optimizing climate change control strategies, bridging the gap between climate science and policy-making. 💚

Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP) is merging climate science expertise with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, advancing near-term climate projections. ⚡️

@ClimateChangeAI is an organization that brings together experts from academia, industry, and beyond, harnessing the power of machine learning to tackle climate change. 🤝

@2i2c_org is a non-profit project of Code for Science and Society, fostering open communities and leveraging expertise in cloud engineering and open source to advance research, education, and collaboration worldwide. 🌍

@GeoLatinas is an empowering community dedicated to embracing, promoting, and inspiring Latinas in pursuing and thriving in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences, providing tools, inspiration, and bridging gaps for success in the field. 🌎

@GoogleDeepMind is at the forefront of artificial intelligence research addressing complex challenges and driving innovation across various domains, including climate science. 🤖

@NASATOPS is a transformative initiative driving the adoption of open science principles to create a more accessible and equitable scientific culture. 🚀

We're grateful for your incredible contributions. Together, we're making a significant impact in understanding and addressing the challenges of climate change. 💚

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What the hell ?!

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I never touched Ubuntu server. was always a no-go for me because I really don't like apt.

I used to use for server deployments, but these days I prefer .

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