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I’m a writer of 77 years Progressive in nature, Sky Diving, Moto Cross Racing, Rock Climbing, Baseball Umpiring. I must admit these activities are all things from my past that I now reflect upon.

Advocate for All Human Rights, Abortion Rights, Women's Rights, Children's Rights, All Lives Matter, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Vax,

Kindness is a Renewable Resource Give It Away,

Progressive, Anti-Fascist, Atheist, Science-Based From Quarks to Dark Energy, Friend of Bills

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GW, to climate
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Our Crisis Is Happening In Stealth Mode

The mini disasters worldwide will be our planet's undoing

he heat is killing more people than all of the other natural disasters put together. It turns out that record-breaking heat waves aren’t the only thing going on. Instead, the many more averagely hot days may damage society, including the complicated and often ignored ways they hurt people’s health and work. According to my estimates based on a recent review of Medicare records

GW, to random
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Disgust Greets Correspondents' Dinner as Israel Kills in Gaza
"To sit and schmooze with the president while he sends billions of dollars in weapons to Israel to kill their colleagues in is unethical and immoral."

On Saturday night, U.S. reporters and government officials—including President Joe —will gather at the Washington Hilton Hotel for the annual White House ' Dinner, a glitzy, humor-filled affair that has faced mounting calls

GW, to uk
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“Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?

“A few things spring to mind. Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem. For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.


GW, to Futurology
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The Universe’s Most Intricate, Perplexing, and Problematic System Is Sitting On Top Of My Shoulders.

Each of the 100 billion neurons in the is connected to 10,000 others.

Ast he years have gone by, my body has undergone some noticeable transformations. At 77, my hair has gone pure white, my skin has lost elasticity, and I require regular dermatology visits. However, the not-so-easy-to-spot transformations in my brain are the sneaky ones.

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slcw, to random
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Kanye West hates being called Kanye West so, whatever you do, don't call Kanye West Kanye West.


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Why is it that Kanye West always looks like Kanye West is smelling something distasteful? Could it be that Kanye West is Keeping company with odiferous people? Only Kanye West Knows what company Kanye West is keeping!

LALegault, to random
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Do you see people putting large disclaimers under their posts.

Disclaimers like:

  • please don’t reply with ____
  • I am a fully formed adult human please do not talk to me like a baby
  • please don’t reply with why your thing is more important

Someone actually made “reply cards.”

Do you think of why that may be?

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lack of depth in their convictions what else?

slcw, to FoxNews
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What in the wide world of #Christofascist fuckery is this??? #FoxNews is having their hosts recite #Christian prayers as part of their programming. They're supposedly sponsored #prayers, paid for by some Christian app. This is just too much. I may have to pack my shit and head up into the mountains to live out my days cut off from the world, and blissfully ignorant of whatever the Christ-folk are doing.

#ChristianNationalism #religionOfHate #ChristianIdiocy #UnderHisEye


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@slcw Unfucking believable!!!!!!!!!

GW, to random
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Coffee Seduces Me, Time After Time.

It keeps me company during my late nights of reading and writing. My Rich, Black Coffee! And please, don’t sully my coffee with cream or sugar either; I consider it sacrilege.

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GW, to random
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The Perils of Ignorance and Mass Mentality: A Threat to Democracy

The colossal forces of ignorance and collective mentality, or pluralistic ignorance, are the most potent threats to the democratic principles of our society.

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GW, to Israel
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CNN’s Bias Has Been Laid Bare. But Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Western media can never truly report the extent of Israel’s because to do so would be to expose their long-running complicity in those


GW, to random
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Living In A State of Harmony With The Universe: Points To The

We can only appreciate light if darkness exists. The same is true for: different genders, love and hate, up and down, heat and cold, heaven and earth, near and far, hard and soft, active and passive, and so on. These opposites create a whole, which is indivisible.

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GW, to Fox
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Shocking Moment Sees Guardian Angels Give Man ‘Pain Compliance’ On Live TV

“His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations,” the group’s founder Curtis boasted to Sean , adding the man is now “sucking concrete.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity’s interview with former New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa took a shocking turn when members of Sliwa’s Guardian group gave — live on air



GW, to random
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Open Rebellion’: Mike J#ohnson, Mitch McConnell and Ronna McDaniel Under Fire

In a presidential election year where their likely nominee often leads in the polls, it is close to unheard of that the leaders of that party would be under direct and very public attack from the base and their own elected leaders, yet Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Senate Minority Leader Mitch , and National


GW, to random
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Could Collect $561 Billion From —Unless ​ Guts Funding

"Congressional ' efforts to cut IRS funding show that they prioritize letting the wealthiest Americans and big corporations evade their taxes over cutting the deficit," said the director of the National Economic Council.

The Internal Revenue Service says it could collect around $560 billion largely from rich tax cheats and big corporations over the next decade—


GW, to DaftPunk
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'Unmitigated disaster': openly regret ouster after back-to-back losses

The New Republic reported that following two failed votes on the floor for Israel aid and the of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, some Republicans are openly regretting their decision to replace McCarthy last October. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), who is among the more conservative members of the majority


GW, to philosophy
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the great that is beyond discriminatory is a journey of and

Discriminatory thought is the human tendency to categorize, judge, and differentiate.

Beyond the confines of discriminatory thought lies great wisdom—an expansive consciousness that perceives reality as it is

Published in

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GW, to philosophy
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GW, to Energy
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Winning Victories and Movement Building

The recent decision by the to stop the years-long practice by the Department of of rubber stamping proposed (LNG) export terminals was a definite victory for the and its peoples.


GW, to lies
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The Thirst Is Real: Are Lining Up Their to Be ’s Pick

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) is the latest aspiring Trump veep to spew disproven election myths.

In an interview that aired on This Week With George yesterday, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio)—the infamous former never-Trumper who is now reportedly under consideration to be Trump’s running mate—told the host that he would not have certified the 2020 results


GW, to random
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Category 6? Highlight 'Growing Inadequacy' of Current Scale

The experts found five storms that would fit into their hypothetical category—and they have all happened since 2013.


GW, to Russia
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: “The Fatigue of Society From the and From Old People in is Enormous”

Lines of Russian citizens willing to leave their signatures in support of the presidential nomination of anti-war and anti- candidate Boris Nadezhdin are the main political phenomenon of January in Russia.


GW, to random
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Is a Value, Not a Strategy

Democracy is a central value of every trade union worth the name. But we shouldn’t assume that a more democratic union means a more union.


GW, to Israel
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Is Brazenly Defying the Order to Prevent

Last Friday, the International Court of Justice directly ordered Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza and allow humanitarian aid. With its attack on UNRWA, Israel is blatantly violating that order, and the administration has also put itself in the dock.


GW, to medical
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Martha’s Vineyard Is Being Gutted by Skyrocketing . Yes, You Should Care.

The fight for affordable year-round housing in this elite summer destination offers lessons for dealing with a national crisis.

The housing crisis and inequality are intertwined. is the primary way build wealth, which can be leveraged to pay for education or cover bills. But estate is also a popular


GW, to TeslaMotors
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of Compared to the Income of Shohei Ohtani and a Assembly Line -

For the worker to make as much as Musk’s wealth increased in 2023, $92 billion, the worker would have to work over 979,600 years.

Musk’s wealth growing over $252 million in an average day in 2023 means that it grew more than $10.5 million in an average hour which comes to more than $175,000 in a single minute.



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