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Interested in Technology, Science, Chemistry, Education, Fediverse, GNU/Linux and free software.

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gabrielesvelto, to random
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OH: Making mistakes is humans but to really fuck shit up you need a computer

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Or politicians,

AnarchoNinaWrites, to random
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When you purge your own party's left, sell out to big business, endorse a genocide, and run purely on "hey at least we're not the other guy" this is the kinda shit that happens:


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Lets hope this is like giving someone a huge warning shot as to what WILL come at the general election unless our political elite get theor act together, no one supports what happpened on oct 7, but NO ONE is supporting the current collective punishment in Gaza and west bank.

ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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One interesting this about the by-election is that David Anthony Tully came second (with double the vote of any of the mainstream parties)... running as an independent, Tully's (4 week) campaign seems to have been about asserting a locally-defined .

The Q. is how big an element in the next election will be these sort(s) of independents - if Rochdale is anything to go by, non-mainstream/ non-party locals may have an unusually good chance of gaining significant votes?

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If they put them on the ballot paper as 'none of the above' they will get my vote. I would rater not have another 4 years of the sort of nonsense we are getting.

Behaviour in schools is getting worse, behaviour in society is getting worse, Someone needs to get a grip and take tough action Parents don't want to be bothered with anything regarding actually raising their kids.

pvonhellermannn, (edited ) to random
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Yesterday the IDF attacked unarmed hungry people seeking aid and killed over 100 in

The Pentagon has now confirmed 25,000 women and children killed in Gaza.

Noone in their right minds can possibly still defend this.1/4


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Killed, !!! lets use the right vocabulary, MURDERED. RIP to all those killed.

ianbetteridge, to random
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The worst thing about this is that Google would just treat $2.3bn as “cost of doing business”. That’s how big they are. The solution is not individual action against them, even by other corporations: the answer is effective and proactive anti-monopoly law.


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marcelkoehle, to random German
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Trump, the rump?

(Heute in der auf gesehen)

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What acronym can we attribute to Trump

T - The
R - Ridiculous
U - Useless
M - Moronic
P - President

rail_, to random
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please stop presenting using light mode as something worth mocking or a worse experience

very often light mode is an accessibility and readability feature

some people just can't read on dark backgrounds well for example

or need higher contrast in general

or just work in a high-brightness environment where light mode just works better for them

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Even better, ask the audience how best to present and adapt accordingly

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If dark mode is not suitable for some people but is for others, then surely finding out before hand helps the presenter to choose a method and adapt how they present. I find dark mode easier to read in some cases,

br00t4c, to BBC
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Ministers discuss watering down no-fault eviction bill


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End of the day, any new law will tick the box of their promise to end no fault evictions, so they will claim they have done that, they will have done. Even if the law doing is so full of loopholes it is pretty worthless unless you are in a specific set of circumstances.

We are heading for an election, they are just tying up the loose ends in what ever way they can to try and win the votes, hopefully people will see through the smokescreen and not vote them back in.

404mediaco, to random
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NEW: Tumblr and Wordpress are preparing to sell user data to Midjourney and OpenAI, according to internal documentation we've reviewed


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If you want an alternative services such as WriteAs may be an option.


Another plan, is to put an explicit statement on blogs forbidding the use of data to train Ai systems such as OpenAI, and add to that a statement that changing terms and conditions that FORCE users to accept data sale etc are not considered explicit consent to the use of data.

Or something to that effect, I am not quite sure how to write the above.


SteveThompson, to random
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"Netanyahu says Israel ‘will do our best’ to evacuate civilians ahead of Rafah operation "


"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said Israeli forces have a plan to evacuate civilians out of harm’s way in the Gaza city of Rafah and eliminate the forces of the militant Palestinian group Hamas in the southern city. "

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Evacuate to where exactly? Is this what they are building the structure on the other side of the border for ?

zleap, to random
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Plymouth WW2 bomb found in garden detonated at sea


I wonder if people will ponder the fact that people in Ukraine and Gaza go through this on a DAILY basis.

patrickhadfield, to random
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The recent Indian mission to the moon got a soft landing but was tipped upside down.

Now the private funded US mission has... Fallen over!

I'm beginning to see a pattern! I think the Clangers have really got it in for all the visitors they're getting!


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Naa, the wombles have moved from Wimbledon common to the moon and Uncle Bulgaria, with help from the clangers decided clear up all the space junk we keep sending to the moon.

futurebird, to random
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Aw yeah ban teens from social media but make it legal for them to work the night shift in the cold chopping room at the meat-chopping factory.

These kids will hate us all forever and we will deserve it.

The active shooter drills, failing to protect trans teens, taking their damn phones, burning their books and sending them to the factory. Fail fail fail fail fail.

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Their is a call for a ban on under 16s having phones here too (UK) This is from the parents of Molly Russell and Brianna Ghey, former took her life following relentless bullying, latter was murdered by a teen who had a hatred of Trans people the other did it for kicks.

While I understand their sentiment, parents need to start to actually PARENT their kids properly rather than buying a mobile child minder and just shoving that in their hands, while they are also glued to thair phones, oblivious to what their kids are doing and usually don't seem to actually care.

We need to educate people as to what is acceptable behaviour however those rules come from government who are hardly in a position to dictate given their behaviour, on top of that we have mass killing in Gaza and perjaps the west bank, and the government justifiy this with self defense, when the rest of the population want this killing to stop, or political class just let it carry on. So governments are not in a position to really dictate,

Social media companies can only go so far surely, before parents need to step in, kids and teens are worried about what they see online and look to adults to help with this, we are just failing, as profits seem to come first before ethics, safety, etc.

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@scribe @futurebird

Councils blame budget cuts, odd when you have community sports facilities you save money longer term in terms of healthcare

cdarwin, to random
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U.S. Republicans, following orders from ex-President Donald Trump, are blocking arms deliveries to Ukraine, subjecting troops to “ammo starvation” with immediate, deleterious effects on the battlefield.

After taking Bakhmut and Avdiivka, Russian troops are now trying to press their advantage in the directions of Marinka, Robotyne and Kreminna, according to battlefield observers.

European leaders, despite having become Ukraine’s chief material backers, are failing to fill the gap in military supplies left by the U.S. and, thanks to France, insisting on “Buy European” provisions despite a lack of manufacturing capacity and refusing to shop outside the bloc for shells.

Meanwhile Putin, who’s still very much in power despite efforts to sanction his regime into submission, is ramping up his campaign of intimidation against the West.

In his interview with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Russian leader mentioned Poland more than a dozen times, placing the NATO member squarely within his vision for Grand Russia, and his deputy prime minister has started to make threatening noises toward the Norwegian leadership of the island of Svalbard, in the Arctic Ocean, of all places.


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The west needs to get its act together or we will face certain doom. Too much cyber insecurity we are a sitting target too.

The west needs to be united and strong, right now it is weak and divided,

br00t4c, to random
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Blinken calls new Israeli settlements inconsistent with international law


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Israel (or the government) does not give a toss about international law, and we are seeing evidence of this.

There are voices within Israel who are getting louder, we need to support and help those people view their opinion on what their government is doing.

Sheril, to mastodon
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Mastodon may not be as big as some other social networks. And it may not have as many celebrities & "influencers."

But it sure is a nice place to engage with curious, thoughtful & interesting folks in ways that I haven't experienced elsewhere online.

Rather than a chaotic circus, uniquely feels like a (mostly) friendly neighborhood.

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Do we need celebrity influencers, esp influencers who seem to talk rubbish or promote dangerous or risky products ?

itnewsbot, to windows
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Generative Erase comes to Windows and lets you use AI to remove unwanted features - Window users will soon be able to remove any unwanted features (or even people) wi... - https://readwrite.com/generative-erase-comes-to-windows-and-lets-you-use-ai-to-remove-unwanted-features/

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I would rather just remove windows and install Linux

joe, (edited ) to javascript
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Well, that fucking sucks. I just went into my o3 meeting with the boss and was told that I don't have a job anymore. If anybody is looking for an experienced / / dev in the area (or remote), let me know.


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Not good, and best of luck finding a new role.

zleap, to Football
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Trojans Training 25/2/2024

Torbay Trojans Training

Anyone over 18 is welcome as we are an Adult team. Let's keep building

Date : Sunday 25th February 2024
Time : 10am to 13:00
Location; Foxhole Field, Bellfield Road, Paignton


zleap, to random
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Paignton Library STEM Group



zleap, to random
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Roblox on Linux Mint 21.3

Up until 20/2 roblox was working fine on my Linux Mint system, on 21/2 it stopped working, I have made a blog post below which may make sense to someone out there.


As Roblox is a windows executable, I am using grapejuice, which I think is some sort of wrapper using wine so that Roblox works on Linux (or in my case Linuxmint)

There is some info here


I am making this post as another pair of eyes and expertise may shed some light on why it has suddenly just stopped working. It runs, I get a dialogue up to say it is loading, this then vanishes. I have also run the command (output shown on post too) in the terminal so the output can be displayed, I just can't see much other than the one error.

Thanks for any help.

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I did a search and it seems Vinegar (another Roblox wrapper) is better, I have
installed this and it works, seems faster too.

lauren, to random
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BREAKING: AT&T has reportedly suffered a nationwide mobile failure, affecting voice, text, and data, and preventing calls to 911 centers, who are now advising callers to use LANDLINES!

And THIS situation -- as I have previously discussed -- as AT&T is attempting to kill landline and other non-wireless services here in California.

I just hope nobody dies or is seriously injured by this AT&T-created disaster.

Utterly incompetent.

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@lauren is

UK is switching to digital and depreciating land lines, are we looking at the seeds of a similar problem here.

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