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i wonder how much having binaries for multiple architectures can help can help #reverseEngineering / #decompilation efforts.

i was thinking of games like The Lost Vikings that have been ported to dozens of systems, and it seems like there's gotta be some useful information in the various binaries. i don't know if they were based on common source code or not, but in any case it seems like you could learn additional constraints form different implementations 🤔.

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Bugs & Glitches of High-Level NES Tetris | Retro Game Mechanics Explained

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iPhone 6S NVMe chip Tapped Using a Flexible PCB - Psst! Hey kid! Want to reverse-engineer some iPhones? Well, did you know that mode... - #flexibleprintedcircuit #reverseengineering #securityhacks #bgasoldering #iphonehacks #phonehacks #iphone6s #storage #iphone #nvme #pcie #bga #fpc

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ThinkPad X1 Carbon Turned USB Device Through Relentless Digging - In what’s perhaps one of the most impressive laptop reverse engineering posts in r... -

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Kinda getting the itch to get more into firmware . Anyone have solid resources for getting started?

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Restoring Starlink’s Missing Ethernet Ports - Internet connectivity in remote areas can be a challenge, but recently SpaceX’s St... - #reverseengineering #networkhacks #ethernetjack #repairhacks #ethernet #starlink

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Decoding Greatness: How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success by Ron Friedman

For generations, we've been taught there are two ways to succeed—either from talent or practice. In Decoding Greatness, award-winning social psychologist Ron Friedman illuminates a powerful third path—one that has quietly launched icons in a wide range of fields, from artists, writers, and chefs, to athletes, inventors, and entrepreneurs: reverse engineering.

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I got a no-name thermal-print toy camera (named "Q5"), with no obvious tech specs to look for. Anybody got one and opened the case or reverse-engineered the app?

It has "wireless printing", where it shows a QR code pointing to - with bloated YinTiBao apps for Android and iOS. It does not have WiFi, but appears as a #Bluetooth #BLE device named "BQ05".

On USB it provides storage or UVC:

ID 0219:3280 Generic GENERAL - AUDIO

#ReverseEngineering #ShittyDigital #FediHelp

Backside of the pink toy camera, with yellow glowing ears. The camera has six buttons and a 2.4" TFT screen showing the firmware version "Q5_DY16_V1.2_20240112"

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So this person went ahead and depopulated a Nintendo Switch Lite PCB, soldered a wire to each pad that had a component and then ran a program to determine what is connected to what. To make the result usable, they took a 6000dpi photograph and made the result available as a boardview file. I know nothing.

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Mapping the Nintendo Switch PCB - As electronics have advanced, they’ve not only gotten more powerful but smaller as... -

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Sketchy Logg Dogg Logging Robot Remote Control Hacking - When we last left [Wes] amidst the torn-open guts of his Logg Dogg logging robot, ... -

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Installing SteamOS and Windows on a Google Meet Video Conference Computer - The Lenovo Meet is a collaboration with Google to bring Google Meet to customers i... -

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WoWMIPS: A MIPS Emulator for Windows Applications - When Windows NT originally launched it had ports to a wide variety of platforms, r... -

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📚 Reverse Engineering 101: How to Dissect and Master Any Platform
— LaurieWired

#reverseengineering #compilers #assembly #c #infosec

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Fun post doing the rounds about reverse engineering a Goodwe solar inverter's custom internet protocol

#reverseengineering #electronics

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Writing – So Easy a Caveperson Could Do It - We modern humans tend to take writing for granted, and often forget that like any ... -

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Hands On: Bus Pirate 5 - If you’ve been involved with electronics and hardware hacking for awhile, there’s ... -

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Continuing my #golang USB adventure. I am successfully "reading" from the device I'm playing with, after finding some variable alternates on the configured interface. I'm not getting any data, at any packet size. Assume this is because I have to tell the device to start sending data with a control request, however I can't get any to work. I even tried GET_STATUS which should be all zeros, but that gives me a libusb pipe error. The device is old, so USB1.1 spec is likely. reverse eng with 0 docs

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I don't know the extent of what I've done yet or how, but I've managed to change state in the eyetoy in my project

I'm stepping through some C OV519 drivers to figure out the register calls for gousb (libusb)

It's progress

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I'm working hard on the Picamera2 driver for #Pyuscope. Most of the key controls are implemented now - I can enable and disable automatic exposure and white-balance.

Next job is to scale the gains and convert them to integers (Pyuscope can't deal with floats), and make them read-only when AE/AWB are on.

Colour temperature get/set is also on the planning board.

#ICRE #ReverseEngineering

patagona, to ReverseEngineering

I've recently discovered the ISDT CM1620 charging modules.

They're pretty cheap (~140€) and promise some pretty good specs:

  • ~11-70V / 1100W input
  • ~8-70V 20A / 1000W output
  • LiHv, LiPo, LiFe 2-16S balance charging
  • Control via Micro-USB, Bluetooth, RS485, CAN or an optional controller with display

From our tests, they work fine, even at max load (16S 15A).

However, they do have some quirks...


The back of the charger with vent holes, input and output XT60, three USB-C ports, a button and a 17-pin JST-XH for balancing

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Are there any folks watching? I'd like a copy of the wiring diagram for the Global/Wulfsberg/AlliedSignal/Honeywell GNS-X CDU. The one with the round 32-pin connector on the back.
I'm trying to make a scrap one do something more interesting than consume desk space.

I'd also really like to know where I can get a PT06A22-32S connector (the mating connector for the CDU) cheaply. Surplus is fine.

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IoT Air Purifier Makes a Great Case Study in Reverse Engineering - Here at Hackaday, about the only thing we like more than writing up tales of rever... - -assistant

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Just finished reading this great writeup by @Sidneys1 about reverse engineering a Windows95 game. Very cool:

#win95 #retrogaming #retrocomputing #retro #reverseengineering

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A Wiper Motor 101 - Need a powerful electric motor on the cheap? [Daniel Simu] and his friend [Werner]... - #windshieldwipermotor #reverseengineering #windscreenwipers #windshieldwipers #electricmotor #wipermotor #motion

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